Kiev advertizing: Mayors in assortment

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Approach of elections defines everyone on - to the. Someone diligently beats off from annoying sources of leaflets. Someone with pleasure visits the concerts put on a stream in the open air. Someone is accustomed in time to disconnect a TV sound. But the simplest way - to notice the persons smiling from posters. "Outdoor advertizing" everywhere. And from it you won't hide …

Ubiquitous "outdoor advertizing"

Outdoor advertizing - the phenomenon familiar everyone. Once you go outside, and the look will - bondage stumbles if not about a billboard, about an extension over the carriageway, or will be hooked if not for roadside лайтбокс, is exact - for the large-size panel strengthened on a wall of the next building. Use "outdoor advertizing" widely and often: it on - to the is effective (especially in realization of reminding function to glorify idea and goods due to exclusive use of poster capacities - it is almost impossible), on - to the is effective (at least at the expense of the sizes), and the main thing - at the expense of repetition frequency not bad eats in human consciousness. However, shortcomings at this method of promoting suffice something. In - the first, "outdoor advertizing" demands long and repeated contact with potential target audience. In - the second, it - the extremely unreliable means of propaganda from the point of view of not only ideological, but also elementary physical durability. There is nothing more simply, than to break a leaflet from the stand, and even to pour paint over a billboard nevertheless less difficult, than to persuade to clean the management of TV channel from air a roller of the competitor. And, at last, - external advertizing in that its part, which billboards and лайтбоксы - pleasure, to put it mildly, not from cheap.

At all the shortcomings "outdoor advertizing" was and will be an indispensable element of competently planned advertizing campaign. To goods, services, shops, to producers from it the mass of advantage. But there is a sphere where "mass character of advantage" is called into question - political advertizing. According to the results of research given in one of the theorist - practical works of the media expert Andrey Kulish, external advertizing - the extremely ineffective method of propaganda. During, perhaps, most memorable pre-election race - presidential election of 2004 - to voters set, except other, 2 questions:"what method of obtaining information is most available to you and at the same time - is most convincing? " and "what method of propaganda most of all irritates you? ". In both ratings "outdoor advertizing" got places of honor: in the first case the last, in the second - the first. Here also it turns out that useful billboards and posters considered 5 percent of the interrogated voters, and is persuasive - irritating - 53. But thus campaign headquarters with enviable stubbornness continue to master visually - a propaganda virgin soil. Elections of the mayor of Kiev of a sample of 2008 - not an exception.

Billboards on the Ukrainian elections abuse long ago. But in 2004 competition of color combinations on streets turned into more fascinating, than even pre-election debate, a show. Just since then to give short weight cities and towns posters with logos of parties or light faces of candidates became the rule of a good form. Effectively, inefficiently - the difference isn't present. The quantity of billboards with on - fatherlike smiling faces is and a factor of a reminder on (you look, there is such candidate), and a method of intimidation of competitors (you look how there is a lot of us and what budgets at us). As the most justified methods of promotion traditionally reckon not advertizing a body - both radio performances and personal contact let not with "Itself", so at least with well trained propagandist - "poleviky". But external advertizing in many respects corresponds to a wish: the main thing that it was large-scale and beautiful.

In mayors - through the poster

The Kiev elections-2008 please a look. If usually "outdoor advertizing" impresses with the specific variety, in May 2008 starts seeming that about a third of posters - advertizing спермаркетов / shopping centers, a third more - production which leads to lung cancer or at the excessive use is hazardous to health, and the last third - pre-election promotion by the word and the picture. And in separate places (for example, on bridges) the agitprop occupies at first sight at least a half of advertizing spaces.

In its "external" part it is possible to count as specifics of present election campaign already almost traditional disorder and swayings of two approaches. One advertize the personality, others - idea (the political block, the program promise, simply beautiful slogan). From advertizing of the personality not to leave - nevertheless it is elementary way to remind of the candidate. But it is the most effective only in that case, when a face of the applicant for a mayor position - the engine of its political force.Fairly it, first of all, for Leonid Chernovetsky, Vitaly Klitschko and Nikolay Katernichuk's blocks or "National self-defense" Yury Lutsenko. And that - with reservations: Katerinchuk - the politician not most untwisted for the mass viewer, and Chernovetsky's photo in advertizing not too abuse.

The second way - to advertize first of all party (or their set). That in passing voters are expected also by elections in Kiyevsovet, is more competent approach. After all one becomes the mayor only, and the number of fractions is limited only to the electorate imagination. Here also it turns out that is, first of all Blok of Litvin, and at it - Victor Pilipishin, the Party of Regions promises "To help and protect", and it will be promoted in it by Vasily Gorbal, BYuT - ahead of the capital of everything, and Oleksandr Turchynov - "their" candidate. As to follow approach "both ours, and yours" it is difficult (though, for example, Alexander Omelchenko's nominal block very much tries), it would be more perspective to advertize nevertheless political forces. Especially as posters with party symbolics (if it managed to untwist previously) nevertheless more difficult to confuse among themselves. With "front" billboards the situation is more difficult.

The small tragedy of external political advertizing on the Ukrainian open spaces - it fantastically template. Posters are similar at each other even on imposition: Nikolay Katernichuk and Yury Lutsenko's billboards though differ flowers, persons and the text, but kompozitsionno - twin brothers from one agency. Slogans usually appoint trivial phrases which can be written on a propaganda surface of any subject of pre-election process - "ноу - by Hau" Blok Klitschko "Choose the future" everything if the formulation wasn't so hackneyed in tens campaigns could adopt safely. Innovative solutions as regards illustrative part shake imagination: the face/torso / the generation plan of the candidate (one piece), a number of Party members with the leader with edge (at the head) or in the middle (five pieces - a tribute to the first "list" five, not differently), the candidate (one piece) and citizens of different type (in assortment) - so looks the vast majority of parapolitical billboards.

Certainly, the content can be diversified, and workers of campaign headquarters try to do it. To standard "portrait" it is necessary to add a highlight (for example, to give Katerinchuka in hands tools) - and it can play new paints or at least will detain a look of the potential recipient.It is possible to be limited only to the person (Vasily Gorbal - and will suffice details) or simply bright phrase ("Inhabitants of Kiev - first of all"), and there is a chance that advertizing won't cause too furious rejection in the end user. At last, it is possible to master new styles: "KGGA guarantees (set up what you would like)" is, of course, only the embedded advertizing of times of a ban on official propaganda but though from other samples of a genre differs … But also and "creative producers", and "traditionalists" can be overzealous in the diligence. And, respectively, the "highlights" pleasing the attentive viewer, it is possible to find almost on "every first" poster.

Clever/honest/strong for a capital hail - first of all

To discuss pluses and minuses of each sample agitatsionno - propaganda production is that immense, to embrace which not in power even to skilled grandmothers - the gossips sitting at entrances. But it is possible to manage to pay attention to the brightest features even during one trip through a city third/a half.

The first, on what is evident - domination on posters of nice man's faces. Here ahead of a planet of all - Klitschko's Block. That no wonder - for this political force the identity of the leader - the main wealth. Here also pursues Vitaly Vladimirovich's benevolent look from billboards, tags and a panel on houses. With an unostentatious reminder on what mayor is necessary to Kiev. By the way, message change about requirements is very entertaining. Originally Klitschko entered the market with the slogan "The Strong Mayor Is Necessary to Kiev". Public which appreciates in policy of the boxer, воприняла the message favourably, and here at unsportsmanlike part of audience arose a natural question: why the mayor has to be strong. Voila, in few weeks on streets there was an updated version: "The honest mayor is necessary to Kiev" - with it you won't argue.

Doesn't argue, but on - to the Oleksandr Turchynov opposes Vitaly Klitschko. His face in a set with the slogan "The Clever Mayor Is Necessary to Kiev" sometimes (thanks to someone's sense of humour? ) settles down at once after advertizing of the candidate - the boxer. But it only part externally - an advertizing campaign, usually Alexander Valentinovich "prefers" to be combined with faces of colleagues on the block or at least with Yulia Timoshenko's photo - probably, so more reliable it turns out.

One more fan of the person on posters is Nikolay Katerinchuk. And in its case - variations are possible.Either a smart portrait, or a number of touching photos, it seems - with a shovel and against a sapling. Chances the mayor at Nikolay Dmitriyevich to become insignificant, but propaganda emphasis is placed on appearance of the candidate. The reason here is - a certain part of audience reacts with a bang: "And that, so prominent man, beautiful …". The question only in, whether will suffice efforts of this part of audience for worthy result of vote.

Innovative approach in peak of the developed tendency Yury Lutsenko caused a stir. Not so long ago on capital streets there were billboards: "Is strong, clever, beautiful … And there are interests of inhabitants of Kiev". The idea is good - to play against advertizing of rivals let and not the most worthy way, but will well mobilize "anti-advertizing" electorate. One only "but" - with such slogan Yury Vitalyevich risks to become object of the appendix to effort of sharp fellows. Very much the phrase reminds of the comical monkey who in any way couldn't will be defined, it with clever or with beautiful …

Advertizing all of that Yury Lutsenko - an example of attempt of introduction in mass consciousness of a set of big and beautiful words. "The law and justice" - the legal and fair requirement which, unfortunately, isn't really combined with the Ukrainian reality. Guilty to look for long but as it is a question of advertizing of the Minister of Internal Affairs - the recipient of advertizing can go on the way of the smallest resistance.

Bright phrases abuse and in a staff of Party of Regions. But it is almost corporate style, since "We will make your life better already today". Here and now "regionals" at least "will help and will protect". From the same category - the general slogan of campaign of Blok of Litvin. "Inhabitants of Kiev first of all" - and the voter has to be impressed with spirit of humanity. It will be impressed if doesn't remember the classical formulation from George Orwell: "All animals are equal, but …" inhabitants of Kiev first of all … Easy segregation on the national soil gives from the advertizing IN "Freedom" ("To a capital hail - the Ukrainian power") and the representative of the Ukrainian party Mikhail Ratushny ("To the Ukrainian capital - the Ukrainian power". But while the champion by definition of "rating" there are leaflets of "klichkovets":" Vitaly Klitschko - the real inhabitant of Kiev who knows the whole world". It was necessary to organize only the commission, by definition "настоящести" other candidates, and show would leave very fascinating.

Except persons and words in repertoire of outdoor political advertizing there are affairs. Though the emphasis on them meets much less often.One promise as will be, others (first of all Alexander Omelchenko's colleagues) remind as was … But in the most advantageous position here all - Leonid Chernovetsky who as an advertizing message can use the next (and not only its personal) capital development plans. And at the same time "KGGA guarantees …" on billboards and the laytboksakh (tapes - extensions less modest, there already "Blok of Leonid Chernovetsky guarantees …") desired object for an illustration of one of the main shortcomings of external advertizing. The advertizing carrier it is possible or it is simple to spoil, or to spoil "with sense", and "pro-mayor" propaganda constantly isn't lucky: that simply "thief" will write", elaborately will stick thematic stickers - amendments about "deribena" of the earth or destruction of cultural objects …

Whatever was external advertizing on quality, from quantity it not to get to anywhere. And let it the least effective, but all should face it. It is possible to ignore the TV, "to communicate" with leaflets exclusively to the first ballot box and right there to send everything to a refuse chute that materialized in a mailbox. But not to go outside and not to go around the city - it is the extremely difficult. For ten kilometers it is possible to estimate practically all range of advertizing efforts of staffs of potential town governors. And therefore it would be quite good if advertizing did more cheerful and more qualitative. It is necessary to behold something in jams while some tens future mayors assure that with might and main solve transport problems.


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