S. Gumenyuk's answer to V. Chaika

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Last Wednesday, August 6, the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika gave big a press - conference. On it Vladimir Dmitriyevich told the name of that, who suited it cheerful life, meaning scandal with the wiretap of its office. According to the mayor, former head the Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Sergey Gumenyuk is his main organizer, mayor, "cheerful life". Press - conference turned out very emotional and is rich in unflattering phrases to ex-the head of the Nikolaev management on fight against organized crime.

After given a press - conferences we decided to contact Sergey Gumenyuk and to learn his reaction to all attacks of the Nikolaev mayor. At present Sergey Gumenyuk holds a position of the Chief inspector of Department of criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Trying to receive a consent to conversation, we counted that V. Chaika's words touched S. Gumenyuk and he will tell a lot of interesting in reply. But, as it appeared, ex-the head of the Nikolaev Organized Crime Control Department very quietly and on - philosophically treated both V. Chaika's statements, and the leaving from a position of the head of department on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Communication with Sergey Nikolaevich took place in the day off. From first minutes it became clear that the statements similar to that sounded from lips of the Nikolaev mayor, we won't hear as S. Gumenyuk is in full harmony with himself.

Conversation with Sergey Nikolaevich, naturally, began with a question of that, he read or watched on TV speech of the mayor?

- Yes, I read about this a press - conferences, but not at once. In some days after it took place, my friends showed me the materials published in the local press.

- What emotions caused Vladimir Chaika's made on these a press the statements in you - conferences?

- I had no special emotions, after all I on - human feel sorry for Vladimir Dmitriyevich! He perfectly understands that sooner or later it is necessary to be responsible for everything that is made. Its reaction is a reaction of the frightened official.As in the movie "He Knows that I Know". But also here he tries to expose itself(himself) "victim" of intelligence services. As Che Guevara spoke - "The best word is a business", and Vladimir Dmitriyevich loves the city and its citizens exclusively from screens of TVs.And I put and words differ.

- Vladimir Chaika on a press - conferences declared that upon video detection - and the listening equipment of SBU excited, and then closed criminal case. Whether something is known to you of it?

- No! It's totally ludicrous! I with all responsibility declare that what criminal cases on this fact wasn't excited, in any case, in my stay of the chief the Organized Crime Control Department. The statements Vladimir Dmitriyevich consciously misleads all.

- Tell, please, as all - video - and the listening equipment appeared in an office of the mayor?

- I can tell nothing to you about it. I can emphasize onlythat there is very difficult procedure which needs to be observed before establishing similar equipment. Behind everything the prosecutor's office supervises. The mayor has to deal with city problems, instead of climb in affairs of intelligence services.

- If exactly as you tell all how at such stealthiness of operation and such small circle of the informed persons V. Chaika could find this equipment independently?

- I with full confidence can declare that Vladimir Dmitriyevich samolichno couldn't find this equipment. The equipment was very professional and it was installed professionally … To find it and furthermore to remove, very serious professional could only.

- And what was on films? According to our information, shootings were conducted long time. Whether it was succeeded to photograph something like that about what it would be interesting to inhabitants of Nikolaev to learn?

- Question incorrect. On what I am informed - I can't speak, you understand? At all without watching that I left from a post, from the professional point of view I have no right to open details of this business. Especially as investigations on these facts aren't finished yet - the special commission of the Verkhovna Rada works … But I know precisely one - V. Chaika and his environment are very strongly frightened. Those people who resolved "through them" the issues are frightened also. After all all perfectly understand that sooner or later this information can become property of the public. This process is already irreversible.And when it will occur, there will come the end not only Vladimir Dmitriyevich's pits, but also a number of persons, probably, will answer on all severity of the law, after all "the mayor is the first among equal! " and "the law one for all".

- Sergey Nikolaevich, all told by the mayor on a press - conferences was reduced to that you to it have a personal hostility. It is the truth?

- I will dare to remind that at the beginning of that "espionage" scandal V. Chaika accused of installation of the specialequipment of oppositional deputies of city council, opaquely hinting at BYuT fraction. Then he declared that devices established intelligence services, and after my leaving from a position of the chief of the Organized Crime Control Department, it made "extreme" me.No, I to V. Chaika don't have anything personal! As an example I can remember a case which occurred 6-7 years ago. Then there passed information from V. Chaika's environment oh, allegedly, attempt preparing on it. He addressed in law enforcement agencies and at joint meeting at regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU the decision to charge Vladimir Dmitriyevich's protection to department the Organized Crime Control Department which was headed at that time by me was made. We on so many well protected a body "hotly favourite" that in a week he told: "Will suffice! It everything totally ludicrous". It will be the answer to Vladimir Dmitriyevich on a claim to my professionalism. Very much he focused on him attention. For me tell my affairs.

Edition note: in due time two times were appropriated to Sergey Gumenyuk extraordinary ranks that he personally detained dangerous criminals with firearms: in the first case I detained one, in the second - together with the colleague.

- V. Chaika on a press - conferences declared that all criminal cases concerning purchase by the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of cars were closed by judgments. Something is known to you of it?

- In jurisprudence Vladimir Dmitriyevich created precedent when criminal case brought "upon" was appealed in court. I think that sooner or later all information on this "automobile" case also becomes property of the public. And, by the way, this information will be not in favor of V. Chaika. After all even on the press - conferences Vladimir Dmitriyevich indirectly confirmed what exactly he was the organizer of purchase of these cars.

In conclusion of our conversation the militia colonel S. Gumenyuk told the following:

- I absolutely quietly treat all statements of our politicians, including statements of the Nikolaev mayor. But as the citizen I can't watch that occurs in Nikolaev with quiet soul. I can't quietly look how it plunder and take away. I am absolutely sure that those people who do it, perfectly understand - soon to it to everything the end will come. They live in fear that it is necessary to be responsible for all deeds on all severity of the law and this fear gradually eats them.

I think, soon everything will fall into place


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