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So, veins to himself the boy Sasha lived. He lived in poverty, "not at business", even to the parents wasn't strongly necessary. But he to them then, in far 2001, will revenge for all the offenses … The heavy childhood affected and character of this boy. Then not less hard work at plant of medical preparations.

And here happiness привалило! Disorder of the USSR and complete outrage in Ukraine. And Loyfenfeld after the period traditional "buy - sell" establishes the bank. And a name to it - "Synthesis". And further vulgarly went. Also we build where it is impossible, and we seize the earth, where the people contra.

And there is at it in bank at the beginning of 2000 certain Tanya Shatskikh. The girl came to work as the economist. As there at them it turned out (at Tanya with Loyfenfeld) - One man's guess is as good as another's, but they started building a piramidka. Yes not simple, but monetary. As notorious "MMM". And that not one to stoop in this field, solved Tanechka and the mother to attract, Shatskikh Natalya Sergeevna, and that and the brothers blood vouchsafed. Also developed Shatskiye activity. At people, to money greedy or citizens, a life jammed, collected a money under high процентики in a month and by the capitalized principle of accumulation. Raspisochki poured on left and on the right. Explained that conduct the international purchase and sale of rare brands (philatelists as though). And here information filters - Loyfenfeld has the best collection of brands in Ukraine, and even in Europe. (Here after all what cunning boy, in the childhood started brands collecting that then, years to forty to take - and it is favorable to sell. ) And I didn't hide Shatsky N. S. that carries money in Sintez bank, transfers to the daughter, and that, in turn, hands over to the owner of bank, i.e. Loyfenfeld Alexander Yakovlevich (it is reflected in Tatyana Shatskikh's explanations in materials of criminal case No. 05-9719).

About 5 years worked so-so and "were covered" with someone else's money. And Tanechka successfully passed into other bank "Ukrainian Financial Group". And here in general the dark history happened to mother - it was dissolved on boundless open spaces of Ukraine, the daughter knows nothing, and Loyfenfeld in general at anything. But there was one victim (I suffered on their) Irina Krikunova (Hmaruk) and let's scribble statements in all regional police stations. Initiated proceedings criminal. Yes not simple, and according to Art. 190 ч.3 the Criminal code of Ukraine.But concerning gone Shatskikh. And it where? And there is no it anywhere! In Darnitsky militia it been missing, and in Obolonskaya - in search. And just imagine sort our valorous militia!

Also our young woman that Loyfenfeld isn't so simple starts finding out. Both in raiding is engaged, and illegal buildings (under the wing of the wife Rosalia Bondarskaya), the VAT illegally returns, in Cyprus contains offshorka, dirty money launders. Also the lady was surprised then - such to move and not to shun to the last to peel poverty moreover and to hide for someone's backs! ! ! Also it went then to be engaged in the investigation, as Ms. Marple of local flood. But it appeared, the farther in the wood, the more on its way became known people - politicians.

And the consequence - that was conducted. And the aunty the investigator already closely approached "body" of the banker. But there was that happened. But here suddenly there is a certain People's Deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov who gives to the State Office of Public Prosecutor inquiry regarding that militiamen "interfere in private life of the citizen Loyfenfeld". Itself Hooks type very muddy: "28 years, … the non-party, … at the time of elections the officially jobless. I worked … with a.predsedatel of the supervisory boards of Kiyevrekonstruktion construction company (the chairman of the board there his younger brother, the deputy of the Kiev City Council Leonid Kryuchkov) … a.zamestitel of the chairman Rovenskaya YEAH (February - July, 2005 now is, at the chairman Vasily Chervoniye), from this position it was dismissed after the scandal connected with receiving in "gift" of nearly 13 thousand. registered stocks of JSC Management of Construction of the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant, and initiation of the corresponding criminal case which destiny isn't known)". And the meticulous investigator discharged of business, knocked into the middle of next week for infringement of Loyfenfeld's private life, and finally slowed down business.

But Irina Hmaruk so didn't leave it. Also departed blue rock pigeons of the complaint to the highest instances of our almost independent and almost democratic country. Yes here it is strange … As soon as reached the management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor or General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev - everything was stopped.

But the truth has to triumph. And it "торжествнула"! There is our hero, "the person of year 2007 (interestingly, how many gave for this rank? " the trustee of Babi Yar has very much relatives and influential people in the State Office of Public Prosecutor (it not the obscure Victor Kudryavtsev holding a position of the deputy the General prosecutor) and Yarem V. G.(the head of a capital militia central board and in combination - the deputy of the City Council who together with Loyfenfeld "presses" on golosovatelny buttons). Yes, yes, mister Loyfenfeld passed according to SAC list in the City Council and continues to manage already under concrete cover the shady affairs. Especially "roof" that вооооон what. To Irina won't allow to leak. From this new information became frankly sad. Especially as to return Loyfenfeld owed considerable money - 2 and a half one million dollars.

In search of justice Irina went to the Secretariat of the President. And there also say that everything know, but here to help …. Go, speak, on reception to Pukshin Igor Gelyarovich. Our young woman went. But there was no meeting. Instead of one Pukshin already three assistants sat. Long decided that to do with corruption in the state, Kudryavtseva remembered our young woman, to Yarem, about thieves in law kept silent. Because the lawlessness already concerned everything that it was possible. Also "wise men" settled to ask for the help in SBU. As the young woman sharply expressed no confidence in all Ministry of Internal Affairs and its management especially. Despite violations by Prosecutor's office "The law on fight against corruption" (probably about it there don't know or simply overheard), prosecutor's office while decided to leave alone.

But the question one everything is rest doesn't give - really our valorous the SBU led by Nalivaychenko's Roller doesn't pay attention to chaos reigning in the country and obscurantism, corruption and "kryshevatelstvo".


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Committee on questions legislative

providing law-enforcement


To the People's Deputy of Ukraine,

to the head of Temporary commission of inquiry

To Vladimir Sivkovich

Krikunova Irina Viktorovna

Hodakovsky Dmitry Vasilyevich

Geroyev Dnepr St., 73, quarter 150

Kiev, 04214


Dear Vladimir Leonidovich!

Victims both from swindlers, and from law-enforcement bodies citizens of Ukraine address to you.

Recently very often in mass media episodes about a divergence or unauthorized actions of various structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, corruption and other negatives began to flash. Unfortunately, it so. The 2000 newspaper and its publications are right practically in everything! And we are one more witnesses (or guinea pigs) methods of maintaining and carrying out investigative (and it is real - the besposledstvennykh) actions. In fact complaints we explain the following:

Already over a year the consequence (and by and large - it is braked) on episodes of the fraud provided ч.3 by Art. 190 of KK of Ukraine lasts. Totally our business pulls today on nearly two (2) one million US dollars on a refund made a fool with percent. Where with statements we only didn't address. Initially it was the prosecutor's office of the Darnitsky area and the District Department of Internal Affairs of the Darnitsky area, i.e. in a residence of the swindler and as complaints in the place of residence of victims were made. Оболонь brought criminal case according to D. V. Hodakovsky's statement and I put in a table for long months. About it we learned only when started running with complaints. The prosecutor's office sent the collective statement to regional department and the leapfrog rushed. Where employees quickly - investigative department of the Darnitsky District Department of Internal Affairs only didn't send our statements and the additions - practically on all districts of the city of Kiev. The operative Skvira Vasily Aleksandrovich only under our "pressing" agreed to check (and often and I deceived us) information given by us. And in a consequence as it appeared, I destroyed or I hid from a further consequence materials of explanations of the persons, involved in frauds with money. To it, you see much that relatives of the swindler promised. On making explanations in the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev it almost by force tightened about what we were told by the deputy head of department of especially serious crimes Starchenko V.A. Poyavilsya Skvira V.A. only after a call to Teletsky. How to perceive it? But even its explanations were poor also the inveracious.

In total anything, but initially we pointed to communication with swindlers of CB Sintez and some high-ranking officials. However, whether surnames confused valorous militiamen, whether received the otkupny consequences for "braking". It was necessary to address to Lutsenko Yu.V. But also its department sends us only formal replies - everything is controlled and "costs on the account" in the ministry.

Today, (since April, 2006) an investigation team on this criminal case Valentina Nikolaevna, the investigator of department of especially dangerous crimes of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev heads Ravines. It is strongly effective is going to help nobody to us with it. Our business at it 7 (seven) months, and only the same applicants - victims are interrogated., saying that Loyfenfelda's bankers "forced the sister to get at people money" today, thanks to "work" "милициянтов" disappeared in the unknown direction... And how to us to be farther? ! ! ! From - for business tightenings (and it already from the moment of our first statement addressed to Yarema V. G. passed 13 (thirteen) months), the persons involved in these financial operations davny - destroyed long ago the main financially - documentary confirmations of work of Shatskikh Natalya Sergeevna (which is the direct recipient of a cash flow of the deceived citizens) in Sintez bank. It is clearly to us to become that further investigation will be tightened before the so-called beginning or the "limitation period" end. And the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to Kiev will put the fat end to it behind insufficiency of evidential data. However, thanks to our continuous complaints, criminal case was retrained with "upon …" on "in the relation …". And again unclear from Obolonskoye's what reasons for the District Department of Internal Affairs Shatskikh N. S. in search declares at the end of October, 2006. Though it is Darnitsky's prerogative (in the place of residence). "Being at war" with militia and their divergence (that is confirmed by answers to our complaints from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), Krikunova Irina Viktorovna and her minor daughter remained on the street and out-of-pocket existence as year with superfluous all forces were thrown on fight against law-enforcement bodies. It one brings up the daughter, 1991 and lives on the rental apartment. Hodakovsky Dmitry Vasilyevich, the pensioner, lost all practices on cooperation with Germany where he was the communications manager with Ukraine.

Shatskikh Natalya Sergeevna worked in CB Sintez in economic part. Now all deny it. Staff of Sintez bank was engaged in financial activity (like a pyramid) under a roof of the same bank. A lot of things in a year changed both in the management and in the structure of bank. Many persons involved in business were dismissed and documentation is destroyed. And who has to answer? Militia for 13! ! ! (thirteen) months I lost all possible contacts and presumable places of an otsizhivaniye of swindlers. From - for negligence of one, others simply don't want to be engaged in this business, despite the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The only investigator of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev Valy Wanda Bogdanovna was engaged in this business closely and understood as far as it everything is serious. But where it now? On a hospital bed! Starchenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich, deputy.the head of department of especially serious crimes all our requests and offers on improvement of conducting search answers with grins and swings the Constitution and Codes. But not to you to explain to us about the Constitution. What is such we saw in December, 2004!

Strikes also impudence, with which chief of the Darnitsky District Department of Internal Affairs Teletsky VA. in peak to the deputy minister Evdokimov V. N. reports that they everything is all right and have no violations though Evdokimov suggests otherwise. Who says lies? !

Dear Vladimir Leonidovich! It would be desirable to receive the detailed answer, whether we live in the legal state And if yes, this light at the end of the tunnel wants though with half an eye to see that. And God grant not to receive more "cheerful" answers from heads of law-enforcement bodies: "… all are led possible investigative and quickly - search actions … to a short time …". I don't know that such "short time" and than they are measured. I very well know one - in seven months that business is in the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev - on an iota the consequence didn't promote and the main witnesses to which in the explanations victims and relatives of the swindler pointed weren't interrogated.

Sorry, if our words where - that sound sharply, but believe, enrages from all this disgrace and a legal lawlessness. With pleasure waited for arrival to government of the sane person, defended the correctness against "pomeranchevykh" and that we see - Lutsenko and others both were, and remained. Corruption both was, and remained. And a graphic evidence to volume - Darnitskoye of the District Department of Internal Affairs of Kiev with its teletsky and squares. The state already once couldn't protect Krikunova I.V. and her daughter when the former spouse for nothing sold the apartment, and they were on street. And now everything repeats again, only under another aspect ….

Our complaints and indignations are documented. Practically in the form of photocopies we attach all formal replies and our complaints. We hope for your attentive participation in our problems and expectations.

With big respect,

On November 27, 2006 Krikunova I.V.

Hodakovsky D. V

(continuation follows)

Glasha Spiridonova, specially for "HORDES"


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