Hundred-thousandth losses of regional officials

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There is a number of the laws, urged to increase efficiency of a state policy in the sphere of regulation of the land relations, and also to provide return of illegally withdrawn land plots to state ownership. This question is constantly controlled also by public service of fight against economic crime. From time to time field investigators the certain officials which activity is beyond the law are come into the view.

So, recently right keepers paid attention to officials of village council of one of settlements of Uzhgorodshchina. Other actions of employees caused certain suspicions. During careful studying of work of village council of departure steel very interesting facts which fall under the relevant articles of the Criminal code.

It became clear: in October, 2005 these officials prepared the council draft decision "About territory allocation for a garbage dump in the village... ", to which it was allocated from lands of a stock of village council a site of 1 hectare to equip a public garbage dump for warehousing of production and household waste. Officials so hurried to prepare this "phony" document which even "forgot" to put number. Though, probably, guessed that went beyond the powers conferred to them, having broken a number of articles of the Land code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "About waste".

And further, as well as follows was to hope, the mentioned decision was made at session of village council. On its basis without providing permission to development of the project of branch of the land plot and its further statement, without removal of borders in nature and registration of the right for using this site (as it is specified in check materials) of October, 2005 to the present individuals according to instructions of officials of village council is groundless delivered on this site of 100 thousand cubic meters of solid household waste, construction garbage, soil and other waste.And officials at all didn't disturb that the mentioned land plot has agricultural purpose and belongs to lands of water fund.

By results of the carried-out general inspection, specialists of regional state ecological inspectorate carried out calculation of the harm done by pollution and a contamination of the land plot. As it became clear, this damage reached 128 thousand hryvnias.

Behind materials which were provided by employees of Public service of fight against economic crime of UMVS, the Zakarpatye interdistrict nature protection prosecutor's office brought criminal case. The investigation which has to find out all details and details of this very dark history is begun.

Ivan Ladzhun TSOS UMVD of Ukraine in the Zakarpatye area


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