Undivided family rates I became the reason of cruel revenge

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To the unknown who have poured out acid on a married couple, there was a stepfather of the injured man.

Earlier we reported that on August 25 in the Krivoozersky region of the Nikolaev area the unknown malefactor poured acid over a married couple. Then upon infliction of bodily injury criminal case was brought and field investigators began to work over search of the guilty.

In a course quickly - search actions police officers on suspicion in commission of this crime detained 60 - the summer stepfather of the injured man.

That evening events were developed as follows.

In one of households relatives and godfathers among whom there were injured spouses and the stepfather of the man gathered. In the late afternoon guests began to go home. The tipsy pensioner as it became clear later, had an intention of a revenge, and he decided to show who in a family "main". The man, for conspiracy, changed clothes in a jumpsuit and put on the head a knitted hat. Then it took an empty can from beer, cut off the top part and poured in it the concentrated acid.

On the way home the stepfather splashed acid in a face to the 34 - to the summer stepson with whom lived not one year, and it 32 - the summer wife. The chemical concentrated liquid, flowing down down, I left "traces" practically on all parts of a body of victims.

The man and the woman with chemical burns hospitalized in regional hospital.

Working over crime disclosure, field investigators paid attention to small yazvochka on a face of the stepfather of the injured man. After short denials about non-participation in incident the elderly person had to confess in deeds. The pensioner explained the act is quite banal supposedly learned that the spouse of the stepson jinxed it, and he decided to revenge.

The consequence in this respect has the opinion. The motive of a brutal act - revenge, but is connected it with repartition of family property. The family owns to picturesque rates in the territory of the area which can be used successfully for commercial purposes and the stepfather wished individually to them to own. But each time the stepson with the wife refused to "relative" …

Now men and the woman with serious chemical burns are in the regional


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