Vip-stealings: as from Yanukovych stole a jeep with Anti-terror system

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Source: Segodnya newspaper

Cars hijacked, steal and will steal, it, alas, an axiom. And all segments of the population because car thieves not only don't disdain a time and old "Zaporozhets" (if it is necessary for single commission of other crime because doesn't draw attention of GAI) suffer thus, but also is frequent "take away from a stall" supercars worth hundreds thousands dollars. And just the last recently steal more and more because it is more favorable, than to steal "cheap stuff on dismantling".

But our today's subject - so-called "VIP-stealings", that is cases when the car steal or select at people well-known, possessing money, glory and the power. As shows life, fondly to think that, for example, popularity and popularity among millions can serve as argument for several morons who have aimed at property of the favourite of public. It is enough to remember how coolly bandits threw out from only the bought jeep "Mercedes - a cube" the most famous writer - the satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky (the car as a result wasn't) as stole cars of the first vice-the prime minister Mykola Azarov and the singer Katya Buzhinskaya (cars returned).


Five years (since May 2003-го) in search the car stolen by assault in the center of Kiev on the Olympic champion in gymnastics, the Honoured Master of Sports Lilia Podkopayeva. It appears, the car, in principle is found (and efforts of victims), but before return to her owner, seemingly, while is far... Here that a few days ago exclusively for the spouse of the champion Timofey Nagorny told "Today".

- It was the jeep Volkswagen Touareg of black color, for that time one of the first such cars in Ukraine. It very much was pleasant to Lila therefore we decided to make by it a surprise and to present such car (according to our data, Timofey is over-modest and the gift proceeded personally from it. - Bus). Presented. We from Lille on this jeep went to the Crimea, did a bit of traveling across Kiev a little, and then it everything occurred. We even didn't manage to issue an insurance...

That evening of Lille went to the girlfriend to Kamenev Street, near prosecutor's office of Kiev region. I came, they sat, drank to tea... Already darkened.When Lille left, I didn't manage even to get into the car, only I started getting keys as to it three sports additions of Caucasians rushed. They terribly beat it, kicked even with feet, as a ball... She shouted them supposedly take away keys, money, jewelry... But their purpose it was probably obligatory to beat. And people, including men were near, but nobody interfered, didn't help... At Lilia the person, an internal (it was necessary to be treated in the USA, in France, in Ukraine) suffered. Who knows, than in general everything would come to an end if Lille by miracle I didn't escape and didn't drop in in an entrance. The door (on the coded lock) was open, here she was lucky. Lille I managed to slam it, and I heard a bit later - the car drives off. It is necessary to tell that all this happened some days prior to celebration of Day of Kiev, and that year (the first and while the only time) at the same time in the capital celebrated also Day of Donbass. As one of organizers and the leader of this holiday Lilia acted. The day before we were called by any types with threats, suggested a holiday of Donbass to cancel in Kiev, say, it isn't pleasant to certain big people. And if we don't cancel, supposedly there will be troubles... Frankly speaking, we consider to this day that attack on Lille could be connected with these threats. Nevertheless Lilia courageously spent a holiday, however, it was necessary to use services of the make-up artist from - for bruises. And then at once we departed to the USA to appease bleeding after a beating which our doctors, alas, couldn't stop.

FOUND. AND I POUND?But before we, certainly, submitted to Pecherskoye the District Department of the Interior the application, however, already understanding that the real investigation won't be, it will slow down "above". Therefore employed also private detectives, began to look for, and searches brought into Russia. We met there influential people, to us helped and the trace of the Tuareg was found in the Rostov region. There our detectives found those three the performers, beaten to Lille and hijacked the car. Detectives together with the representative of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine went there, with observance of formalities of suspects transferred to them, and they brought them to Donetsk where bandits by means of militia placed in an insulator. Lille I didn't want to see the offenders, I told that forgives them, and further let investigation authorities and vessels work. Themis and God to them the judge, but let will return the car. Lille even I went to Monastery, I put for their health of a candle. Her opinion: if these people raised on innocent a hand, it to them a boomerang will return, there are Acceptable laws.

But in a week of suspects... released. And us at all didn't invite, for example, to any investigative actions. As for the car, it too was found in the Rostov region. And local militiamen warned us that supposedly behind this history there are serious people, hinted that the car to us lawfully won't return if we want, it is necessary to work illegally, as thieves. But we didn't go to it, and achieved the letter from our GPU in GPU Russian Federation. From there - in the Rostov prosecutor's office. But, it appears, there are stronger "laws", than hand-written... We went to the Taganrog transport prosecutor's office (the car now there), identified the car absolutely precisely, on some scratches... Moreover, robbers even the certificate of the Olympic champion didn't find time to find Lilino, it rolled under a seat. The only thing, one figure it is interrupted on number of the engine and, certainly, on a jeep new documents are made. Now the Tuareg the third owns already allegedly the "conscientious" buyer. We have legal proceedings with it, it is process proceeds. (The buyer, in general - that, causes in us strong suspicions that is only next link in a criminal chain, at it we were hinted also by the Rostov militiamen). And we understood it therefore looked for thieves in Russia among a certain circle of people. The main thing, Russians told us: we don't advise to look for the customer of all this history, to you will be worse. But let know - the order came from Ukraine. We while agreed and took a position of observers... But are sure - "feet grow" from Ukraine, attack was made for political reasons, we guess who ordered... But proofs while aren't present.

LILY ON "TOYOTA".Lille now there goes by a sedan "Toyota - Kamri", bought right after attack. The SUV doesn't want, told that the history with jeeps for it is finished. Though it at a wheel from 18 years, went by any cars. And the Tuareg in Taganrog in a deplorable state, speak, already and wheels removed from it... Someone knurled on it some tens of thousands of kilometers (on hearings, it pleased to local militiamen while stood under arrest). And once it nearly didn't steal directly from prosecutor's office...


The following history "is well-known" for that, in - the first, hijacked the official car of very large official (Vladimir Kuratchenko at that time held a post of the first vice-a premiere of Ukraine), and, in - the second, by recognition of professionals, searches of "Mercedes-600" were the most system and populous for all history of stealings in independent Ukraine (by the way, and to this day). Looked for some weeks, and the special staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on "Mercedes" searches headed by the deputy minister on a consequence general Alexander Shtanko was created. Daily (!) passed staff meetings where heard reports of all involved chiefs at the level of deputy heads of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in areas and to them equal (and they already "sent" the subordinates). Tasks on search of any catches were set by all without exception to areas, but especially - boundary (were afraid of a car stage abroad) and to the Crimea.

One of the former active participants of those legendary searches, the well-known detective, wished to remain incognito tells:

- It was at the end of 90-x. The car (with specialcommunication) "left" according to the standard scheme. It, of course, "grazed", did in time the moment when the driver solved "пограчевать" (it is visible, swindlers knew behind it this weakness), I took the person, that ordered to go on District. There the second sat down, and suddenly they attacked on водилу and threw out it from a car ("Mercedes" differently, without key, it is impossible to steal). Well, the driver, having come to, of course, I declared in militia and began... Vskh put on ears, looked for over all country, according to the plan fulfilled each garage cooperative and so forth. But few weeks was deafly. Then ours the opera conceived a combination...

THERE ARE AT DETECTIVES METHODS!The most cool car thieves, of course, to operas were known. And here to one sat down on a tail, began "to graze" it. Noticed how it was attached for two ladies in a car and when those left, I opened their car, but I couldn't get. Then simply I took and I stole that there lay (in the face of oper observing it! ). Also I went to the garage. The opera reported a situation on the chief, that gave command to take - theft - that is available! And term too... During this time found I "suffered" (victims), they wrote applications so the thief without problems closed in a pre-trial detention center.

The chief of oper went meanwhile to one of city judges.Also asked supposedly help to find damned four wheels (the matter is that at each meeting of Cabinet of Ministers the Interior Minister Yury Kravchenko of that time sat near the victim vice-a premiere which each time asked maliciously - well, what, found my car? Isn't present? ! Eh, you, detectives … Kravchenko became hysterical and broke rage on subordinates, got to all). The judge became interested, say, than I can? The detective told it...

Through a couple of hours both arrived to a pre-trial detention center, to them "lifted" from the camera of that autothief. The detective also speaks to it: listen, we should find these four wheels, help, and then you will get penal for the theft minimum as soon as the law (professionals allows - the opera the thought always adhere that with criminals it is possible to agree only in the camera and only within the law, differently you will get to dependence on them). And the thief married recently, houses the young wife, each excess year behind a lattice as ten... In this room there was phone (so thought over in advance), the thief began to call one, another, the tenth... I asked to help with search of this "Mercedes". (Then the detective learned that accomplices became angry on the thief for these calls supposedly to cops I was on sale, and anything he wasn't told). But calls were interesting to operas (certainly, from the court sanction this number was taken on the wiretap and the address of subscribers were quickly calculated). So contacted one car thief whom suspected of this crime. Further - secrets оперработы, but soon the address where "Mercedes" was defended, was already at detectives. Today it is possible to tell is there was Belogorodka near Kiev.


The most resonant (but only among people devoted) car stealing happened recently in the spring of this year in Kiev. Then stole a jeep "Toyota Lend Kruizer" (so-called "hundred part") the silvery color, being a part of security ex-court ex-the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych. This stealing diligently disappeared militiamen (and politicians not too about it extended), however "Today" it was succeeded to find out some exclusive details.

Main of them consists at all in the car entered what protection, and in with what it was "stuffed". Knowing people prompted that there was a supersystem of muffling of any electronic signals. The informed circle concerning protection of high-ranking officials, confirmed to us that it is the truth.Also I explained that the system works in a radius up to 200 meters, and signals, for example, the bombs directed on blasting are suppressed even. For example, I told a source if such device equipped Pavel Lazarenko's car (at that time the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine) when on it attempt was made, the bomb under the roadbed hatch simply wouldn't blow up, the signal wouldn't reach a detonator. (However, I noticed in passing a source, it has big doubts concerning that attempt - whether there was it a performance... ).

Stole Lend Kruizer from usual parking on Anna Akhmatova Street. As we managed to learn, earlier the jeep stood on Lipki (Pechersk, in the same place it is located a staff - the apartment of Party of Regions), but that time the driver overtook the car closer to the house that in the morning early to leave and put on parking. And there just these days undertook to repair a fence (more true, to change a grid - the chain-link for something more essential). Removed some flights of the chain-link, but new yet didn't put. And "hole" tightened a usual tape which the militia uses for a crime scene cordon. About 3-4 mornings the parking lot security guard went to check, how there an order. Sees - the tape is torn. Why - that he didn't notice that отстутствует the jeep, and simply connected the tape ends (I decided, incorrect that tore incidentally) and went further... In the morning the driver came, looks - the jeep isn't present! Noise was made, there arrived militia, only then noticed that at the next car (there was a jeep Lexus-470) the forward panel is ruined. the conclusion arose: swindlers initially wanted to steal more expensive Lexus, but couldn't. Then took Kruizer, without suspecting, than he "is stuffed". This version of all arranged, on it stopped, a jeep from Yanukovych's protection look for still.

WORKED INTELLIGENCE SERVICES?But one of militiamen on the condition of anonymity told us absolutely other version in which professionals (the first, say, - for suckers) trust: jeep stole not incidentally because near "difficult" Lexus it appeared, and specially, perfectly knowing, whose it and that inside. (For an example - under the certificate of anonymous experts "Today", the equipment in Kruizere cost about 150 thousand dollars, and the jeep is twice less). Also stole not simply pilferers, and... staff of intelligence services, meaning, probably, and political goals (here it is possible to argue long, we while will lower it). This version is spoken well with that the jeep still didn't "emerge" anywhere, there is no slightest hint even that where - that overtook it or resold.After all right after the incident the administration fine strained detectives supposedly shake up an agency, попрессуйте "authorities", let рпасколются, it is necessary to find a jeep. Shook up, попрессовали, but result zero, and such, in case of a usual crime, practically doesn't happen. Detectives asked questions: to whom is this equipment necessary? Who can sell such car? The answer arises... So pros don't exclude that a jeep long ago at the bottom of any lake, and here the equipment - hardly. It is useful...


There arrived big big crew of the Kiev oper. At the same time asked that with them there was someone from the regional militia management because operation - that took place in their territory (there went the chief the REGIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME CONTROL DEPARTMENT). For attention derivation from the agency decided not to go at once to the address, and to pretend as if the place of a bullshit isn't known and there is simply planned working off of the territory. Therefore went from one village edge to another, getting all yards in a row. The purpose didn't hide, all were told the truth supposedly the such - that "Mercedes" is looked for, didn't see? And here approached to the necessary yard (it at once identified because the agent reported - behind a fence there is an old which has grown into the earth - the old Muscovite). Came, told the owner about the visit purpose, and that and speaks - yes, I have any "Mercedes" without registration number, recently strangers asked in rent an empty shed - garage for a month - another. Well supposedly I also handed over, and that, kopek not the superfluous... Also opens garage. And there shines that "Mercedes" (when found spare keys under a bumper and opened, in a luggage carrier rendered kabminovsky numbers) is delicious. And specialcommunication appeared on a place. But very much then the chief of the Kiev regional militia when the deputy reported on him on results was upset. After all there was a command to examine all yards in villages, and the district police officer reported that supposedly in Belogorodke everything is all right. And the general reported upward. And here such embarrassment...


We managed to learn that the stolen jeep entered the second, auxiliary echelon of protection of Yanukovych and wasn't always involved. The employee of private security firm was the driver there. Though Yanukovych as the former head of the government, to this day also employees of UGOU (sometimes officially preserve, however, and they went by this Kruizere). Such protection is put to also former speaker of BP, ex-to the public prosecutor, other high officials entering the special list, approved by the president. Validity period - year after addition by the protected person of the powers.But it can be prolonged by the special decree of the president also for a year, and for two... And here the ex-to presidents - for life. Usually vipa protect 6-8 people (exact quantity - secret).


(in 7 months 2008)

1.VAZ - 77

2.DAEWO - 25

3."Lexus" - 25

4."Mitsubishi" - 17

5."Skoda - Octavia" - 15

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Alexander Korchinsky


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