Country patrol: owners "фазенд" occupied perimeter defense

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The plate on a country gate: "Carefully, vicious dog, angry owner, angry hostess, angry children. All angry! " Defending, intimate, can set and a pitchfork sideways!

In the spring when the earth dries up, housing estates come to life. Citizens on privately owned vehicles, shuttle buses or bicycles hurry on sites where a lot of work collected. After long absence with a sinking heart approach to the country houses - and find out that there someone wintered.
The beginning of a current summer season again brought disappointment not to one fan to have a rest outdoors. Many citizens who have arrived on the sites on easter and May Day holidays, found there traces of uninvited guests.

All of us are adults and perfectly we know that theft at dachas was born together with dachas. Who didn't hear before that at someone potatoes dug out, at someone vegetables collected, someone fruits - berries missed …

"Yes, a subject sad but where from it, - the young summer resident Natalya bitterly sighs. - Only yesterday the husband lifted it. We bought giving last fall. There is a strong wish that there it was beautiful and it was possible to arrive not only in order that напахаться, but also to have a rest soul among flowers and other plants. I got all pretty - money is spent much. Yesterday a fir-tree I put also the Cossack juniper, and the husband speaks: "Can dig out". Certainly, can! But to put that got, only that nobody coveted, too I can't and I don't want...

At our acquaintance the Alpine hill very competently "sorted" - snatched only rare and expensive plants which he during campaigns collected on a bush. It seems to me that to the one who steals, it won't do never good. Angrily kind won't turn back... "

There was it, so to speak, small trouble. Further - it is more. Sociologists counted: for the last year - two managed to visit a half of dachas tramps, thieves and hooligans.

From dachas began to disappear completely together with plants and that lies or it is stored in the house. (From - for it hardly today you will see at dachas left, especially in winter time, TVs, refrigerators. ) And then the turn and country houses, fences, water supply systems and another came that badly lies. Naturally, summer residents are indignant. "In a year before last bums hacked our giving.The whole winter there lived and when arrived, week aired and were cleaned - into such pigsty the house turned. Moreover and wires cut off everything! " - I told "ND" a harkovchanka Maria Fesenko.

Summer residents consider that similar recently happens even more often. In their opinion, matter in a bad economic situation in the country: "The people from year to year, here grow poor and steal", "Unemployment, with such life will start killing". Explain theft and unwillingness of people to earn to themselves a living, a large number of bums, bad work of militia. Some believe that in thefts hired workers are guilty: "Round a field plowed, build cottages, the hired labor wanders". There was also a new category of country thieves, quite wealthy citizens enclosing neighbour's sites "for adrenaline".

It is one side of the problem. The second - in all mortal sins summer residents accuse points of reception of scrap metal, "a lawlessness of salvage reception". Whether many affairs are started in police stations this year on those who devastated others dachas? Question rather rhetorical.

It is badly believed that anybody at dachas didn't see theft. Both saw, and knew, but were silent and are silent, considering that to communicate with dishonest - more expensive.

And what scrap metal place of acceptance? Brought - accepts. The inspector isn't obliged to ask "the metal certificate of origin" each deliverer and isn't present such in mention. The same can be told and about building materials. It seems - understand, from where bars, boards, slate … Isn't present on them neither the press, nor brands of the owner. At once didn't catch in the act likhoimets - then to bring charge, theft should be proved still. You won't sew the word to business.

Many in a fever right there will draw a conclusion: not the author acquits those instead of "to sew" all to a pillory. Doesn't follow, dear to be boiled, nod on the author, on inaction of the authorities. It is necessary to look simply really at a state of affairs and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

And they are simple. Dachas if not everything, the majority, are legalized, that is they were given the status of a private property. About the apartment, for example (it too a private property), the majority took care, and here about dachas why - that forgot.

We will go further. Everything or nearly all summer residents are united in cooperatives, is at them and the management. It together with members of cooperative has to worry about the organization of worthy protection of collective property for the principle, for example, garage cooperatives.It is possible to sign the contract for protection of dachas by own forces, specially created group of the same summer residents.

"Last year at us robbed 15 houses. We decided to refuse just at this time protection, well and regretted, - told "ND" the member of garden association in the Volchansky area Yury Danilov. - After that winter we don't experiment any more and from November to April we employ the watchman. This is the local, at which big farm near our sites. The farmer copes with the work. This year of any theft wasn't". "Some summer residents live out of town all the year round - they look behind houses of neighbors, - told "ND" the owner of giving in the Kharkov area Igor Borovoy. - And I took care of safety of the house, thought up cunning system of locks - to select master keys замучаешься".

"Neighbour's patrol" not panacea from robbers. Experts recommend to protect country housing in more reliable ways. "The most popular system of safety at dachas - the console alarm system, - told "ND" in the company which is engaged in systems of safety. - The sensor is installed on doors and house windows. If someone gets into the room, the signal will automatically arrive on the panel in local police station to which the site is assigned. The signal, but already in a local fire brigade will arrive if sensors catch a smoke. However, it costs expensive: in a month it is necessary to pay 450 hryvnias, and for system installation - 10-12 thousand hryvnias".

Such sums it is too expensive for many owners of sites. And they protect the house independently, showing resourcefulness and ingenuity miracles.

Cases when summer residents try even to punish thieves are known, for example, leave on a table or in the refrigerator the poisoned vodka and products, including marinades. Quite often put traps near windows and doors. One summer resident established an extension at a door. Still there was a case when owners caught the thief, connected it and put in an iron cage which put on a site. Tired of "enemy attacks" summer residents don't reflect that if the pilferer will seriously suffer, it should answer under criminal article. However, the disguised holes before the house became fashionable recently. They and to the thief spoil mood, and with criminal article don't threaten. You won't prove that they are dug specially.

Militiamen recommend to think of more peace ways of protection of the giving. Effective remedy - old, probably, even the faulty video camera attached at a window, or an effigy on a window slip-up.Such "blendes" frighten off thieves not worse than the alarm system, militiamen assure.

"I advise on a front garden to hang up the announcement that the site is under video surveillance. If the site is fenced, top smear more fatly with solid oil - it doesn't wash off and practically isn't washed away", - the gardener shares the recipe of an otvazhivaniye of pilferers with an experience Pyotr Samoylenko.

The practical and zealous owner Vladimir Gayevoy too gives good advice: "It is possible to get a dog for the house and a family, the main thing, I was able to bark at strangers. At dogs hearing everything is not a couple to ours. It is possible to establish a web - the camera. Climb - that, most likely, in light time to dig out something not easy at night. It is possible to establish operation on the motion sensor, now them sell almost everywhere. Such sensors usually include lighting, but, I think, to them all the same what to include. It is possible both that and another, and still a siren".

Methods to beat off desire зариться on others at everyone the. The main thing - to remember: our knowledge is the sum of to what we learned on own or neighbour's experience, and that we forgot.

"I saw once the plate on a gate. "Carefully, vicious dog, angry owner, angry hostess, angry children. All angry! " - the summer resident Natalya laughs at the end of our conversation. - Perhaps and to try? "


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