In Yavorov the Lvov area at city stadium between fans and football players of teams from villages Shklo and Nagachev, as a result of which ambulance of a visor of the goalkeeper of one of teams in hospital roughly discuss a fight.

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Yavorivtsa are indignant that a fight happened at stadium of a name of Evgeny Smuk still on August 24, during Independence Day celebration, but the militia allegedly still didn't take measures rather guilty, and the local government in general hushes up this fact.

As the eyewitness of these fights from yavorivsky RGA told, "the match began for 40 minutes later as couldn't decide on structure of both teams in any way. When the judge started distributing red cards, it angered fans, симпатики шкловчан and nagachevets fought so that several times there came the ambulance. The match after an extra time came to the end with the score 0:0, penalties beat when darkened. As it became clear that a victory for nagachevets - started beating their goalkeeper: simply from a field I took away the blood-stained football player fast".

The chief physician of the Yavorivsky area Theodor Korol confirmed information that physicians left on Yavorivsky stadium and that hospitalized one of football players, however assured that changes aren't found in the victim - only a bruise of soft parts.

At the same time the chief of Yavorivsky RV GU MVDA in the Lvov area Ruslan Domnitsak declared that in this case the bases for opening of criminal case aren't present, however some persons will be brought to administrative responsibility for hooligan actions.

Ruslan Domnitsak says that the militia still up to the end didn't investigate this case, however he personally reconsidered video filming of this football match at Yavorivsky stadium: "A terrible fight as about it tell, at stadium wasn't. There was a crush. As for the goalkeeper, "fast" I took away him to release. This citizen already gave evidences that him didn't beat, simply during a match on it the forward from team of rivals" incidentally flew.

It is interesting that a few years ago the Yavorivsky district court deprived of freedom (conditionally) for one year of one football fan: Yavorov's inhabitant during a football match jumped out in the field and beat the judge.


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