Щипачи, фармазоны, bear-hunters and others

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Theft - the most ancient craft, in it were engaged at all times and at all people, are engaged and now, and - in large quantities. When the Great Patriotic War ended, after 37 months of occupation by fascist barbarians the ruin and hunger reigned in Nikolaev. From the large poor families which have remained бе з of supporters, from children's homes, boarding schools most of all was natives for "thieves' shop".

… Here the tram turns out on Dekabristov Street around EMT plant (later "Equator") and now will go for lifting to Sennoy Street (nowadays Budennogo). The tram goes slowly: the motor car and hook-on, to the people it is full, doors automatically aren't closed, on footboards - "clusters" of people. Suddenly from the extreme yards of Dekabristov St. the group of pickpockets jumps out, they under way jump in the tram, squeeze hanging on footboards. Minute - two, and all company jumps off under way and comes back to a gate already with production. In the tram work according to the scheme: one pulls out money, quickly transfers them, without turning around, to another, another - to the third which right there leaves from a theft place. Such category of pickpockets "searched" every day all day long, and it isn't always successful.

But in case of success in the evening pickpockets feasted in "fresh-water sponges" (buffets), occasionally - at restaurant Lordly (on Sovetskaya St.). Spent on drink labor money of the robed citizens. Easily left cash, ordering alcohol, snack. Having become kinder, ordered to the bayan player (if in buffet) or to an orchestra (if at restaurant) loved "Murka", "Bricks", "Went I on the boulevard", "Taganka", generously tipped to waitresses. Pickpockets have beautiful girls: money is money. The prison doesn't frighten them: to the present criminal to visit prison was considered as business useful, ordinary, there passed training. It is proud three criminal records sounded ", pulled term! ".

Thieves divided themselves into guilds: фармазоны, bear-hunters, fortochnik, скокари etc., depending on a method of commission of a crime by them. There were also bench hammers or щипачи (from the word "pinch") or simply pickpockets. It was accepted that the burglar doesn't steal from a pocket, and vice versa. "Specializations" adhered also the others.Pickpockets were dressed, as well as all other working people: poorly, in old clothes, long weren't cut. On their appearance at once was not to distinguish. But there were they in tattoos, went groups on 2-4 persons, with running views. Many impudently rummaged before on pockets: "lopatnik" dragged (wallets and a purse), "скрипухи" (purses), "Turks" (opened handbags, handbags) broke that the population knew them by sight, hated and was afraid. And were afraid reasonably - many thieves had the open razors ground on the one hand of a coin. Such subjects cut pockets, bags, faces to witnesses.

There were cases when put out eyes. Separately the elite of "thieves' art" worked. These were imposing, dressed fit to kill, perfectly cut, smelled as cologne "Shipr" or "Red Moscow". They understood, what "meet on clothes", on them the suspicion doesn't fall ("Such prominent man, is so dressed … who could think? ! "). Such "actors" came for business seldom, "выпасали" the victim long, professionally, carefully all weighed, "took" at once largely, and then "laid down on a bottom". These professionals went to banks, commission buying up, about hotels, restaurants. Their speech was precautionary, without foul language. Such in Nikolaev it was possible to count on fingers of one hand. And in case of arrival of the "eminent" thief from Odessa or Rostov, his local colleagues met with a pomp, obsequiously looked in eyes, gave to drink, fed from "common fund", drove in кильдымы (brothels), on raspberries. Provided the best places for commission of pocket thefts, studied at "masters".

The station and the square in front of it, "flea market" were such places (a second-hand market, the market), is more rare - shops. Experts of thieves' "genre" short time held fingers in alcohol before an exit to "business". Now certain modern criminals describe as the heroes, many admire crimes of "kings" - thieves. Derelicts of society interview, of them care, arrange well for them cameras in a pre-trial detention center, compose legends, study family trees of thieves. About a crime it is fashionably to speak and write. There is a wish to remind that in some countries and until now to thieves cut hands. And people on a place hit into the post-war period of the pickpocket caught red-handed so that in militia (and sometimes - in a mortuary) already delivered something already a little similar to the person. The people fiercely hated pickpockets.

Present that in that hungry time from you stole money, grain cards for a month, in addition also documents.Accident, trouble! And pickpockets considered themselves in the thieves' environment as intellectuals, on a zone were proud: "I in the life heavier than a purse didn't lift anything! " Periodically in regional, city, regional militia created special task forces on capture of pickpockets. Groups consisted of 2-10 people dressed in the civil. Among them there were also women. To work came till the dawn, worked till 14-15 o'clock, then for change there were others. Sharpness, skills, bravery in capture of the thief - the pickpocket were required.

The main objective - to catch the thief by a hand when it in others pocket and it is quite good if in a hand also a purse. Because always there was a question: "And you by a hand caught me? " To the aid of field investigators local, ordinary militiamen, the public CAM (crew of assistance of militia), Komsomol members, later - VNT (voluntary national teams), expeditious notification came. There were virtuosos of personal investigation which was not to leave. Such, as V. Tukachev, V. Chebotaryov, A. Yarovoy and others.

After a month - two such raids of ten criminal cases obeyed in national vessels, fans of "fast" money severely punished. And thieves wouldn't resort to what shifts, in most cases they were overtaken by a punishing hand of the Law.


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