Cowboys and Indians

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Cable television (conversation will be about it) - branch young, but already distressful. The cableman - the operator delivering a television signal - exists in a coverage of ten being crossed and laws quite often contradicting each other. And here on their joints (such at prospering corruption, unfortunately, is created and in others - spheres) I appeared the whole galaxy wishing "to cut down business on - to a lung" on a field of the most interesting subject - copyright.

Who to whom has to pay - the speaker to the operator or on the contrary - it is clear also to the nonspecialist.

There are bezreklamny exclusive paid TV channels for especially provided, but the speech now not about them. The vast majority of foreign TV channels today as the audience bitterly jokes, is the fine advertizing sometimes interrupted by any programs and fragments of movies. Certainly, speakers pay back the activity with interest and spend thus million hard currency for payment to communications operators (satellite, radio, cable) to inform this advertizing and its frame to the TV viewer. That is it is clear that TV companies of speakers have to pay to satellites, teletowers and cable networks, and not the reverse.

The present version of the Discovery channel, for example, is larded by advertizing. And not idle time - Toyota, Gillette and other superbrands bring in to speakers considerable incomes. But and here speakers? ! "Give me the certificate of joint activity" - intermediaries ask from speakers (as in that joke "Give me frontier meter") and further - a trick …

Thus, we are convinced more than once that round any growing and serious business "spongers" start nesting. And cable television not exception.

As mushrooms grow differently - different pseudo-author's firms, firmochka and offices in which quite often, by the way, the dismissed employees of SBU work for the benefit to themselves darling.

Task both simple and difficult at the same time: to cut money under the guise of protection of the rights of unforgettable Britney Spears, Julia Roberts and their friends and colleagues.

Simple because cablemen very willingly do "kickbacks" not to butt with militia with very unclear legal relations supported with a heap of papers (usually "lime" or "looking coolly", but to business relations not having).

Difficult because it is possible to fly on most I don't want, having run into conscientious right keepers and cable operators having powerful legal backs. It is possible after all, at the end - the ends, and to reach the offshore where most "author's money" settles these and are cashed.

Certainly, there is a right both author's and adjacent. But as it was necessary to pervert it, having turned upside down (according to Art. 3 of the item "The law on copyright and related rights", its action extends only on the UKRAINIAN speakers), to bullshit employees of law enforcement agencies, having insuperable thirst for someone else's money (pensioners and needy including) that it isn't simple to try, but here and there this money and to pull out. Even if with frank deception, bribes, intimidation and blackmail. Examples - tens.

Crimea. Sevastopol. As now it is for certain known, by request of competitors and, probably, to the order nebezvozdmezdny, on the largest organization of a cable television the joint raid of owners and militiamen is carried out. The agenda - copyright. Surroundings in the best traditions of a genre: criminal case, arrest, searches, equipment confiscation. Three years passed. After ten court sessions suddenly it became clear that no violations, generally - that, existed. Well children were mistaken, not so the law interpreted to whom doesn't happen … Yes here trouble: the confiscated equipment on tens of thousands of dollars and militiamen with owners, this confiscation carrying out, look for still. Such here a scam with the priplyasy. Similar situations were in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Krivoi Rog, Nikolaev, Lviv, Odessa …

Peculiar "Cowboys and Indians" turn out. Cossacks - operators, though call them "pirates", and robbers (that cable networks didn't build, didn't serve and, by and large, did nothing) - intermediaries they are providers they representatives. And there is a wish to tell: "The thief on trust". And in fact - in a point.


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