The employee of intelligence service got into scrape

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The detective story happened in the night of August 23 around crossing of Lenin Avenue and the street of Frunze. Owing to the specifics it didn't find the reflection in militia reports though formally the occasion for this purpose was: as a result of incident knife wound is put to the victim, and now it stays in hospital.

This case don't make for one reason public - the officer of Management of Security service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area is in the history kneaded.

That ill-fated night it for itself(himself), the civil wife and the dog who was near it called a taxi. When the car arrived and opened at a door, in salon the pit bull terrier dropped in at once that, naturally it wasn't pleasant to the driver. Verbal sparring which soon drove up the wall the client, and he, the person of big physical health began, according to the taxi driver, started beating on the car feet and to leave in a huff.

In reply the taxi driver made an emergency call of the help, and to it on revenue there arrived the colleague. The situation became aggravated - men passed into the hand-to-hand. And here the edge unexpectedly flashed. Through an instant in a breast of the second taxi driver as he tells, on the handle the knife entered. It managed to reach independently to BSMP where in half an hour on the victim performed operation. Doctors claim that the driver was largely lucky - the wound was not getting, but the edge passed in only two millimeters from a carotid.

Events at the intersection developed meanwhile with a new force. To the aid of the colleague arrived from 5 to 10 taxi. The furious big fellow, seeing that won't cope with not less furious taxi drivers, together with the lady and her doggie began to be removed in the direction of the house No. 9 on Lenin Avenue. And here the small chest opened. When shouts about need to cause the militia were heard, running away exclaimed: "What militia? I from SBU".

The dress nevertheless arrived and took away participants of incident in the nearest regional department where from them took explanations, and the man healthy by the form sent for physical examination. All this time the car was accompanied by a taxi cavalcade:colleagues on shop were afraid that the "important" client will shirk responsibility for deeds with their companion. They went afterwards even then when the aggressive passenger was taken away by two persons in the civilian, having taken away it in USBU.

There confirmed that it really was their employee. In exclusive interview to ICTV TV channel the deputy chief of USBU in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Vashara even called his surname and an officer rank which we for obvious reasons don't call. He told that on this fact office investigation and while early to predict its results is made. If the fault of the officer is proved, the case can submit to Military prosecutor's office.

However the similar outcome raises doubts. The officer and his civil wife told that business was perfect on - to another, and in everything taxi drivers are guilty. In USBU are certainly inclined to trust the word of the colleague more. Aren't eager to open business without delay and in militia though, as we know, the relations between the staff of law-enforcement bodies and intelligence services never differed mutual attachment. It is necessary to learn that field investigators will tell. To wait not for long.


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