The Dnepropetrovsk tax specialists liquidated "konvertatsionny" the center through which 120 million грнивен

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Tax specialists of Dnepropetrovshchina liquidated the "konvertatsionny" center which for evasion of taxes, collecting and other obligatory payments in the budget and the subsequent their legalization carried out converting of non-cash money in cash.

A part of the center was three inhabitants of the Dnepropetrovsk area. They for 2007-2008 for illegal converting of the money received by a criminal way, created without intention of implementation of authorized activity of 10 subjects of business activity. Working under cover of civil engineering firm, offenders, except providing construction services, were engaged in illegal converting of money for the enterprises of the Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kharkov areas.

For formation of the tax credit of the under control transit enterprises, concealment of signs of illegal activity and entering of false information into declarations on a value added tax the organizer and the accountant of the "konvertatsionny" center used forged seals of really operating enterprises of the Dnepropetrovsk region, without the knowledge of their officials.

Since 2007 to the present through accounts of the above-mentioned enterprises for converting and the subsequent legalization of shadow means and property, with use of four commercial banks over 120 million hryvnias are illegally transferred to cash.

Besides, it is established that on the specified settlement accounts the means received by a criminal way, from Management of state treasury of one of regions of GUGK of Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk area for actually outstanding contract works also arrived.

Behind the specified fact of activity of criminal group criminal case is brought.

For the purpose of prevention of outflow of considerable means in "shadow" sector of economy and the subsequent their washing, identification of the profits hidden from the taxation, in court 24 sanctions on arrest of bank accounts and seizure of documents which contain bank secret of the enterprises involved in the criminal scheme were received.

At an exit from bank with prokonvertovany money the organizer of the center was detained. At the same time, it agrees with court resolutions, searches of "shadow" office and motor transport during which it is revealed and withdrawn are carried out: cash in the sum of 730 thousand UAH; 12 check-books of business owners; 2 system units and 1 laptop on which hard disk samples of the forged accounting documents were stored; 11 facsimiles of the signature of business owners and other unidentified persons; 14 seals and stamps of the under control "transit" enterprises; originals of primary accounting documents; schemes illegal to transfer of non-cash money to cash; over 750 blank forms with prints of the seals of the various enterprises.

For the sake of the prevention of removal from legal business of means in considerable sizes in the specified commercial banks arrests were imposed accounts of "transit" and "fictitious" subjects of business activity of the "konvertatsiony" center which were used in schemes of illegal converting. The sum of the arrested means made 808 thousand hryvnias.

Press - service GNA of Ukraine


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