Supermarket of the second freshness: supermarket counter from within

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We - that we eat" - this truth sang still ancient brahmen, after them medieval gastronomic esthetes picked up it. And today's "poets from cookery" with them, I think, too will agree. And it is valid, what we eat if to reflect? The answer is obvious: that we will buy, we will eat. Having aimed to find out, as in what look offer us today's shops, the correspondent went to a grocery campaign. And not with a string-bag, and with firm intention to work. And to look at a supermarket counter on the other hand, from within. Hard in the doctrine …

It was simple to choose to itself a new place of work. Every day after just works for hlebushky, behind candies to tea or meat on cutlets - where? Correctly, in the next supermarket. There - that I also went.

Having come to shop (known network, the house-keeper - a class), I began to pull the girl on cash desk:
- At you on a door the announcement hangs …

- What such announcement? And - and - and, you type the newcomer, whether that? Well, stamp in a utility room then, there администраторшу look.

Shy I am interested where a utility room, - the girl waves a hand where - that in the hall end.

Behind polyethylene doors it is noisy, damp and smells as something such stale and stale. I look - and the truth, in carts the whole boxes the torn packings of the sausages, the burst cartons of milk roll. Probably, marriage.

In distant кабинетике I find the full curly lady. Employment process begins.

- You will take the seller? I saw, to you are necessary …

- Experience is? - the lady strictly looks at me. At once it is visible - the administration.

- No … But I study quickly.

- Well. Sellers on a freezing, in groceries and sausage department are necessary to us. You without difference where to put, all the same you are able nothing. Come tomorrow where - нибудь we will fasten.Only footwear closed put on or slippers with itself bring. Everything, give.

But I have to the new employer a mass of questions:

- And documents? And policlinic? And salary how many? And schedule?

The lady chops off stop short:

- What documents? What salary? At first постажируешься, and then we will issue.

Unintelligibly I peep:

- And to doctors it is necessary to me, I heard, the book demand …

I receive the answer accurate and unambiguous: the medical book is necessary to normal, full-fledged workers, instead of trainees - "makeweights". And I - that was lost in day-dreams …

Sausage turns, turns...

So, my first working day. I approach to a black entrance to a little shop strictly in due time - at 9.00.

With the manager on duty Elena we go to a utility room, there I am given out a form - trousers and a shirt.

According to the standard to me it is put also a cap, but available they aren't present: all are occupied. Lena advises as - нибудь to take away hair - to comb or drive in. "That in goods didn't pour, and that you never know - check what or general". I dress a uniform and I come to a conclusion that the clothes for all trade enterprises are sewed by any very talented couturier - from a mirror at me watches small tolstopuzy something.

- Nothing, normally, not you come to a podium. So, where you … Hmm … And is that you love?

- Well yogurts, sweet there, fish … - I became puzzled.

- Then you will go to sausage. That on a workplace goods not to guzzle it, and that are here figures, - Lena explains.

The collective decision me send to a service to sellers of sausage department: to smiling Aygul and cheerful, bright Daw. The working day begins with the goods calculation. The shop round-the-clock, but usually a pokupatelepotok fades since five mornings to a half of the tenth. For half an hour after arrival it is necessary to manage to change all goods for work. The range at us - simply gloss. After a night shift there were unattractive mountains of sausages, lonely long loafs of sausage and "жопки" for which here so swear.

- Well here, - Galya grumbles, - again left, that them … Well where here I will put this servelatny tail? On figs they cut it? Remained half-sticks, it was necessary it and to sell … Eh, I dried up already … All right, we will let in cutting, we will clean, dry we will cut off, will go.

Unfaltering hand Galya starts up a cervelat tail (it - "жопка") under a knife. From stale even by sight the servelatny rest equal slices turn out quite decent by sight.Put on a tray, turned in a film - here to you and cutting on 120 rubles for packing.

- It is so necessary to do always, - skilled Aygul edifies, - if something after a night shift remained not really fresh and it is visible that you won't sell so, it is necessary to cut. Under plastic looks well, and buy normally.

Audit of a counter proceeds. I today bring - give therefore I stand in a pose of a letter G and it is diligent, one to another, I spread sausages from the refrigerator. Fir-tree that it was beautiful. And here I notice that on hunting sausages (I, by the way, before gently favourite) formed any suspicious whitish raid. And they smell as - that not really. I call Galya. That solved a problem in no time. Having inspected affected sausage products, I pointed a finger under a counter. There is a bottle of ordinary sunflower oil. Galya gives out me a working glove, like in what at a kitchen garden work, and orders:

- Give wipe everything, the mold will descend.

- And it that, they rotten, whether that? Them is - that is possible?

- Normal they. So, with a raid slightly - slightly. You will rub with oil, turn out as newcomers. Well give, work. Only under a counter that buyers didn't see.

As, it appears, the problem of a trade dress is simply solved! And it is valid, - expensively to look at Ljubo's sausages, as if just from combine. The reanimated goods go on a show-window - to wait for the buyer. In the same type of gourmets the second week the salmon the light-salted lumpy - under oil waits. As the Daw speaks, "that shone as fresh".

Plastic fartuchka

Most of all in shops are afraid of check and the director general. I understood it already in the works first half an hour. The administrator Lena came running to us with protruding eyes and ordered all to put on aprons and gloves.

- Speak, today the director of a network of points rides, - intimate whisper she explained. - Probably, and to us will come. So a dress code number of times - a front door. Hey, Vorobyova, do up hair! - it it already to me. - Extensively stick out!

Under way correcting a peak, I run in a utility room behind disposable aprons. Usually here nobody carries them - what for? As the Daw philosophically noticed, in marriage all want, and a piece of plastic "only hides a figure". In gloves hands sweat. I try to give a hint at any rules of trade, like that that sausage barehanded can't be taken - suddenly that? And it is pleasant to whom to eat a zalapanny long loaf then.On me look as at the dangerous psychopath.

- Well so put on that you sit? - Galya became angry - Give, give! Go serve! - nods on elderly couple at a show-window. With a sigh and a smile on duty I go to scales. In gloves really hot.

While my curators left to smoke, I go to look at a fish counter. In total grandly - it is noble: herring under a plenochka in a brine, a sprat, though a little bit rusty, but too it is accurate in a tray. Nearby capacities with weight salads from sea cabbage settled down. Personally I them am I can't in general therefore they look for me a priori unappetizingly, but here the look was absolutely gadenky. I ask come back of a smoking-room Aygul a question:

- Salad already strange any … Perhaps to move away him, new to put, to us already two buckets brought today.
- Well you, for a month will suffice these buckets to us, - Aygul calms. - This it is simple to prevent it is necessary. It from above in a night dried up a little bit, it anything. And that let lies, it badly take.

For my thirst for high ideals of trade me banished to a pristenka - to refrigerating shelves along a hall where in our sector crabsticks lie, salads and ham - a neck in vacuum packings. To sort the fresh crab meat, four carts with a hill. Brought also new price tags. How to treat them, me too taught.

For example, under one meat one bumazhechka is stuck. And same meat of a new supply still half-carts, and price tag in addition. Strictly following the instruction of skilled sellers, I put old packings in the forefront, so to speak, and I put fresh goods back. Then I change the price tag. All knowledge of this action to me was explained by Sveta from dairy department:

- Price tags print each time when goods bring, so you the old price tag throw out, and new put. If who too captious considers price tags, will see today's date and will calm down. And goods, which old, luggage forward: will quicker take away, and that a period of storage - that not eternal.

Until the end of the working day of the trainee - till 18.00 - I spread packings of crab meat, mussels in wine sauce and other sea reptiles. In an hour the marriage box - which accumulated almost - where cellophane where - that the brine flowed out is torn. I am afraid that is inhabitants of depths I will be never …

The seller on trust

The real flow of buyers begins every morning hours with ten - eleven. Housewives and mothers with kids fill all shop. And I am not a wizard, I only study.Buyers should wait "Doctor's" for minutes on fifteen. Surprisingly, vast majority of clients resignedly wait while I will deal with a product code, I will give the necessary quantity of sausages - sausages. And here one subwalking сарделина managed - to jump out of my tenacious embraces on a dirty floor. Eyes of the comely young woman extend, with horror I wait for scandal. The workmate Galka once again saves situation - dexterously grabs the fugitive a tail and sends … back to a show-window, and on scales throws another. The young woman it is calmed sighs - it will get a dirty sausage not. In our department, it appears, the principle too works - quickly lifted it isn't considered fallen.

In general, the closer I meet our buyers, the more they strike me. Recently razvesely children, having seen as I suffer with the servelatny skin, persistently not wishing to get down, advised: "And you it, girl, teeth! It will quickly get down! " There is a feeling that to people all on a drum. Sausage fell? Well the so main - that in my package didn't put. Without gloves seller? And let it pass, he after all has to wash hands. But expectations of buyers are met, to put it mildly, not always.

Striking example of a consumer indifference. Before going to work with "kolbaser", I burned a hand, on a finger there was a wound, small, but quite noticeable. The plaster came unstuck directly in the middle of the working day. I am interested at little girls, where the next pharmaceutical booth.

- To stick a finger, and that is bad as - that …

- Hurts? - compassionate Aygul is interested. - You want, let's fill in with iodine.

- You are afraid to fasten from sausage of an infection? - the Daw laughs. - It's nothing, not бзди. And that client? Well will see and will see to whom doesn't happen. I to itself last time about a sliser (a disk for sausage cutting. - "MK") so slashed a hand, blood nearly the fountain. Anything, bandage I rolled up and normally I fulfilled change.

All right, I think, I will look at reaction of people. Someone made the remark? Any! Absolutely quietly observed how I the burned hand without glove cut sausage. One aunt even advised to put a plantain for the night - will quicker descend. This fact finished me.Neither AIDS, nor syphilis, I have no hepatitis, but it is known by me, and the buyer - that doesn't know! All hope - on the conscientious employer who, at my medical book without having given a hint at all, put me for a counter? The most interesting, what this indifference in the modern Russian consumer quietly gets on with sincere misunderstanding - where we manage - to pick up infections that?

Will die - we will write off

The next working day is started from the goods calculation over again. Now this responsible business entrusted me as to employee who has already passed training. Workmates tell how it is necessary to write off unusable goods. Read - what you won't push already any ways. Such at us it appeared not so much, however, as always, it is possible to find something that it is possible to bring into a digestible look. As same sausages or fish.

After careful survey of a counter something according to the fulfilled scheme goes to cutting, and here on two long loafs of boiled Amateur sausage terribly to look not that is. I go to the commodity researcher and I show result of inspection - both sticks already almost completely dried. It is necessary to write off, I speak. She shrugs shoulders:

- So, it won't go for return, already late, to cut off the dry - anybody so won't buy … Means, here that. While two long loafs these leave, it seems as yet absolutely terrible, put upward, maybe, all - will take. And if isn't present, let in the refrigerator will lie, absolutely will die - then we will write off.

The order of the administration understood - it is accepted - both horrible bars go on a show-window. Apparently, "to die" as the commodity researcher was expressed.

At this time the Daw and Aygul discuss the latest news: From "milk" the buyer flowers drags the second day Lenke, администраторша waits on a visit general, and just that "that troublemaker" ran.

I am interested at workmates - that for scandal? The daw willingly shares impressions. It appears, one week prior to my revenues to work in shop "any madam" with the statement that poisoned with the sausage bought here came running. As proof of the correctness it brought the rest of that to it sold as Doctor's sausage the manual are viscous.

- As will shout: "You look at it, smell, it is a nightmare! " - Galya tells. - And who knows it, maybe, it it specially on a balcony kept days, that money стрясти from shop? So the commodity researcher also told it.So that in general didn't die nearly really here, promised to go to Rospotrebnadzor, shows any references from doctors. Generally, to it, from a sin far away, returned money for sausage also a stick fresh for inconveniences presented. I calmed down, and today again I came, now I bought cheese. Feels my heart, again will come running with references soon.

I am interested at colleagues on a counter, whether to them (probably, already to us) such troublemakers often run. It appears, infrequently, but happens. As - that with the man with complaints to kefir, too it seems the overdue came a month ago. You will think, the Daw speaks, it was necessary to look one packing more attentively. The seller was troubled: try these boxes поворочать from nine mornings to ten evenings! Here you will forget the name, not that expiration dates.

Goods of "the second freshness" as at the Bulgakov bartender, the law on trade, of course, don't keep within. But about boxes I, perhaps, will agree with Galya: from a song of the word you won't throw out. Couple of hours having worked on an apportion of ill-fated crabsticks, personally it was very difficult to me to be unbent - the back hoots, as after a good country workday. Still, by the way, hurts.

While ladies stir on abstract subjects, I go to serve buyers. "Tea", "Children's", "Appetizing", boiled pork, brisket, salted pork fat … The last client asks to make cutting of a cervelat. Obediently I go to a sliser, in passing reflecting, how many beginning sellers by inexperience left there the fingers. I still am afraid to cut off something superfluous. Sausage is ready to the use, is soldered in a film and given in a charge of the hungry individual. Here I notice that on an edge of this infernal car something hung …

I examine hands - thank God, everything is all right. On an edge of everything is navsy lonely I settled down servelatny "жопка". The trifle, and looks inaccurately, I think, it is necessary to clean. On closer examination it appears that all two-edged disk became covered by a crust and any suspicious spots. Didn't wash it, probably, weeks two. But, as I am told by Aygul, come to clean and wash a sliser strictly every week. But isn't more often. I offer - can, wipe? And again I cause the whole storm of bewilderment:

- Why to you? To be engaged there is nothing, whether that? It sharp!

On my shy remarks that it not only sharp, but also terribly dirty, the Daw almost twists a finger at a temple:
- On Friday the person will come, will wash. And you don't climb. It doesn't belong to your duties? Here also work quietly, it is less than trouble.

Now it becomes clear, from where in our sausage department such huge crowds of flies. Is where to be fed up.

Taught life and knowledge of trade I go to a pristenka - once again to place the canned food which has bored already and salads in places. M - yes, with my thirst for purity and enthusiastic belief in ideals of the consumer world such work obviously not my bag.

Only it is unclear: where I will buy products now?


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