Two scandals with smack of a crime

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Our "cosmopolitans" whom hardly pushed out from Western Europe, didn't "give up" the dishonest addictions. Already in Kiev fight for land "schemes". As these schemes - already perfectly inzvestno to the Spanish law enforcement agencies look. So, for what money build housing estates in the capital?

In the capital of Ukraine for a long time to surprise nobody with construction of fashionable housing estates. Advertizing invites to make investments and nouveau riches, and just arisen middle class, promising what exactly that or this complex the most special, and enclosed - is frequent even before completion of construction - means well won't be gone in any way. However, a number of scandals with capital builders, especially after the epic with "Elite - the Center", set thinking.

Here and now in capital Kiev, practically in the territory of historical Pushkin park build the inhabited residential district. With the same name, as park - a housing estate "Pushkin's Park". Its second name - Cosmopolitan.

It is known that Alexander Sergeyevich was the fair cosmopolitan. The poet of impressions in different lands liked to travel, be gathered. He liked to happen and in Kiev. But, is given, the housing estate is obliged by such name to homebrew, unfortunate cosmopolitans. Which compare separate parts of a housing estate (in its advertizing) to London, Paris, Berlin or to Barcelona … Probably, because, that already never there will get - simply because to them won't issue the visa. And if give out - that can not let out. However, we will tell about builders of a complex one after another.

As the builder of Cosmopolitan certain JSC Tsentrbudinvest acts. His founders - a certain Kolmakov V. M., Polyakov S. V., Harchenko O. I. and Yaskovets V. L. On two last, perhaps, it is worth dwelling. After all Vladimir Yaskovets and Oleg Harchenko are better known the general public as persons involved in land scandals. Only not here, and is closer to the above Barcelona.

Spanish trace

In 2005 Spain was shaken by the scandals connected with a mafia. Mafia русско - Ukrainian (or Post-Soviet, perhaps).Then the Spanish gendarmerie (which there call Home guards) carried out special operation "Red marble" in three provinces (Almeria, Tarragona and Barcelona). Identification of a network of structures which were engaged in an otmyvka of means of a mafia through investments into residential real estate in the Spanish resorts - not less than on 100 million euros was the purpose of operation. Scandal was quite in detail shined in the Spanish press.

During operation were "baker's dozen" of schemers is arrested: 9 Spaniards, one Russian citizen and three citizens Ukrainian, including Oleg Harchenko and Vladimir Yaskovets. "The ideological inspirer" groups called Mikhail Medvedev, a sort from Kyrgyzstan, registered in Moscow and dealing in Ukraine. In warrants on arrest it was directly indicated communication of detainees with criminal business and their relations in a format of criminal group. As for Spaniards, them accused that they "helped citizens of Ukraine and Russia to invest the laundered money in real estate on the resort Mediterranean coast of Spain".

On the Spanish coast over 50 new built apartments were confiscated from group in the province Tarragona, and also 4-stars hotel on 400 numbers in the town Vera (in Almeria). Also significant amount of antiques, over ten cars of the class "luxury", cash is confiscated … Judicial embargo was imposed on 30 firms which took part in operations on an otmyvka of means. And in banks of Spain, and also such offshore jurisdictions as Belize, Antilles, Bahama and the Virgin Islands more than 60 accounts which belonged to persons under investigation were arrested. As a result about 170 accounts were frozen.

Krivorozhsky capitals

The scheme, according to the Spanish law enforcement agencies, worked as follows. Money from Ukraine, received (most likely, not in quite lawful ways) transferred to accounts of offshore firms. Then means transferred to accounts of credit institutions in the Netherlands and in Andorra. From there in the form of "credits" of means went to Spain. And already there they were put in real estate - in construction of hotels on the coast of Tarragona and Almeria. Well, and money from real estate sale again concentrated on offshore accounts. However, despite such global scale of schemers, the group local law enforcement agencies passed under the working name "krivorozhsky group". The name accurately indicated an origin of the capitals brought then out of Ukraine to Spain the main place:Krivoi Rog.

On Vladimir Yaskovts pointed as to "the right hand" Leonid Woolf who quite often visited to Spain, having created in Tarragona firm on real estate trade (to Lot Ametlla, Sociedad Limitada). He created the company at Antonio Alonso's (Antonio Alonso) office, the owner of the local football club Reus Deportivo, being responsible for the Spanish party of the project on scrolling of means through operations with real estate.

For Woolf, once Ukrainian citizen, and since 1997 - Israeli, the huge loop of various crimes lasts … As a result, it nevertheless went to prison, but Israeli - Asharon. Leonid Woolf was well-known Vadim Shulman's partner in the Dnepropetrovsk regions. Together they were engaged in metal export, including from "Krivorozhstal", through Eurocommodities firm in common created on the island Nevis. However, with more cool krivorozhsky bandits of steam Woolf - Shulman didn't cope. Shulman was attached to Privat group, well and Woolf was engaged in affairs foreign. And, it is possible, soon, year through two when it will go out of the Israeli prison, will renew the activity.

Woolf's experience proves: how many to a string not to curl, and as a result all daring affairs come to an end. So the result of Post-Soviet group in Spain was quite natural: Mikhail Medvedev detained in Barcelona, and Vladimir Yaskovts and Oleg Harchenko - in Tarragona. Such result of the Spanish Home Guards (Guardia Civil) so inspired the Spanish prime minister José Zapatero (José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero) that he not only congratulated guardsmen on successful operation, but also characterized their actions as "an example of professionalism", promoting "to a celebration of the law and confirmed honor of Spain". Here so, neither it is more, nor it is less …

The investigation was begun in 1999. Then the Spanish law enforcement agencies paid attention to inflow of considerable means from Ukraine by any suspicious schemes. Approximately at the same time law enforcement agencies of Andorra adjoining to Spain and through which means were transported, began the corresponding operation "Kiev Connection".

Then, having understood that in dismantlings with krivorozhsky mobsters (Gorpinichami's brothers) it isn't necessary to count on a victorious outcome, Leonid Woolf gave an order to the of representatives to find quiet harbor for an investment of the sewed capitals.They found the suitable partner in Spain - Antonio Alonso, the businessman who was engaged in construction business and construction materials (exactly from there was a word "marble" in the name of special operation of Home Guards). Then, in April 1999-го, in the Spanish press there were messages that the multimillion investment of the Ukrainian investors in a "green" zone can break addiction went to the coast of Tarragona in view of protests of locals though earlier local authorities gave a green light to construction of 80 mansions with an outlet to the sea (here from where at Yaskovts and Harchenko to build up "green" zones, also as well as in the Kiev Pushkin park).

Scandal tried to extinguish, on a press - conferences together with the Ukrainian representatives Antonio Alonso acted. The press, however, wasn't appeased. The El Punt newspaper claimed, local "the mayor flatly refuses that he favored to the Ukrainian investors" as there were statements that Ukrainians bribed local government, in particular, one their firms led two contributions to the city hall. To extinguish scandal, the Ukrainian investors, together with signor Alonso, positive image is urgently created - the contribution to local office of the organization "Red Cross" and … in the football club Reus Deportivo controlled by Alonso becomes.

And in 2000 Alonso arrives to Ukraine where it is accompanied by the Ukrainian partners, first of all Yaskovts. Generally, contacts were come into, business went. According to data of investigation on operation "Red Marble" materials, the group enclosed in real estate on the Spanish coast from 100 to 120 million euros. I constructed, at least, three hotels two of which were sold as though to the Netherlands company, also with doubtful reputation, and the third, (on 400 numbers in Vera) was arrested by Aparthotel Reina during the investigation.

By the way, Alonso helped the Ukrainian accomplices to come into contacts in the next Andorra through which the laundered money to Spain was redirected. Also Ukrainian accomplices were given various help on ensuring residence permit in Spain and documents on movement in the European Union countries.

Anyway, got all. However, market approach in the Spanish judicial system promoted not too long stay of arrested in the Spanish torture chambers. In 2006 the Russian and Ukrainian suspects were released - after quite good pledge was paid for them.For Medvedev brought 300 thousand euros, as much for Yaskovts, and 400 thousand euros for Harchenko.

Cosmopolitans on "Electric device"

Having taken off head over heels from Western Europe, our cosmopolitans didn't begin to despond. Having returned to Kiev, they continued business which not bad own - scrolling of money through projects with real estate. Both Vladimir Leonidovich Yaskovets, and Oleg Ivanovich Harchenko are noticeable that are cofounders of a number of the Kiev firms working with projects in real estate: JSC Pushkin City (Degtyarevskaya St., 21), JSC Housing Investment Group, JSC Svit Gotel Group and JSC Fininvestbud (all three - on Bagovutovskaya St., 8/10), and also JSC Tsentrobudinvest (st. of Gorky, 125-and) and some other. As often cofounders in them partners in zhilkompleks "Pushkin's Park" - Vitaly Kolmakov and Sergey Polyakov (though formally as the customer certain JSC Transportnik acts) act.

By the way, at under construction inhabited комлекса "Pushkin's Park" the center of sales is located (Cosmopolitan) at Glybochitskaya St. address, 17. For those who doesn't know is where the nice capital plant "Elektropribor" ("Elektroprilad") once worked for "defence industry". Now from plant a little that remained. However Vladimir Yaskovets is closely connected with plant. In - the first, as the minority shareholder. So, according to official figures State commissions on securities and stock market, since December 2001 at Vladimir Yaskovts 12,753% of actions of "Electric device" (and his wife Elena Yurevna has 8,554%) were concentrated.

Now for "Electric device" there is a fight. Its essence that new shareholders of plant found out that from it was removed by the former management of assets worth 470 million hryvnias. Premises of plant were sold at the non-market prices by being chairman of the board of "Electric device" Yury Kislyakovsky - Vladimir Yaskovts's father-in-law.

Two open companies - "Reltiinvestgroup" and "Business - the standard" became the main buyers of property of "Electric device". The founder in the first is Yury Kislyakovsky's granddaughter and Vladimir Yaskovts Yuli's daughter, a studenka of prestigious KIMO - capital higher education institution for "gilded youth". It is interesting that at the time of creation of "the" firm it hardly reached majority.

Other cofounders of this firm - members of former board of the plant, closely connected with Yu. Kislyakovsky. And as for JSC Business-standart, his director is Kislyakovsky's former personal driver - Alexander Kovalchuk. But not one.Also among founders - Vladimir Yaskovets and his partner in building in Pushkin park Sergey Polyakov. Well, and family bonds have an effect - Yaskovts's partner in business is not only his wife and at the same time Kislyakovsky's daughter, but also the son of the former chairman of the board of plant - Dmitry Yuryevich Kislyakovsky who (together with Sergey Brynzak, one of the former heads of the "Electric device", close to Yury Kislyakovsky) the Impulse, Ltd. is the cofounder of a certain firm ". " - by the way, together with V. Yaskovts and O. Harchenko.

Kiev conflict

And what new owners of JSC Elektropribor? Having learned a real situation at plant, since fall of 2007, they tried to hold meeting of shareholders of this joint-stock company. However, the former management of plant, realizing that to it will have to bear responsibility for the committed economic crimes, in every possible way with it interfered. But nevertheless, on February 7, 2008 shareholders managed to hold meeting at which the new structure of board was elected. Its new chairman Mikhail Efimenko promised to shareholders to return the assets of the plant which have been sold out at the underestimated cost by the previous management led by Yu. Kislyakovsky.

And on March 24, on the basis of resolutions of Economic court of Kiev of March 20 within trials, Department of the public executive service of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev property of Business — the Standard and Reltiinvestgroup firms it was seized. In a word, all as in Spain - if not one "but". On performance of the law in Ukraine very many, alas, got used to spit simply.

Here and the father-in-law Yaskovtsa, the former chairman of the board of "Electric device" Yury Kislyakovsky employed Yury Korol's known for the raider captures in Kiev and area the criminal group. Quite recently, on March 31, 2008, this organized group made attempt to seize the enterprise. However, attempt was broken - thanks to expeditious arrival of police officers.

Unfortunately, during attempt of capture the new chairman of the board Mikhail Efimenko who from - for it got to hospital was hard injured. But, fortunately, besides law enforcement agencies, worked not bad and representatives of "fourth estate" - mass media. So, thanks to shooting of TV reporters from the ICTV TV channel, attacking Mikhail Efimenko were identified. Moreover, some of them are already detained by militia. Among them it was also ex-the champion of Ukraine on free-style wrestling Vyacheslav Glumenkov.According to information in the mass media, the detained participants of group of Yury Korol already admitted that capture of "Electric device" and attack on the chairman of the board were inspired by Yury Kislyakovsky. Now the part of the attacking is in custody, and other part - for the present in search.

Instead of the conclusion

Certainly, such collision could be avoided if the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs would cooperate with "Interpol" and the West European colleagues more densely, and information about the Spanish frauds with Vladimir Yaskovts's real estate would arrive at once in development (to be fair it should be noted that the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine became interested in due time in the Spanish scandal, but business, most likely, became dusty in archives).

Why the clan Yaskovtsov - Kislyakovskikh for "Electric device" so strongly fights? Really business only in fight for tenants of real estate of plant? The answer, is given, is very simple. Plant site - after all it is on the Hem. Here here отгрохать housing estate! Is where to be developed is not the earth at the Pushkin park, limited from all directions. Especially as this district becomes more and more fashionable - on Glybochitskaya shopping centers open, nearby already there are prestigious housing estates - the same "Vozdvizhenka".

So leaves that our "cosmopolitans" whom hardly pushed out from Western Europe, didn't "give up" the addictions. Fight for land "schemes". As these schemes - perfectly inzvestno to the Spanish law enforcement agencies look. It is necessary to hope that in Ukraine appropriate authorities will give a due assessment of activity of domestic "cosmopolitans" - the same as it was in Spain. Well, and to buyers of apartments in the housing estates which are built up such grief - investors, nevertheless it is worth knowing whom they contact. Especially as according to the law "About Protection of the Rights of Consumers" they have on this full authority.


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