New cold war

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Three messages of the last week drew attention. According to the report of the non-governmental American organization Freedom House, level of freedom fell to the record: Russia on the 170th place, the country is recognized as the most dangerous place for journalists. Second message, opposite to pessimism of the first: The West declared ruble the most perspective currency of the world. And as synthesis of the first two messages - article in "Washington Post" (on May 5, 2008), openly declaring the end of an era of complacency, the beginning of a new era of fight of idelogiya of democracy and authoritarianism. "Rough return of ideologies" - article of the political scientist Robert Kagan is entitled.

However, it only for the short-sighted West once there came "the end of ideologies" ("the history end"). I always claimed that the ideology can disappear only as a result of a space disaster. Often confused ideology, i.e. an articulation of own interests and outlook, to promotion - notorious aspiration to impose another the look as the lawyer in court "proves" innocence of the murderer and the tyrant.

In fact, the ideology also is intelligence, ability to formulate the intensions, to use logic and Lagos - the word. Civilization level of society is determined by level of such ideological IQ. To submit the doctrine of liberal democracy certain elements which as the wind blows where will like - means to cut off bark of brain hemispheres from democracy, to throw back the volumes written still to antique times and summarized by fathers of the American democracy.

As revelations appear today at the West the most obvious things: that (I quote Robert Kagan) "Leaders of China and Russia not simply autocrats. They believe in authoritarianism". Or that "In Russia and China authoritarianism proved that can be combined with growth of the national income". And in the Soviet Union unless there were no economic, creative, scientific and other miracles? Who the first subdued space? Who won against fascism? At whom the best rockets? And also in the field of the ballet...

Authoritarianism is not an invention of angry governors, it is peculiar to the person as all is peculiar terrestrial, carnal and guilty.When there is a heart operation or when the army storms height, authoritarianism has no reasonable alternative and хуриргу "the ward (barracks) democracy" isn't necessary (commander). In many meanings the economy is similar to military science - from here efficiency of authoritative economy. If around - a war situation, instead of the world. It that the doctrine of authoritarianism adopted by Russia, China and tens former communistic countries proves.

West minus - immense morally - the political short-sightedness which is especially peculiar to leftism. West plus that he is capable to regain consciousness from a dream and effectively to deal with a world lawlessness. "The Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is glad to renewal of ideological fight. "For the first time for many years, - it brags, - in the market of ideas the competitive environment" was created. Fight, according to him, goes between various "systems of values and development models". From the point of view of the Kremlin, it is good that "The West loses monopoly for globalization process. The events became an unpleasant surprise for the democratic world which believed that similar (ideological) fight ended with falling of the Berlin wall. It is time to regain consciousness from a dream" - завершате the article Robert Kagan. But why "surprise"?

And why repetition of a strange irrational reflex - fear of "cold war"? Idea of this "war" - ideological fight - as about something shameful, abnormal? There is a legal right, a jury and nobody considers them as "political correctness" violation. Ideological war is insuperable as terrestrial gravitation, instead of whether silly "not to notice gravitation"? I any more don't say that "cold war" all - much better "more hotly" and is an inoculation against it.

Second, you don't hurry to accuse me of promotion promotion, I repeat - the ideology differs from promotion as the poem from an inscription on a fence. And I am not sure that the doctrine of authoritarianism is the absolute evil, and democracies good. Fight has to be the street with two-way traffic, at authoritarianism it is necessary to study something, at least here this KGB inflexibility. In principle ideological fight is that dispute in which the truth is born and it is useful to all mankind.

"Everything is very simple - fairy tales deception! " - Andrey Makarevich sang once. Not so simply and authoritative fairy tales stick to the person better than a bur.But what such ours "liberal democracy" and why we believe in it?

The democracy, i.e. codified freedom, is based on bible situation: "Because it is necessary to be and to raznomysliya between you that opened between you skillful" (1Кор.11:19). "Dissidence", i.e. pluralism, is an indispensable condition of "opening" of the best, "skillful"! Freedom - a condition of fair competitive competition during which the real master, instead of Kremlin "the appointed billionaire" is defined.

Freedom atmosphere - the atmosphere of divine creativity, and authoritarianism for us - apologia of a devil who can create "signs", but can't rescue! Yes, "war of ideologies" is and there is an Armageddon, war of ideas, beliefs. If the system is capable to destroy polonium the critics, and then одету in a dress coat and with the cylinder, to walk up and down on world democratic (!) salons, the G-8 type, Antichrist already here means. But we sleep. Also we have dreams: The Berlin wall falls... The ideologist of the American leftism who has finished off "Freedom" Norman Pattis uttered Radio: "MTV destroyed the Berlin wall" therefore it replaced radio hanging with Iran and the Arab countries of bottoms - music. And I cleared the Russian service of the former dissidents then this service rolled down on the 36th place.

Authoritarianism eats democracy silence, its devil closing of eyes and souls on crimes created in the absence of freedom, i.e. the actual partnership in crimes. War of ideologies is a self-sacrifice, it especially god - a human phenomenon, unlike deafness and dumbness. John McCain proposed to exempt Russia from membership in G-8, and charges fell down on it. Here doctrine of the western pseudo-political cretinism: "The authoritative countries should be involved, integrated into the liberal world". It as to forbid the surgeon amputation of a gangrenozny extremity, say, "involve" it in a sound body...

In other words, the murderer should be not judged, and to award and "integrate" into own house and own bed. The last 18 years we observe these attempts of the West to tame a wolf and a bear which know the business, eat a chelovechatinka. Unless it was necessary to be expressed by a mat to the Kremlin to the western political proofreaders, and everything tries Washington where - to involve that of gas - the oil titan...

In the new cold war which approach can challenge only crafty who will win? Got a mortal wound, but the cured authoritarianism or growing decrepit, but eternally young idea of freedom?


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