Odessa Ubopovtsa revealed 30-ти a hectare plantation of perfect hemp

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Over 30 hectares of hempy crops were revealed on the Odessa earth by the staff of regional management on fight against organized crime. In the territory of the Izmail region of Odessa region on the Slow motion island that borders in the area of Danube on Romania, almost in impassable thickets tenants - narkodelka sowed and protected a field of a sunflower and a melon field with water-melons.

These cultures had to serve as so-called "cover". Actually, among a sunflower other culture - hemp sprouted also. And everything would be elaborately good if, hempy "trees" weren't extended under the favorable Bessarabia sun 2-3 meters high. Here the ill-fated plantation also came into the view of guards.

During carried out quickly - search actions it was documented activity and narcobusinessmen that gave the grounds for their detention and initiation of legal proceedings. Behind the previous conclusions of the experts, the seeded narcocontaining culture is a cultivated look that excludes any attempt to carry it to wild-growing between a sunflower from самозасева. As experts note, still some weeks and hemp would be ready to consumption by addicts. Therefore employees of militia paid just in time the "uninvited" visit.

In the Izmail area since the beginning of year 28 crops of narcocontaining plants, the last, for the present, the greatest are revealed and destroyed already. The approximate cost of narcoraw materials from this fruitful field in the black market is estimated about 2-x one million US dollars. Last year Izmail guards destroyed similar hempy crops worth 4,5 million US dollars.

In the area on the account is 700 drug-addicted, but mass consumers of this type of drug aren't present, - the chief of Izmail militia Georgy Dermenzhi assures. Therefore guards are sure that the revealed crop was provided for realization both in Odessa, and in other regional centers of the country.And consequently, having blocked a source in the illegal address of such significant amount of narcoraw materials, they strongly struck on narcobusiness.

Through the big area weeding collecting all narcotic crop will take not one day, and even not de


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