Yury Lutsenko: "Today the main task for guards - to report not number of criminal cases, and punishment of organizers of a narcotic network"

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During working visit to Harkovshchina the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko carried out a press - conference for representatives of the central and regional mass media. In the opening speech to journalists Yury Vitaliyevich outlined a prime task for militia, in particular, guards of the Kharkov area.

The minister congratulated all gathered on the Independence Day of Ukraine and noted that it is its first business trip in the Kharkov area after appointment of the new chief of GUMVS of Ukraine in the Kharkov area the general - the militia lieutenant V. Y. Razvadovsky. Yury Lutsenko noted that the meeting was very pleasant also because for the first time for many years the militia felt possibilities of technical development - 50 cars which were handed over today first of all to local police inspectors with assistance of regional council, regional administration and the People's Deputy Feldman is very important support to law enforcement agencies. Improvement of a hardware, communication, even usual repairs of service premises which in large quantities now happen in the Kharkov area, including a ceremonial opening of a new insulator - is a sign of that the state develops.

The Minister of Internal Affairs felt certain successful results of the Kharkov militia: "And the population, and I personally estimate militia work not on percent, and first of all, on appropriate registration of statements and addresses of citizens about the committed crimes. It is end, correct result, on which and people, and I as the Minister, will judge work of militia and the Kharkov central board in particular".

Yury Lutsenko defined activities as for militia as a whole, and directly for employees of law-enforcement bodies of the Kharkov area.

The first priority and one of the most important - an order on highways.

For last year mortality on the Ukrainian roads grew by 25%.Today the militia withdrew more than hundred thousand certificates from drivers for rough violations of the rules of traffic. But at the same time not less positive result that on roads as a result of road accident on 8 and a half thousands is less than wounded is. It became possible thanks to establishing order on roads employees of law-enforcement bodies. In the Kharkov area too became less than injured road accidents - figures testify to this result. In area the general reduction of traumatism and mortality by 17-20% is noted. one thousand less citizens, than last year,

were lost

"My position simple: each chief of regional department together with authorities has to repair the road in the territory, install the traffic light and work for the sake of people, especially in places of concentration of road accident who for today 4 and a half one thousand in Ukraine" - were marked out by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The second priority - fight against narcocrime. In the Kharkov area there are certain positive results behind this important activity: hundreds kilograms of the withdrawn marihuana, identification of narcobrothels, drug labs and so forth. But there is one not less actual task - fight against the illegal address трамадола. That Ukraine demands some million pills, and some hundred millions such pills are issued, and behind it there are high-ranking officials who are today both deputies, and heads of different public authorities - on - seen by everything know of it.

So an example the Minister guided recent disclosure of a crime by employees of the Kharkov militia. The Pharmaceutical House limited liability company delivered from - for borders one thousand kilograms of substance from which prepares трамадол, without having the license for the corresponding kind of activity. Thousands kilograms they planned to make more than 20 of these - million pills of a dangerous preparation. Also illegally, without having on it neither licenses, nor permissions. It means that less everything a million times the narkozbytchik won't find the victim. Also it is very important thing, Yury Lutsenko noted:

"Today the main task for guards - to report not number of criminal cases, and punishment of organizers of this narcotic network. It for me essentially moral and political question. And the militia has to tell that it and works at the place for people! ".

TsOS GUMVD of Ukraine in the Kharkov area


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