As the Poltava officials stole gas and to itself a living earned

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In 2006 to a position of the chairman of administration of the Poltava area, Antonyuk S. I. was appointed. This event didn't draw attention of the general public, and in vain …
The teacher of works at elementary school, at night informally earned additionally theft of gas condensate from Yablunevk's main pipeline - Seleshchina. Where repeatedly I was late employees of militia, but thanks to the high patron in regional administration and to the first Zama the prosecutor of Poltava region Kirichenko O. V., I came off clear.
The Nightingale Sergey, the fellow villager and the godfather Antonyuka is the high patron. The assistant and the right hand, according to the Nightingale, omnipotent Balogi. V. I.

As a rule, the criminals got not in the honest way money, or spend for restaurants and smart purchases, our hero was more cunning, he bought a position of head of the Poltava RDA, through the Nightingale - Balogu for 500 000 dollars …
The prosecutor of the Poltava area - the first deputy the prosecutor of Poltava region Kirichenko O. V. according to whom it becomes clear went the same way on top of public prosecutor's hierarchy also that he bought not only the first deputy General prosecutor Vinokurov S. M., and both deputies Kornyakova and Renat Kuzmin... And about the personal relations with Gen. prosecutor Medvedko, he is "modest", smiling, speaks: "I feed from a hand". Also is from what.
From the modest apartment No. 40 on st. The steppe front 9, in the city of Poltava, he moved, within a year in apartments No. 4 down the street Stanislavsky 10, down the street B. Khmelnytsky 12, quarter 16, on Chornovol St. 2B, kV 201, on Oktyabrskaya St. 50, kV, 257, down the street Artem 3, kV 2, on Artem St. 5, kV 52. in the reserved woods I "got" to myself more than 300 Hectares of the earth, I bought vehicle fleet: LS Lexus 600 hybrid, AMG Mercedes 550, Toyota Lend kruzer 200.
Having such patrons, Antonyuka, it isn't necessary to drill at night of a pipe, to carry scorched, after unsuccessful "inserts", "slaves" in the burn centers, to sell the stolen condensate, to divide money into all COMMON FUND.
Speak, scorched it buried some directly in the field …
It isn't necessary at school after unsuccessful night, to break a hand to the pupil of the sixth class who began to doubt in competence of the teacher of works. It isn't necessary to collect on 200 hryvnias from pupils on gifts and "school repair".
Now other times went.Everything it "night brothers" are laid under tribute, record to it on reception, through his wife Alla, costs 5 thousand dollars, it even on the smallest question, differently on reception even on the most trifling question simply you won't get.
We will explain, in the Poltava area very expensive earth, today, the price for a hundred part reaches 20 000 dollars. It was necessary to steal condensate flowing on a pipe, now money flow already in a pocket earlier.
In 2007 law enforcement agencies documented Antonyuk when receiving a bribe in especially large sizes, but at the request of the Nightingale and Kirichenko's assistance, they released it. The nightingale at once bought "a modest lodge" in the Dense forest to Voditsa, and Kirichenko of 182 sq.m. on the Khreshchatyk … Antonyuk is able to thank and not only,
on acting level just right to hand over it the Oscar.
In the morning next day, on the advice of "skilled" Kirichenko, Antonyuk writes the application in militia, that at night unknown broke into his house and "terribly" it beat. In hospital where he arrived, injuries in it didn't find. Sergey Ivanovich "found" them. There was a scratch - he asked to impose seams, a foot asked to put on plaster, - to reel up a bandage on the head. Doctors should make it, it was the central regional hospital which is in its direct submission. While our "patient" composed versions of incident, the deputy. The head Poltavskaya YEAH the Nightingale with might and main promoted this event in mass media, noise was made to all Ukraine - "Political punishment". So from the criminal, Antonyuk became a victim, and law enforcement agencies underwent persecutions for inability to solve a crime.
After that Antonyuk became untouchable, the militia, SBU, prosecutor's office, don't touch him, moreover - preserve. Impunity generates permissiveness and lawlessness …
At business the owner Masur W., Antonyuk for the earth on the route Kiev - Kharkov demanded 1.5 million dollars, that brought them to it, and the earth didn't receive. According to the deputy of regional council from communist party Syrik Igor scope of corruption actions of Antonyuk exceeded even the Kiev measures. It appears, Syrik too carried Antonyuka for the earth under residential district construction Levada 2, two million dollars.
How to you our teacher of work?
But not only Antonyuk extorts, he also selects. The BUKROS drilling company works at the market of Ukraine, and it has in the Poltava area a lot of earth.Antonyuk trained to raiding bases by means of the Nightingale, Kirichenko and the head of department of land resources Kalchenk, began attack to "BUKROS". By the way, Kalchenko got on public service with the 4th summer criminal record for failure to pay taxes in especially large sizes and abuse of official position as it managed it, nobody can understand. Ask Kirichenko, how many Kalchenko it costed.
"Букрос" officially I addressed in prosecutor's office of Poltava region and Poltava YEAH with the statement for extortion and raider actions from Antonyuk, the destiny of this statement thanks to the Nightingale, Kirichenko hung in mid-air. The earth of "BUKROSA" is on the route Kiev - Kharkov for which in anticipation of Euro 2012, large networks of supermarkets are ready to pay to Antonyuk millions.
Antonyuk offered an exit, for 15 million dollars it will give up, isn't present - will select.
Who in the power patronizes these bandits thanks to whom they so inconsiderately plunder people?
Whether there is force which will stop them?

Sergey Poltavsky, for "HORDES"


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