The Organized Crime Control Department has to be destroyed 2

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was during this time paid

In total - the Organized Crime Control Department is coolly. Recently here I turned on incidentally the TV and I learned that this valorous organization detained in Yalta the whole 28 criminal authorities. Which as any ubopovets reported, gathered on celebration of birthday of known "thief in law" "Lera". However, then in a plot there was any neponyatka. As the ubopovets told, all detainees released, and "Lera" fined 120 hryvnias. I so understand that to prepare and carry out "operation" on detention of criminal authorities, the Organized Crime Control Department involved not less than 70, and even hundred people. To which the salary was during this time paid. "Falcon" to whom the salary too was paid was used. Motor transport and, respectively, gasoline was used. Very much approximately, but spent not less "piece". "Greens". And as a result received - 120 hryvnias. I didn't understand anything. Non-profitable business. Well isn't present to me as the taxpayer of sense to invest money if it so works in the Organized Crime Control Department. Or it was purely "prevention"? As far as we know to the author - results she didn't reach. Citizens present on birthday among whom, by the way, there were women and children, from an event took out only one impression: The Organized Crime Control Department is very strange organization which uses illegal actions.

Then the message on this operation appeared in mass media. We quote:

"In Yalta detained 28 criminal authorities"

In Yalta detained 28 criminal authorities, reports NTN TV channel.

Such information published in ГУБОПе. There reported that 28 thieves in law gathered in restaurant on celebration of birthday of the known Sumy figure by nickname Ler who stayed more than 20-ти years behind a lattice.

However the high-profile case strange ended: detainees simply released.

"Also there was information that there can be some thieves in law who are in the international wanted list. In this regard the decision on carrying out actions on detention of participants of this meeting, and also on establishment of persons who can be in the international wanted list" was made, - the deputy head of management GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Eduard Svintsitsky told. "

Aha, it appears, all this circus was started to find certain thieves in law who are in the international wanted list. Those didn't find - it is investigative, "operation" failed. And I, respectively, have one more question: really such highly intellectual organization as the Organized Crime Control Department can't define prior to power operation, whether there are on action interesting their persons? It turns out that isn't present. Because if the Organized Crime Control Department knew, what on birthday of "Lera" of persons searched by the Interpol isn't present, probably, wouldn't began to carry out "a mask - show"? Or in the Organized Crime Control Department everything is valid so badly and this organization can get information only by means of a raid? In general, so I also didn't understand for the sake of what the Organized Crime Control Department on birthdays gads. Can do it so unclear self-praise? When you don't know than to be engaged and on what to report on the administration, you start birthdays calling "сходняками" and it is stupid "to disperse" them? But and usual "pepeesnik" coped with it. However, this only lyrical introduction.

A month ago, in article "The Organized Crime Control Department Has to Be Destroyed" ( we wrote about destiny Odessa "looking behind prisons" Konstantin Timoshkin whom the unknown presented by workers the Organized Crime Control Department, stole on the minibus of "Falcon", and then some hours brutally beat and scoffed in any thrown cellar, demanding that Timoshkin agreed to cooperate with militia. Unknown removed all procedure of tortures and violations on a video camera and promised Timoshkina to dispatch this record by his acquaintance, and also on prisons of Ukraine in case it disagrees to cooperate. Timoshkin disagreed. And, literally during 2-x weeks video was dispatched to Timoshkin's relatives and on mobile phones of many prisoners. Videos by the text were accompanied: "Timokhe not a place among friends". Sent video even to Timoshkin's minor daughter, from - for what the girl still should be treated.

As a result of a beating to Timoshkin still is in a serious condition, at him the hand dries out. Konstantin doesn't exclude that will try to finish him soon.However, "Timokh" I don't intend to leave silently. It is clear that he will try to revenge. And there is a main issue - to a lump?

In the first part of our material we assumed that "Timokhu" was kidnapped by police officers for the purpose of recruitment. However, considering level of corruption of our militiamen, we had serious doubts about that it there was "recruitment". For free of charge modern "cops" of the such won't do. Respectively, it is a question or of the order which executed сотрудникик militias. Or that someone "worked under cops". That the militia is involved in this history, that kidnapped Timoshkin on the car of "Falcon" testifies. And here who tortured - authentically difficult to tell it. Probably, it were the "cops" executing someone's order. Probably, it were people from a certain criminal structure, "working under militia".

Considering this hypothesis, it is worth dwelling on present "the Odessa deal".

We already wrote that Odessa "legalist" Antimos Kukhilava "Antimos" had recently many problems with colleagues on the criminal world. In May of this year "next" was killed "Antimosa" - Tengiz Karchava "looking" across the Western Ukraine, "Antimos's" right hand. Shortly before it the Organized Crime Control Department detained "Antimos" and even tried to turn out it out of borders of Ukraine on the basis of allegedly illegally obtained nationality. It is quite probable that "Antimos's" this detention the Organized Crime Control Department was part of the order for it from certain interested persons. At least, "Antimos" soon returned to Ukraine and any criminal cases against it wasn't brought. After Tengiz Karchava's death one of the people next to "Antimos" there was Konstantin Timoshkin. It is quite probable that the people, wishing to displace "Antimos" decided to strike blow to "Timokhe" for a start. Who these "people"?

According to our data, "Caucasians" who are represented by "Antimos", recently all oppose criminal authorities of Zaporozhye Vladimir Fedorenko ("Frenchman"), Sergey Nozdrin ("Nostril"), and also Dnepropetrovsk "authority" Sergey Svodin ("Svodik") more actively. We will remind that "Nostril" in due time I was late militiamen on suspicion in murder of Kiev "authority" of Valery Pryshchik ("Spot") it was however released in the absence of proofs. "Frenchman", "Nostril" and "Svodik" already repeatedly stated claims to "Timokhe" concerning allegedly incorrectly spent "common fund". The compromise and устр was idea of this Trinity


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