In the Kharkov area the number of road accident increased by 30%

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To the Kharkov roads of steel even more dangerous. According to regional management of GAI, in eight months 2008 the quantity dorozhno - transport incidents in the Kharkov area in comparison with the similar period of last year increased by 30%.

In 11,8 thousand road accidents more than 3 thousand people suffered, 265 people were lost.

Still there is high a level of death and traumatism road incidents of children - 11 children were lost, 196 got wounds.

The number of victims and injured decreased in comparison with last year a little, however, experts consider this situation situational.

Car driving in a state of intoxication or with speed excess became norm on the Kharkov roads. Since the beginning of year inspectors of GAI detained 8,9 thousand drunk drivers.

The management of the Kharkov management of the State traffic inspectorate sees the main reason for growth of number of road accident that today in Ukraine there is the extremely liberal in relation to breakers of rules of traffic the legislation.

"It is heavy to struggle with violators when the violator doesn't bear almost any responsibility, - the chief of regional management of GAI Alexander Azatsky states. - We detain undisciplined drivers, we send materials to courts, courts according to the law define punishment in the form of a penalty. Penalties, as a rule, minimum - from 17 to 51 UAH. We have cases when drivers detained in a state of intoxication to five times".

As practice shows, serious consequences for violators come only when under wheels of their cars perishes at the same time on some people. And that only when incident is received by a big public response and the high-ranking officials - from governors to the President - make statements that take business under the control.

By data, Alexander Azatsky, regional management of GAI repeatedly conducted negotiations with People's Deputies concerning changes in the legislation towards toughening and administrative, and criminal penalties. In the Verkhovna Rada a number of bills is registered. However, the players of a depuy corps are changed, and the cart and remains on a place.

As one of establishing order options on roads the Kharkov GAI officers offer establishment of stationary and mobile cameras of external supervision.

In Kharkov experiment with use of video cameras is made and according to experts, it yields good results.

"If the driver accurately knows that him watch, - Alexander Azatsky argues, - that it will probably force it to be more disciplined". Besides, similar video records can be used as proofs in vessels. In the next months the Kharkov GAI officers are going to equip with video cameras the most dangerous intersections of the city on Lenin's prospectuses, Gagarina and Moscow.


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