Chief "forest warden" of Nikolayevshchina the deputy - the regional Palamaryuk protects poachers, - ecologists - public men

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Today, on September 5, the main office has forest management and hunting economy in the Nikolaev area representatives of public council to an environmental protection State administration in the Nikolaev area, public committee on rescue of the Kinburnsky braid "Kinburn - SOS", the Young Guard organization and Indigo charity foundation carried out protest action against actions of the head of regional management лесохотхоза Pyotr Palamaryuk. Namely: management violates own order on hunting which hunting for Biyenkov the plavnyakh which are a reserved zone, is forbidden.

According to the director of RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" Zinoviy Petrovich, on August 30-31 the chief of the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy (to the word - the deputy of regional council from Party of Regions, the secretary of the constant deputy commission on ecology) P. Palamaryuk and the director of GP "Ochakov Forestry" V. Turovsky under the guise of regulation of number of animals self-willedally, contrary to the Law of Ukraine "About fauna", without coordination with bodies of the Ministry of surrounding environment opened hunting for waterfowl in Biyenkov' reserved zone more smoothly. Within two days they directed on hunting in Biyenkovye плавни about 30 people who made more than 1 thousand shots therefore more than 300 birds were killed.

Moreover, the carried-out random inspection of 17 persons who got 53 birds, elicited the facts of shooting of rare species of birds. For example, S. Yu. Romanov shot two баранцов big (this bird is entered in the MSOP Red list) and a heron - квак (it isn't a hunting look), and A.V.Bessherstny got галагаза (on it hunting is forbidden). Besides, excess of norm of shooting of ducks was revealed also.Thus that for day of hunting it is allowed to get 5 ducks, V. A. Rudenko got 14 ducks, O.V.Shinkaruk and O. G. Ivanov - on 10. And permissions to hunting were given out to citizens of O.I.Kibalko and O.I.Siletsky without documents on the hunting weapon. The head of RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" stated all these facts in letters which were sent to the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment, nature protection prosecutor's office.

For this reason ecologists - the public men who have come for picket, expressed a consensus: the forestry "protects" poachers and is the main wrecker in the Nikolaev area.

The member of Public council at an environmental protection State administration in the Nikolaev area Antonina Galkina also that the head of regional management of forest and hunting economy P. Palamaryuk withdrew the signature under coordination of the project of National park "Kinburnsky braid" to withdraw Biyenkova плавни from reserve structure reasoned the point of view. Probably, on Biyenkova плавни at forestry big plans as the next year, A. Galkina informed, allocation of 500 thousand UAH is planned for necessary biotechnical actions which management of forest and hunting economy very much wants to catch and master.

And as a whole in relation to Kinburn ecologists - public men are very dissatisfied with a forestry position. This summer representatives of forestry started raising contributions from vacationers and actually turned Kinburn into Koblevo's similarity or Ochakovo. However, and without ecologists - public men P. Palamaryuka is what to remember, after all under his sensitive management for 49 years the Odessa firm was given koblevsky beaches.

For this reason ecologists - public men demand resignation of P. Palamaryuk of whom, by the way, intend to complain and in the regional organization of Party of Regions. "Such person dishonors also PR fraction in a regional council, and party", - Antonina Galkina is sure.


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