Monumental promotion

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While the demoralized last soldiers of a Reich conducted hopeless street battles in the burning Berlin, and the empire was limited capital quarter where under ruins of a reykhskantselyariya there was a concrete bunker, the Fuhrer of the German nation peered the glazed-over eyes into the white model of "the world capital".

The Sogbenny almost dead body during lifetime destroyed by amphetamines and an illness of Parkinson hoped for a miracle which the German people couldn't make, without looking at any victims and fanaticism of defenders of concrete ruins over the head of the leader. The huge model of the city of Germany - so had to be called this megalopolis built by 1950 on a place of Berlin, was destroyed together with the remains of the last residence of Hitler.

On the remained photos, drawings, sketches, and the part is made of them Hitler's hand still in the middle of 20-x years, the model was recreated for shootings of two documentary - the art tapes "Decline" (Der Untergang) and "Speer and It" (Speer und Er). Now it is possible to examine this scenery and a number of original documents in small, until recently empty pavilion near the Brandenburg gate in several tens meters from the Wall not existing nowadays.

The exhibition adjoins to a memorial of memory of the lost Jews of Europe. Organizers intentionally arrived quite so as at the time of a Reich approximately there was a garden of a reykhskantselyariya and that bunker from which on a surface didn't remain any traces. Actually, from everything that, since 1935, started realizing on Hitlerite to "the plan of monumental promotion", in general almost remained nothing.

Memory memorial to the lost Jews of Europe

The rare example and that only very doubtful - "A column of victories" as the monument was created much earlier, right after formation of the II empire and is opened two years later after a capture by the German armies of fortress the Sedan in 1871 in time free - the German war. The column was on the square in front of the Reichstag. To birthday of Hitler in 1939 it transferred and established in 5 kilometers from the Brandenburg gate.

"Column of victories". Modern view of the East axis - the West. The monument is in 5 kilometers from the Brandenburg gate

According to the general plan of construction of the new capital present streets Unter - ден - линден and represented on June 17 the so-called East axis - the West. Here passed nazi processions and military parades. Strongly reconstructed Olympic stadium, the airport Tempelkhof, and as some ministerial buildings built in 30-е years remained. In particular, modern Ministry of Finance.

"Kruglaya Square" where it was planned to build "The German house", movie theater, "The house of artists", club of armed forces, capital representation of the State of Thuringia and office of Alyans insurance company

The exposition was visited, by the way, by the Minister of Finance Peer Shtaynbryuk: "The proximity to a memorial reminds us that Germany was under construction at the expense of Jews whom threw out from their houses demolished to clear away the road of this gigantomania. Their so-called resettlement was the first step on a way to certain death either in a ghetto, or in a concentration camp".

The Minister of Finance of Germany Shtaynbryuk considers the model "the world capitals"

Having with astonishment looked on 11 - the meter model of the city - a ghost, Shtaynbryuk took an interest and where the river Spree disappeared. It appears, "Speer planned to redirect the capital river under the earth". It is interesting that regeneration had to take place and with other cities of a Reich. Certainly, after a final victory. So Hamburg had to become "world shopping center", Munich - "the movement capital", Nuremberg - "the city партсъездов".

Albert Speer, "the court architect" since 1937 - the general inspector of construction, and later when it was necessary to say goodbye to plans of creation of the new capital, the minister of arms of a Reich, was the favourite of the Fuhrer, "the only loyal friend". Speak, between both myth makers there was a certain karmic communication. Hitler saw in Speer the second "I", the unrealized artist. When Hitler locked in the bunker, raged from - for treacheries saving Himmler and Goering's own ass, it released Speer, for the present there was an opportunity to leave Berlin.

Hitler and Speer on building of a new reykhskantselyariya, 1938

The member of nazi party since 1931, Speer received 20 years of prison on a sentence of the Nuremberg tribunal at all for an architectural delicacy in a duet with Hitler, and as the minister of arms and the accomplice in commission of crimes. Then it don't rank as the chief nazi executioners, worthy the death penalty: documents on his personal participation are found recently. Only little bit of crimes of "not ideological" nazi manager, the chief architect of Germany, is visible and in implementation of the project.

Speer - the defendant on process against the chief military criminals in Nuremberg, 1946

The infrastructure "стройтреста" included 19 concentration camps from the free rabsily. For implementation of plans the decision on compulsory eviction of Jews for the purpose of use of apartments by the "Aryans" which houses were subject to demolition was made. As they say, anything personal - simply the end justifies the means. It is interesting as Dietmar Arnold, the chairman of public organization "Underground World of Berlin" and the organizer of an exhibition explained that the German designers specially went to adopt experience at "Stalin foremen", working over similar plans. Not incidentally therefore, at a Stalin and Hitlerite esthetics the mass of the general details. Besides panels, ears, hammers, штанген - compasses, the soldier, girls with oars, tractors and gears, main of them is a gigantomania: to create something unprecedented at any cost.

Staff of the main command of Wehrmacht

Really all victims for the sake of art? And where it here: tasteless, hypertrophied imitation classicism of imperial Rome.

"Triumphal arch". It was projected according to Hitler's sketch of 1925

If the planned East axis - the West where even prior to war moved a column, already represented rather wide space, the North axis - the South assumed huge construction works along the smart avenue 120 meters wide. Here everything had to be constructed anew throughout 10 kilometers between two stations: northern and southern, respectively. The model presented at an exhibition in Berlin, just represents, as though it looked.

The model of Germany - a general view

Exactly here it was planned to demolish hundreds houses. The cost of the project didn't manage to count. Yes it now and not important.Moreover, it wasn't important and 70 years ago. If military plans of a mode were carried out, the lack of means and labor wouldn't be. In any case, today any estimates on implementation of the project it isn't revealed. In the forefront there was a prestige. It is important that for the dictatorship which has ground teeth, at least, to almost all Eurasia, a material question would be business quite solved. After all absolutely inexhaustible resources would be for "builders" available. Even from the modern point of view development of technologies allowed to carry out plans already then.

To take for example "The palace of the people" with a capacity of 18 000 people and 290 meters high that is 10 times higher than the Brandenburg gate. Victims? Means? Nonsense! Let million slaves will die on buildings ideal Nazi - the world. Other millions are already ready to roll up sleeves. Such is a dictatorship essence: even the town planning not only doesn't exclude, but also assumes criminal methods. Whether it is casual that on another of that time socially - a political pole the "red" dictator, Iosif Stalin, intended to surpass the "Palace of councils" Hitlerite "The palace of the people".

The impressive sizes the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag look small against a huge dome structure of "The palace of the people". It was projected according to Hitler's drawn in 1925

Due to various reasons Hitler and Stalin's reckless architectural plans weren't fated to come true, fortunately. On a place of a cancelled enormous structure in Moscow - again Christ's temple - the Savior, and on a place of "The palace of the people" in Berlin - the residence of the chancellor and a complex of buildings of the Bundestag. Spree, (the Moscow small small rivers were lucky less) chained, however, to the concrete course flows also. Here so unexpectedly parallel stories of both dictatorships almost merged to one line.

"Germanomaniya" before eyes of the visitor of an exhibition

However, Stalin, his accomplices and followers avoided a fate of nazi criminals. It is possible because the winner is always right, and their victims just appeal to punishment.


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