The Nikolaev militiamen caught the full bus of illegal immigrants

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Today, on August 28, in the city of Nikolaev raid on identification of the citizens who are in the territory of Ukraine illegally was carried out. This raid was carried out by forces of staff of GAI, special forces "Golden eagle", a battalion of patrol service of militia, management of public safety, УБЭПа, sectors of nationality and registration of natural persons of Leninsky district of the city.

Militiamen for a short period managed to be taken "in a ring" the wholesale market "Avangrad", and, as they say, very few people were succeeded "to make of illegal immigrants from its territory feet". Were detained about 50-ти the person of "non Slavic" appearance. By the way, many of them were a little surprised to the events as similar round-ups of them in Nikolaev it wasn't carried out yet - there were, of course, raids, but they were carried out less on a substantial scale.

For some business hours militiamen made 8 administrative reports under article 203 of the administrative code of Ukraine ("Violation by foreigners and stateless persons of rules of stay in Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine"). Thus to four foreign citizens on the basis of the same article stay term was reduced by territories of the country.

As the chief of passport department of Lenin RO NSU of militia Elena Nikitina explained, protocols were formed on foreign citizens who, being in the territory of Ukraine or according to guest visas, or according to migration cards, were engaged in trade activity. This fact is violation as for work in Ukraine it is necessary to process the relevant documents in addition.

Also militiamen concerning foreign citizens made 35 protocols under article 159 of Adminkodeks - "Trade violation of the rules in the markets".

According to the director of the Avangard market Olga Vorobyova, foreigners in the market are engaged in trade generally during the summer period. Mainly it is natives of the Caucasian regions (Azerbaijanians, Armenians, Georgians, etc.) which in Nikolayevshchina rent the land plots, and then realize grown-up production in the markets. As for verification of documents at foreigners employees of the market, Olga Vorobyova explained that dealers only rent floor spaces, and as a result, they check only corresponding permissions to goods. Bodies competent of it have to be engaged in check of legality of their stay in Ukraine.

"On the average once a month we have conflict situations, and we should cause law enforcement agencies. Generally it is connected with unwillingness of dealers to carry out rules of trade in the markets", - the director of the wholesale market tells.
However, she emphasized that the conflicts arise not only with foreigners, but also with citizens of Ukraine.


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