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- For the sake of curiosity take an interest, how many the Nikolaev tour operators work today for reception of clients? What scope of excursions they offer? If you manage it, will see that all their attempts "to entertain the people" are vain. There is nothing to show in the city … well, the fleet museum … well, a zoo … Vereshchagin's museum … Everything, nothing more. Visitors stupidly carry "to take a steam bath" in Koblevo, Rybakovka, on the Black Sea spit … Wait a little, I now will return.

We talk to the director scientifically - the research center "Lukomorye", the head of archeological excavations of the ancient settlement "Wild garden" Kirill GORBENKO. Near us the group of students of department of history of university of V. Sukhomlinsky smooths out a bottom of the ancient room. Excavation comes to an end. Archeologists should solve a problem of preservation of a monument and creation of a full-fledged museum exposition.

Works are continued 16 years. The settlement is dated an era of late bronze, its approximate age makes 3200 years. "The wild garden" - the age-mate of Troy also is more senior than Olviya approximately for the half-millennia.
In the territory of Nikolaev it is known of this ancient settlement long ago. The director of our historian - the archaeological museum Feodosiy KAMINSKY who designated monument borders in 1927 was his first researcher. Then the known Kiev archeologist Lazar SLAVIN worked at the settlement, further excavation was carried out by Yury GREBENNIKOV. Today expedition Kirill directs, he possesses a creation initiative on a place of "A wild garden" stationary archaeological museum.
Good safety of ancient dwellings, temples and defensive works allows to carry out reconstruction, музеефицировать certain quarters and a general view of the city.
According to archeologists, it there was an ancient trade port and the earliest craft center in Northern Black Sea Coast. Dating of a monument suggests that it is while the only thing not only in Ukraine, but also on all former Soviet Union.
Expedition dug already out 60% of all territory of the ancient settlement. Similar settlements are investigated usually decades, but "The wild garden" is dug out practically all the year round with a break on two - three winter months therefore works are already close to end.The most part of the studied area of a monument will depart to the customer who finances expedition. To a zone of building don't get a citadel - the strengthened center of the ancient city, defensive works and part Posada. These objects it is supposed музеефицировать and to make available to all nikolayevets and city visitors. Today's technologies allow to preserve similar constructions various potash mixes.
At the end of April of this year deputies of the City Council already tried to give east part of a citadel for construction of the 16-floor house to Leonid PODOLSKY, but the prosecutor's office imposed a protest on the solution of session since coordination of branch of the land plot was carried out with rough violations of the law. The solution of a question "removed" for indefinite time.
Meanwhile, the builder, having shown good will, I agreed to finance construction of the archaeological museum and to pay preservation of ancient constructions on which it is planned to create a zone of an excursion route. Until the end of August all project documentation of future museum will be already ready. The last word again for deputies …
- In Odessa on Primorsk the boulevard the ancient settlement which on scales and the territory much less "A wild garden", - Kirill Gorbenko returned from students is dug out and continued conversation. - Gurvits at once, without any conditions agreed to help музеефицировать object. He understands that it is impossible to be scattered by such monuments.
- The legislation in Ukraine doesn't provide creation of the private archaeological museum. How you are going to overcome this legal obstacle?
- In - the first, the museum will be not absolutely private. We consulted to Institute of archeology of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and to Institute of protection of monuments and cultural - historical heritage. They explained to us how it is possible competently to issue everything.
- How?
- Very simply. The City Council rents to the builder this earth without the right to change target (museum) purpose of the territory, and all finds, exhibits of future museum exposition, are in state property. So no legal collision here arises.
- How many finds you can expose in future museum exposition?
- Today we can present to one thousand exhibits to show-windows of future museum. From them about five hundred are completely presentable, that is aren't damaged by time. These are well remained pottery, instruments of labor, products from bronze.These are the whole axes, bone psaliya (fragments of a horse harness), zernoterka, cult subjects and many other things that can give a complete idea to modern people of economic activity, commercial relations and spiritual life of the ancient population of the Wild garden.
Believe me, this tourist route will include at once Nikolaev in the European tourist orbit and, most likely, in the world. If you remember, Shliman dug Troy-5 and Troy-6 (archaeological designation of ancient layers of the settlement - a bus). At us here Troy-7. There are same arfostatny layings of the bases and walls of the rooms, similar ceramics and products from bronze. Already today foreigners show a great interest to the Wild garden and when there will be a full-fledged museum, normal funds and archive, many researchers will go and to Asia Minor, and to us to the periphery to have a complete idea of this archaeological culture. Troy - rather untwisted brand to need additional advertizing. Here look, - gets from the folder the booklet of any travel company of that local tour operators offer clients. - Sightseeing tours: "A dynasty Arkasov in the history of edge", "An old necropolis of the city", "Criminal Nikolaev" and "the Town "Fairy tale". There will arrive to us the Spaniard, the Frenchman or the American specially to visit the town "Fairy tale"?
- Certainly, it is ship "Disneylend" …
- Here - here. Or someone will be dragged from Greece to wander on an old cemetery? From archaeological monuments only Olviya, but it already later, posthomeric time today is interesting.
- And what, except Olviya, in area there are no archaeological monuments?
- As objects for excursion routes - No. You know that the dug-out archaeological monument is a monument destroyed. It remains in drawings, photos and finds. Except Olviya, we have no normally muzeefitsirovanny archeology. With archaeological monuments in area today in general big grief …
- That is?
- At us today on the security account about five thousand various monuments consist on all areas. These are barrows, settlements, ancient parking, soil necropolises and ancient settlements. However archaeological investigation is carried out to areas not completely. We know nothing about many monuments. Therefore when the land plot is allocated for somebody, we have to leave on a place and survey it regarding existence or lack of archaeological artifacts.This examination is obligatory, and the otvodchik pays departure of the archeologist for the law into place. At us it doesn't occur for the banal reason …
- On what?
- The head of department of protection of monuments Sergey Vitalyevich IVANOV who now sits where - that in office on Skorokhodov Street at the colleague of ZhURMIYa. It distributes permissions to otvodchik, without resorting to archaeological examination.
- Wait, it has for a long time no right to sign the expert opinion without you.
- Has no, but signs. It simply stamps these conclusions on the copier and all. From time to time we lift scandal, and then to us send future users of the earth. This year we managed to find two unknown settlements, and how many monuments we didn't find, how many their Ivanov gave to otvodchik?. Thanks to such officials, all of us will appear on other party of tourism soon, and "Criminal Nikolaev" becomes the most popular excursion.
- We won't be about sad. How you estimate today prospect of creation of the new archaeological museum in the city? How many money is required on everything about everything?
- Prospect … I don't know. While 50 on 50. By September the project of the museum and all territory of future excursion route with adjacent infrastructure will be completely ready. However deputies can refuse to us easily. It is favorable to lobby museum construction to nobody. There is a wish to hope for the best. I don't think that all City Council lives momentary interests. There are a lot of normal people.
How many it is necessary money?. The exact estimate while is unknown. The builder agreed to give on construction of the building and preservation of a citadel of 5 million hryvnias. Whether this money will suffice? I don't know. Again it is necessary to hope for the help of patrons and a city community.


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