Nikolayevets cut an axe the sister and mother, and bodies buried in a shed

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Cruel murder happened in the last days of August in Nikolayevshchina. The family consisting of three people, lived in Aleksandrovka long ago. Mother, the daughter and the son lived some years without father in the certain house in the center of the village. The father divorced from mother, but maintained the relations with the former family. The son had a good work, mother worked in government institution and had good authority among locals, 20 - the summer daughter studied in one of the Nikolaev higher education institutions. All had earnings, kept economy and even arranged repair in the house. Recently in the house changed old windows for brand new double-glazed windows.

This day 26 - the summer son of the hostess Yury came back home from work. Everything was as always, but 400 hryvnias were gone in the house from one and a half thousand hryvnias which mother prepared on purchase of materials for house repair. Mother and the sister accused of Yury's theft. The guy only started meeting the girl therefore the sister and mother had bases for suspicion. Besides, the guy planned a trip with the girlfriend for the sea. Quarrel between the native began in the yard. Then Yury was included into garage where the sister and mother continued to accuse him of theft. Mother went to the house, and the sister remained to talk to the brother. At any moment the guy didn't sustain, grabbed an axe lying near it and knocked the sister on the head. The sister died instantly. Yury, having estimated the actions, I drew a conclusion that it isn't necessary to leave witnesses, I entered the house and the same axe coolly I cut the mother.

Yury left two blood-stained bodies, closed the house and went with the girlfriend to Ochakov to have a rest. The girl with whom Yury had a rest, even didn't guess that her guy killed the native. For 3 days he considered the following actions. The guy made to himself an alibi: in the presence of the girl it imitated conversation with mother - as if mother is going to go to Nikolaev.On completion of rest Yury even went to Nikolaev to see mother, but the woman in the city didn't appear. The "concerned" son told the fairy tale to the girl and left home.

In 3 days of a heat corpses of mother and the sister started decaying. Yury started realizing the last part of the plan.

In a shed it dug out a hole in which I dumped corpses native at night and dug. I dug in "on conscience": at first I wrapped corpses in an oriental carpet, from above I wound with a polyethylene film, I dug, from above I laid wooden boards, I paved a silicate brick and I concreted. On peculiar "sarcophagus" from above I put old window frames. In garage where the corpse of the sister lay, there was a big bloody spot. Yury of the beginnings "worries" that his relatives were gone. All knew everything about it neighbors and almost already on the street, but Yury even didn't try will address in militia. In law enforcement agencies neighbors addressed.

Militiamen at once had a question - and why the gone relatives left the mobile phones at home, took with itself only passports. The father really had an alibi. And here the son told about the trip to Ochakov very nervously and uncertainly. For the second day after arrival of militia to Yury's house, the son gave confession. In the village nobody could understand how the guy without addictions and with positive reputation among fellow workers and fellows villager could such make. At present the murderer to be in a temporary detention center. For this double murder it is threatened by imprisonment by term of 15 years or a life imprisonment.


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