"Kill me, the sonny, don't torment! "

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Alcoholism not only dreadful disease and trouble for those who got this addiction. It becomes frequent it the reason of crimes. Thousands of examples of so-called domestic squabbles to that proof. But sometimes under the influence of alcohol people make such villainies that neither the law, nor court can't appoint by it adequate punishment. Name to this villainy - patricide.

Down on an inclined plane...

Maria E - ва raised the only son Dmitry one. Dimin the father died in road accident when the son was three years old. Mother completely gave herself to education of the child. The guy grew up kind, careful and cheerful. Having served in army and having come back home, I became a reliable support and the strong back for mother. Maria couldn't rejoice on the son: I helped about the house, I worked at two works (I sold the medical equipment, logistics, housing repair). Houses always was a heap of various prices, fair brochures. Neighbors knew that at it it was possible to order, buy, rent a lot of various goods. I brought home money. But in some years wellbeing forever left their house.

Everything went wrong way after Dmitry started drinking. At first I used for the company with colleagues, then it is simple on a habit. Soon it turned into the finished alcoholic. I didn't want to work any more and for days on end I stayed at home, occasionally going outside behind the next bottle.

Maria tried to bring to reason the son, but everything was useless. The guy as if changed: Dmitry became spiteful, suspicious and cruel. And still after a while I raised a hand against mother. Maria such minutes ran away from the house to neighbors and quite often to them complained that the son doesn't give life, beats, selects pension.

Despite a loose way of life, Dmitry found to himself the girlfriend. For a role of the companion of life he chose similar Olga To - ву: the maiden of unclear age, without a certain occupation and a residence, in other words, to the bomzhikh. Dmitry got acquainted with it during one of trips to the city. The last apprehended resettlement to the house E - the vykh with pleasure, after all received a roof over the head, and also I go also binge.On Maria's poor pension E - howl lived now three together.

The cohabitant, it is necessary to pay her tribute, I behaved quietly, "mother-in-law" I wasn't rude, and sometimes even I hid it from the son who has raged excessively. However, when Dmitry once again made scandal, Olga didn't protest. Simply patiently I waited while "spouse" selected money at resisting mother. Then together with Dmitry went to shop behind vodka.

Even more often Maria E - ву saw crying on a shop before the house into which she already was afraid to come. The elderly woman weepingly said that dreams only of one: to fall and not to rise any more not to suffer mockeries from the native son. As it will become clear later, Dmitry took this "dream" literally...

Grave in a kitchen garden

One summer evening in the house E - the vykh began a hell when drunk Dmitry to diminished responsibility for no reason at all attacked on mother with fists. Maria fell after the first blow, and it continued to beat her feet - kicked in a breast, in the head... Groans of mother that abated, were heard again - the woman periodically fainted. Frightened Olga incidentally not to please in the heat of the moment flown into a rage cohabitant, hid under a bed and already from there heard as mother moaned: "Kill me, Dima, I was tired to suffer with you... "

Later any time Dmitry stopped and, reeling, went outside. From - under beds Olga looked out. Maria E - ва lay on a floor in the middle of the room in a blood pool. The cohabitant approached to her closer and listened. The woman didn't breathe any more, her glazed-over eyes not movably looked in a ceiling. Olga screamed and ran out from the house.

Already in the yard Dmitry approached to it. "Take a shovel, we will go to dig in", - he ordered the cohabitant, and that silently obeyed. Dmitry dragged out a body of mother on the street and dragged in a kitchen garden. There, near a fence, it dug out a small hole, laid in it a corpse and powdered from above with the earth. Then I returned to the house. Olga a rag wiped blood from a floor. Dmitry sat down at a table and poured to itself vodka.

In some days after murder brought pension. The employee of mail carrying money, naturally, took an interest, where Maria. At Dmitry the answer was already ready: say and who knows it, left where - that, maybe, to the neigbour... The mail carrier I put money to Dmitry and I asked to undersign instead of mother.

After that drunk fun in the house E - the vykh proceeded the whole week.When to them the neigbour came once to ask for Maria of any seeds for a garden, Dmitry again told lies that mother where - that "on guests gads".

Life after death

However the pension came to an end quickly. When to buy alcohol became there is nothing, Dmitry sold things of killed mother. I found its old wedding ring in a case and ear rings. The money gained in a city pawnshop disappeared in is wine - vodka department of rural shop. Soon Dmitry went on neighbors with a request is supposedly absolutely bad to borrow money of mother for drugs became, doesn't get up. But when someone was going to visit the sick woman, it refused the help flatly.

Neighbors began to worry seriously soon. Long hellbenders of the useless son and Maria's long absence caused suspicion. The district police officer came to have a talk with Dmitry. But that only muffledly spoke about any distant relatives living in the neighboring area: pier, mother left to them. However it sounded so unconvincingly that next day he was arrested.

Dmitry broke up on the first interrogation. Place where it dug a corpse of mother, the man showed to field investigators. Indifferently I looked how dig the earth as the shovel came across a body. On investigative experiment it is detailed, with skill I showed how beat mother as dragged her corpse to a hole. Already then, when case papers gathered, in hope to reduce term tried to change former indications and all blame to shift on Olga. But proofs and indications of neighbors didn't leave it chance. In court Dmitry in detail answered all questions. From the last word I refused - to tell though something in the justification to it was nothing people looking at it. Silently I listened to a sentence: ten years of imprisonment. Olga

To - ву for partnership in murder the court sentenced to four years of imprisonment.

Only ten years

Ten years for murder of mother gave also to the inhabitant of one of villages of the Simferopol area. As already I wrote "1K", investigation of this business was controlled by the prosecutor of the Simferopol area Vladimir Smy.

Valery At - is new went in the footsteps of the drinking father. Together with the father, mother and the younger brother he lived in one of villages of the Simferopol area. After long years of gloomy alcoholism At - it is new - the senior was confined to a bed by paralysis. The younger son Alexey, as well as the senior, too drank and anywhere didn't work.Mother - Vera Valentinovna - was so old, helpless and exhausted with the husband - the alcoholic the woman that could do nothing, looking as the own children become an inveterate drunkard.

When Valery At - is new drank, became aggressive and uncontrollable. It raised a hand against the brother and even against the paralyzed father. Mother went to pray for useless sons in church, but those only and did that spent on drink its pension. Once, when pension ended, and vodka wasn't, Valery demanded from mother of money. Vera Valentinovna made a helpless gesture: "I gave yesterday the last, the sonny, you know". At - it is new such answer I enraged. Mother tried to calm the son, persuaded him to go to bed, but that, appear, didn't hear her. At any moment Valery jumped up to the old woman and threateningly told: "Give money, differently I will kill! " Vera Valentinovna didn't sustain and, having burst into tears, shouted: "Yes there is no money at me - kill! " And then, as if having got permission, Valery At - is new grabbed a knife lying on a table and hit with it mother in a breast two times. The woman was tumbled down on a floor, and the son … went to sleep.

After that the wounded woman lay on a floor till the morning. Vera Valentinovna tried not to groan. She understood that it is worth calling to the aid as first of all there will arrive militia and will arrest useless, but the beloved son.

The younger son returned and, having seen mother lying on a floor, being drunk thought that she has a stroke. At first he sobbed over it drunk tears, then pulled together from a bed a blanket, covered mother and... I fell asleep nearby. By midnight Valery woke up, he woke the brother, and they already together started sobbing over a body of mother. When at daybreak sobered up, Alexey ran to neighbors, and those called "ambulance".

What surprise of doctors when they saw knife wounds was. Unfortunately, the woman didn't manage to be rescued. She died, without regaining consciousness. When Valery sobered up, he in everything confessed. However, brothers couldn't explain distinctly why at once didn't call "ambulance", and instead that sobbed, filled up near mother.

And fault to all alcohol. It does it of children of the animals raising a hand against most sacred - on native mother.


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