As the pack of swindlers steals housing. Part 1

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Source: "Shout"

Apartment: "Time, two, three... it is spent on drink! "

The housing problem not only removed from "the developed socialism" to free Ukraine, but also became aggravated. It became much more difficult to receive housing at a present situation in the country, and opportunity to lose already available apartment every year to become everything more real and not only for pensioners and lonely people, but also for any family.

What to do when the apartment select boldly? How to secure itself against an arbitrariness? Unfortunately, ready recipes aren't present. In twelve years of independence we didn't manage to reconsider and correct the laws regulating questions of seizing and an order of transition of the property rights to it. Not simple it is a question, and not so everything is clear and clear as to begin with it seems.

The postulate on that the organization - force, the certain person against it - anything, remained, visibly or invisibly, in our laws and practice to this day. The organizations trust: it has press, staff, authority, and the person - who is he such? Yes a little they will go with claims? Let doesn't catch crows!

Naturally, in words we don't tell it but when business will reach, the certain person remains in private with the troubles, in particular with housing problem. When at the person illegally select the apartment, quite often violated rights are restored (with enormous work), and quite often and isn't present.

As - that the neighbor Eduard Mozgovoy approached to the inhabitant of Kiev, the pensioner Vladimir Shaporenko and asked to lodge temporarily in his apartment Filonenko's family. It for Vladimir Makarovich was very opportunely. So it happened that his children got own families, left the parental house, the wife died, and it remained one with the problems.

That as - that to change a situation, Shaporenko decided to go for the whole summer to the village, and supervision behind its three-room apartment was necessary as the breath of life.

He agreed on the proposal of the neighbor as didn't doubt his decency.Eduard paid in four months of accommodation of his relative Svetlana Filonenko in Shaporenk's apartment. As it is good, "sprayed" the agreement, and Vladimir Makarovich transferred to the neighbor keys - on that and left.

Thus the lease contract of housing wasn't formed. "Why such formalities in relation to the neighbor, still will take offense", - I solved Shaporenko.

As - that Eduard came to him with future lodger. Then the neighbor why - that, I showed it Shaporenko's apartment, praising highly an arrangement of rooms, a balcony and new furniture though about apartment rent then didn't speak. Vladimir Makarovich didn't attach it significance, and in vain - he was convinced of it in a month when arrived to look, whether houses all as it should be.

In the apartment there was a full order, purity and a cosiness, but the lodger played an innocence scene. She told that doesn't know any Shaporenko, and at all didn't let him to the apartment. "Eduard Mozgovoy was the owner, it leased the housing to the lodger who left, and I bought this apartment together with furniture, the refrigerator, ware and other utensils - here documents! " - and Svetlana Filonenko stuck to Vladimir Makarovich under a nose a pack of papers.

Shaporenko didn't begin to read them especially as without points I saw nothing. Having hung the head, Vladimir Makarovich looked at the Chinese dressing gown of the new hostess of the apartment and was silent. Bright flowers of a dressing gown blurred before his eyes. It lost a speech power. His all thoughts were mixed.

Seconds thirty pensioner couldn't think in any way that happened and where he. Filonenko with astonishment looked at the little, puny elderly man who, obviously, mixed the address, such happens. Vladimir Makarovich started recovering. "What is it? the Dream, nonsense why he here never lived? " - I couldn't understand Shaporenko. Something is wrong. Passed only some minutes, and it seemed to the pensioner that he costs and so in perplexity the whole eternity.

- Postoyte, постойте! - suddenly Filonenko addressed to it, - after all you here lodged it at Eduard when I to it came to examine the apartment which was going to buy? What you owner? Vladimir Makarovich was silent, he couldn't collect the thoughts where - that at the level of subconsciousness reached it that him deceived, and who - the neighbor with whom it is familiar for a long time and which never brought it.

Thin, its undersized figure became even less, it as - that grew thin at once, grew old even more: "Where now I will live? What will I tell children? To whom do I am necessary in this world without housing? " Shaporenko lost at once everything:the apartment, situation and rest on for the rest of the life. The neighbor of the house didn't appear, and in general, Eduard started avoiding Vladimir Makarovich.

Also circulations in militia, prosecutor's office, courts began. It is difficult to prove something if you have no neither provisions in society, nor money, communications.

While, as they say, court yes business, at night when Filonenko wasn't at home, the pensioner got through a balcony of apartment once belonging to it, replaced locks, забаррика - дировался and decided to battle for housing up to the end: "Into the apartment will come over my dead body! " - he declared.

Instead of weak-willed Svetlana Filonenko there were three kind molodets who loved people and didn't suffer blood. The pensioner politely took "under white handles" and as politely kicked downstairs: "Go to itself good luck the kind person, the world to you on this earth, don't get any more into others apartments", - told it at parting. Even more Vladimir Makarovich "ran" on instances, swindlers weren't idle also.

With their help the apartment started selling: Filonenko - to Mikhalevich, Mikhalevich - to Topchy, Topchy - the Titmouse (exchanged), the Titmouse - Miyusu, Miyus - the Caique, the Caique - Kolomiytsu... Crazy it is possible to go, isn't that so?

The investigation begun with big delay, couldn't deal with the whole chain of conscientious buyers of housing in any way - them there were eight and sixteen brokers and the brokers who were honestly helping one - to sell, and - to buy another the "doubtful" apartment, each time receiving a solid bribe for services.

Two of conscientious purchasers appeared inhabitants of Russia, they after the transaction left to themselves home (and can be, they at all didn't come, them simply couldn't find), responsible for all this commotion Brain ran away. The situation it seems and simple, through clear, here only to return the apartment it appeared it is impossible - criminal case "hanged" for many years. It was necessary to untwist a chain upside-down and as to make it if all buyers conscientious - from them bribes are smooth and to find them not so simply.

Meanwhile Shaporenko's three-room apartment again put up for sale. "Misters! Hurry to acquire housing in Kiev! Cheap, almost for nothing! ! ! "

As the beginning all this disgrace was served by the counterfeit power of attorney on the right of sale of housing on behalf of Shaporenko, his son and the daughter Laws at us, allow to sell on behalf of the owner of housing real estate according to doubtful documents, and it will sell even if "from the sky stones" will fly.

Restoring already lost human rights on housing, we, figuratively speaking "cut tails". To make so that these rights it was impossible to violate, even on condition of an oversight from the owner of housing, today we can't. Therefore - that questions of an illegal taking also don't descend from press pages housing.

Many call 10 thousand victims from infringement of property rights in a year, and even it is more. I for the last "and even am more" which makes some tens of thousands of violations of the housing rights, possession of the land plots, dachas, cars and other expensive property.

In some cases victims don't address anywhere, especially lonely pensioners, disabled people, isn't made - noletny. They also are object of close attention of swindlers. Swindlers and other citizens don't forget.

Scope of roguish actions with housing such is that nobody is insured from that once, having come home, to see in the apartment of new owners to whom you not only didn't sell housing, but never and didn't see them. Strangely enough, it will be hard for you to seize the apartment.

The pensioner Nikolay Metelya in due time more than a month was in Chernobyl from what often I was ill, and "friends" advised it to drink gradually to remove radiation - and then health as if by magic, by itself will return to it. It is necessary to tell that as Metelya the inhabitant of Kiev and veins one, his apartment seemed to these "friends", the most suitable place for the accelerated process of removal of radiation. On such business of the wishing - very much.

Also there began drinking companions, after a fair dose of alcohol, to approach to it "astride a goat" supposedly Kolya, is возмож - a nost to improve your living conditions, only for this purpose it is necessary your apartment better to sell and buy, but in other area. Metel disagreed because the area of residence and the apartment suited him as well as possible. The way was necessary to look for Blizzards how to break up with friends who, already openly, demanded to sell housing.

Debts any at it appeared (for an entertainment, certainly). Once thieves got into the apartment of the Blizzard, but, strangely enough, took nothing. (However and to take - that was nothing. ) However, Nikolay Ivanovich couldn't find the passport.

Having fitted which - as the door lock, Metelya went to Cherkashchina to visit the sick sister, at the same time I hoped that boozers will find a new haven and will get rid of it.The pensioner still could direct the actions as he spoke: "I want - I drink, I want - I don't drink! " However, the desire to drink quite often prevailed over other desires. It disturbed Metelya, and it avoided meetings with "friends" on binge.

Two weeks there was no Nikolay Ivanovich of house, not before binge to it was. Nobody poured. The sister was ill, not before to her. If Metel also I drank, gradually and far not every day. For the money "you won't disperse". why? ? - after all I can give up easily binge", - Nikolay Ivanovich thought, coming nearer to the apartment. It came back from the village not empty-handed; there was at it in a bag a roast chicken, onions, garlic and fat, certainly. On the occasion of return after a long absence to Kiev, it bought and a vodka bottle.

In thoughts he already saw itself(himself) at a table where there was a vodka, roast chicken, fat, cucumbers and many other things.

- I will drink slightly - slightly on the occasion of arrival, I will have a snack properly (unlike other boozers it liked to eat), I will open to nobody a door. With friends it is through, the pensioner thought. Here and the familiar smart. It approached to the door of the apartment. Keen on pleasant thoughts, Metel mechanically I put a hand in a pocket and I got a key.

To its surprise, the entrance door was open wide open. Two young guys pottered with a sink, the third checked electricity. Everything was correct: the sink leaked, in a drawing room why - that light didn't burn, and experts of the business eliminated defects. Nikolay Ivanovich came into the room, greeted. People friendly answered it and, indifferently, continued to work.

- In general - that I neither mechanics, nor electricians didn't invite! - loudly Nikolay Ivanovich told. What's the matter?

Who called you without me? - I asked Metel. Masters (and it there were really masters) didn't answer it.

Unexpectedly there were two foreign men. "Sorry, пройдемте here, we will talk, and everything becomes clear to you, here everything is normal! " - politely I told one of them. Metele remained nothing how to leave in a corridor. Apartment door densely covered, the strong hand seized Nikolay Ivanovich by a collar, the huge fist appeared under the very nose the pensioner: "Well that you, a goat torn, were secured, you will have other apartment - is more spacious than this, and we there now will carry you, don't take in head to flutter, not that will be worse! ". It is simple to guess that took out it by car to the wood, kilometers for sixty from Kiev. Scope there was - though take away.

"Get out! Arrived! - the high, dense big fellow, years of thirty ordered. His huge, square person warped for rage, and on lips the contemptuous smile played. - There will be your apartment on for the rest of the life! - venomously he told".

Without expecting anything good, the pensioner Metelya slowly got out of the car. Without wasting words him started beating. Beat long and cruelly. When it fell, him continued to beat feet. "It will suffice метелить! " - the man suddenly ordered is more senior. After saying of this involuntary pun it bent to pensioner helplessly lying on the earth, raised it and, having convinced that that didn't faint, told: "You that, the man, didn't understand, what you sold the apartment? Try to appear only in Kiev, you the end! " - it finished the short speech.

Metelya tried to tell something, but I couldn't move the injured lips. "He still objects! " - the man that is younger suddenly cried. "Rise! " - and it started fingering the pensioner. That hardly rose by all fours and at once was hit blow in the head of such force that everything before it began to spin, and it fainted. Whether long him still beat, Metel didn't know - to it now was all the same.

Not Nikolay Ivanovich recovered soon. All body burned, sharp, dull ache sat down at a stomach, the head was turned, he felt sick. "Strange, - the pensioner thought, - didn't drink some days, and I feel sick? ". And again it where - that failed. What is the time so I lay Metelya, difficultly to tell but when regained consciousness, in the wood it was dark.

Money and documents were at it, nearby there was it, a worldly-wise bag with food. "Seem, there was a vodka bottle? " - I remembered Metel. It pulled out a bottle and, with great difficulty, opened it. Hands didn't obey, ideas absolutely dismissed it, helped out habitual movements. Having not felt thirsty and couldn't it drink. All person it was in blood, the nose and lips are injured, under the left eye Nikolay Ivanovich groped huge "lamp". Metel I drank a little, I wiped the person vodka. It became easier.

Nikolay Ivanovich rose, sat down on пенек, drank still, got chicken and hardly ate a slice. "Here also I drank for arrival! " - I told aloud Metel. So he stayed till the morning, from time to time being warmed by vodka. For the first time in recent years hop didn't take it."Friends set up me - drinking companions, just like that substituted, without tension! "

Next day he walked in the woods until met inhabitants of the next village and didn't learn that is in the territory of the Malinsky region of Zhitomir area. Which - as the victim reached Kiev and at once went to the sister to the Cherkassk area.

Fresh air and qualitative food lifted up it. There was no place to live and in Kiev it is a pity to leave the apartment. "Will kill - so will kill! " - the pensioner told himself and went to prosecutor's office. Let not at once, but upon criminal case was brought.

From the very beginning of investigation there were difficulties. The matter is that among alcoholics criminals picked up there is nobody Sasha, about one age with the owner of the apartment, handed over it the Blizzard passport. Together with one of swindlers Sasha privatized the apartment on behalf of the Blizzard, then it visited BTI and notary office, naturally it had to undersign for Metelya. Sasha was accompanied everywhere by the swindler. Thus Sasha was represented Blizzards by Nikolay, and the swindler - Blizzards Vasya - the nephew of the uncle Sasha. All pensioners are among themselves similar, and in anybody it didn't cause doubts.

If Sasha that spoke wide, the nephew right there corrected it with words: "Well you, uncle? " - and it is gentle as could, I embraced for shoulders "uncle" so that at the last bones cracked. Further the same Vasya beat the present Metelya within an inch of the life. Vasya's role consisted in being in the public eye, remaining incognito. This roguish reception is known long ago and it is called "dark horse".

Sasha appeared the fan of alcohol and Vasya knew only by name, several times with it drank. The apartment returned to the victim, one of criminals nevertheless established, but too late. The victim unexpectedly fell ill and died. Speak, development of an illness the stressful situation to which it got pushed and couldn't get out of it. Certainly, you won't file it.

At the Blizzard of lineal heirs wasn't, and successors of the second and third turn didn't decide to challenge the right for inheritance. Further the apartment resold but who these persons were, nobody found out as the victim wasn't alive any more. With its withdrawal from life and a problem of fraud closed. There is no person - there are no problems. And after all Nikolay Metelya lived only 58 years and could live and live still.

Fans to drink alcoholic drinks quite often came to the lonely pensioner Savchenko, sometimes and her treated.As - that, after binge, it suggested to sign the document which grants the right to financial support in горис - a half-coma. Further on the pensioner complaints literally fell down that in its apartment foreign persons together with the hostess drink alcoholic drinks, shout, swear, in a word prevent to live normally. The same frequenters confirmed that constantly saw in the apartment of the lonely pensioner Savchenko, thus she invited them and drank most.

Anastasia Savchenko urgently sent in special - a clinic. In a month the old woman visited home. During this time the apartment managed to sell several times, replaced locks, put a metal door.

New residents knew nothing about the lonely old woman. They were conscientious buyers, acquired housing at decent people, and those too cultural and decent. It appears that, gathering for treatment, Anastasia Semenovna "entrusted" strangers to sell housing together with furniture and kitchen utensils, as superfluous. "The document on receiving financial support" on most - that business was called "The power of attorney on the right of sale of the dwelling of Anastasia Semenovna Savchenko". I didn't read - its problems. The state there is nothing. The pensioner can't still understand "After all just the same documents with the name "Power of attorney" signed at me some more people? " - she speaks. Difference that only Savchenko signed the power of attorney "on the present", the others - just like that, for mass character and a lulling to slip of her possible suspicions.

Anastasia Semenovna transferred the passport to nobody. All necessary references took without it, thanks to "vigilance" of the Kiev BTI, art of the notary and brokers. There was an old woman with anything. As her grandson fought, trying to protect the grandmother, at him anything from this it didn't turn out. Documents are made in due form and certified by the notary.

The old woman had no proofs, there was no money also, as those. In general, round Kiev and the large cities here and there that appear, the whole settlements occupied by unfortunate, helpless people, lost housing disappear. They should live a century in terrible conditions, without moral and material support from society which they left and never to it will return.

It happened in Kiev, on Borshchagovka. The lonely pensioner, the participant of elimination of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, Anatoly Naumov sometimes was able to afford to drink a little.It never got dead-drunk, didn't bring home drinking companions because the boozer everything is wasn't. It was respected by neighbors for modesty and the attentive attitude towards people, companions in the last place of work didn't forget also. And Anatoly had very difficult work and responsible - the driver.

And if someone was able to afford to drink a liqueur glass another, Anatoly could make it only in the day off - and that a little. It at a wheel - and that says it all. With a retirement Anatoly Naumov if started drinking, isn't frequent, and it isn't much.

This ill-fated day Naumov received pension, bought which - that their products, came into cafe, drank hundred grams of vodka "on duty" and went home. Passing by shop, Anatoly mechanically turned the head towards a show-window. Instead of goods he saw the reflection. The tall nice man of fifty years looked at it. His shoulders were straightened, in eyes sparks lit up. "Yes I still anything, everything will be adjusted, - he thought, - the real life only begins! " In fine mood Naumov went home. People seemed to it more nice and more friendly, all around as if would smile to it.

- Well! - once again Anatoly thought, shook the head to shake the appeared lung of the naked - spinning, and vigorously walked further. At the intersection of Bulgakov Street it was called up to himself by the driver of the car "Zhiguli". "Sorry, the man, prompt, please, as to us to pass to the Eleron market? "

- The intersection, the traffic light, turn, - Naumov started explaining.

- Something I not really understand your Kiev, maybe, you will pass with us and you will show the way? - politely the driver of "Zhiguli" asked.

- Drivers have to help each other! - Anatoly told, sitting down in car salon.

- Wow! Yes you also the driver, the colleague, so to speak, - answered the passenger of the car.

In salon there were two persons: the driver, the years 27, introduced by Sasha and his friend Vitya, is slightly more senior.

"It is necessary, what beautiful people happen, unfamiliar, and are respectful to me", - Naumov again thought. On the way came to Vitya's acquaintance.

- I in a trice, literally few minutes wait for me, - Victor told and disappeared at an entrance. Soon it appeared with a cellophane package in a hand.

- Everything is normal, it is possible to go. Here me which - that transferred for us, - and it mysteriously winked at Anatoly.

- It is impossible for it, and we are passengers, it is possible for us.

- Everything goes normally, - Naumov thought. Drove up to the market, stopped aside Vitya suggested to drink for given help and acquaintance. Anatoly Naumov said a short toast: "Well, went! " - also I drank as it is good tostuyushchy, the first.

Naumov in the middle of the night in the unfamiliar house woke up, the head broke up from pain, having felt thirsty. It left the room in a corridor and faced the bearded man who is obviously similar to the Gipsy. The bearded man calmed Anatoly, gave to drink water and put again to bed.

- Sleep, - he told. - With you it was very bad, now you at good people, everything will be normal. We were afraid of crisis, but, thank God, crisis passed us, you took normally, without incident. The Gipsy left.

Anatoly couldn't sleep any more. It lay with open eyes and thought. His thoughts were confused. Versions appeared one for another and by itself disappeared; "It is not my apartment and the Gipsy didn't seem to me, I not in hospital, yesterday I was healthy and as I could fall ill. Road, intersection, car. Car and guys! They something gave to drink me! Here to you and good people! " - Anatoly thought.

In the morning everything cleared up when Naumov left to the yard of a three-storyed mansion with a high fence. In the yard hens ran, couple of horses peacefully chewed hay. Near them any man fussed, is obvious not similar to the Gipsy. The same bearded Gipsy important approached to the man and cut to it a whip. "For what you it? " - I asked, shivering from fear, Naumov.

- Knows for what, a grass, you see I started smoking. I will show you! - the bearded man threatened it. The house left Sasha, and they started talking to the bearded man on - Gipsy...

To someone this history, in the spirit of "The Caucasian captive", can seem to the absolutely unreal: "Yet really the similar can occur in Ukraine, presently? ! " Imagine, can... Naumov suddenly appeared for hundreds kilometers from a home in the company of persons absolutely unfamiliar to it hitherto.

Days of stay boring for Anatoly in others house, from time to time warmed up by alcohol stretched. Together with same as it "lodger" Vasya Berezovsky from Kharkov, they looked after pets, helped about the house, painted, bleached, cut firewood. In a word, carried out all black, homework.

"Berezovsky in Kharkov has an apartment and something there, at Roma "didn't meet" with a taking its dwelling from - for mother whom sent to hospital.It is visible and was the cause for discontent of owners and beating of the owner of the apartment. Sasha with Vitya to Roma aren't so similar - just imagine... And the bearded man for certain here for the main! " - such approximately supervision and reflections inertly turned in a cranium of Naumov.

After all the "opening" Anatoly absolutely became sad, his shoulders fell, eyes grew dull, he all as - that grew thin at once, grew old. Roma on the contrary were in a good arrangement and, seem, with all the heart became attached to Naumov. His complaisance, indifference to a surrounding situation obviously were pleasant to owners, their daughter both two sons Alexander and Victor. Naumov constantly praised, called the young man, to it even picked up the bride from the environment - a certain Valya Odurchenko twenty two years for the passport and thirty three years old, as well as it is necessary at vagrant Roma...

Said that Valya has adult children, their not less than four, but probably, these are all evil tongues and human envy prevent Anatoly to be happy, as anybody on light.

Being constantly in a condition of easy euphoria under the influence of drinks with which treated it, Naumov indifferently nodded on all proposals of owners. Indeed it seemed to it that it will change its destiny. "I marry and I will leave, at last, this damned place to Kiev, together with the wife. It won't be pleasant - I will divorce also business from the end", - he thought.

By then Anatoly Naumov already knew that he is not in Kiev as believed earlier, and in Dnepropetrovsk, on the city suburb. Owners too knew that Anatoly has an one-room apartment in Kiev in which he lives one. Once Naumov tried to run, him detained and предупре - Dili that if attempt will repeat, to be to it beaten repeatedly, and will deprive of it not only honors, but also alcohol to which he managed to get used. "I wanted to run with the happiness! " - the head the bearded man reproachfully swung.

To issue marriage, it is necessary to have the passport. All was necessary to go to Kiev behind documents, with the same Sasha and Vitya. Except the passport from Naumov took away the pension certificate, the certificate of the liquidator of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and all documents on his one-room apartment. Anatoly indifferently looked how guys, as relatives, rummage in his things, choose better a suit for a wedding and take away documents. His will was suppressed long ago, he retired into oneself, in the thoughts. Anatoly thought that it sometime and will end, and he will return to the apartment.With the wife, without wife - what difference, only to be at home...

In a registry office them didn't want to paint on the same day. It was necessary to turn to organizers of wedding the groom out and to show suspiciously acting stomach of the bride to convince workers of a registry office of urgency of this action. "Business young! " - I repeated mother - the Gipsy. They would look at "groom" who indifferently sat at this time in a corridor and reminded itself the old, wrinkled feed bag.

Having undersigned for the magazine, young received the marriage certficate and left a registry office. Naumov furtively looked at the wife whom once (it saw before all lived in the neighboring house and to Anatoly's owners came seldom). Valentine, now to his wife, was for thirty.

The low, nice woman, obviously Gipsy, according to the passport - the Ukrainian. She held documents in one hand, and another supported the husband who was carefully putting disobedient feet.

Together closing of a door of a registry office in the itself pot-belly at the bride disappeared. To Anatoly declared supposedly it was necessary to oil.

"There's nothing to be done, you to us not the stranger, the sonny", - tenderly said the mother-in-law, addressing to Naumov.

Instead of congratulations and a magnificent wedding, Naumov had to privatize urgently the apartment and to issue on the wife the power of attorney with the right to dispose of its property, and to receive pension of the husband (By the way, it left Odurchenko's surname).

All this was accompanied by binge and praise of advantages of the groom consisting in ability it is beautiful to listen and silently to nod in agreement when it from it demanded. "Now not long it was necessary to wait - I will leave from here, all the same I will leave! " - Naumov thought, hanging the head everything is lower.

It seemed to Anatoly that his thoughts can overhear and then everything was gone.

The bearded man and his team had thoughts about Anatoly. Valentina sold for seven thousand hryvnias Naumov's apartment to the sister, why - that having not a surname typical for Roma Kuyum. Valentina managed to go to Kiev, to receive and pocket pension of the husband in the sum of 450 hryvnias that didn't spend on drink.

She lived on - former separately from the husband Anatoly that, as we know, it isn't forbidden by the law. So passed long three months. If not a case, hardly we would learn this history. In general all our life consists of a number of accidents out of which then already scientists bring regularity.

Kuyum with the sister Valentina, brothers Sasha and Vitya (all of them have different surnames that in principle happens when fathers different, and mother one) went to Kiev to sell Naumov's former apartment. By this time the broker found them buyers - actors.

Bargained for 19 thousand US dollars that arranged both buyers, and the seller. Unlike many other people who, acquiring housing, not really - that are interested in its origin, actors went together with the broker to neighbors, talked to the yard keeper, approached and to the district police officer. All confirmed that Naumov Anatoly was never married and the apartment wasn't going to sell. Really, he drinks, but not the brawler and in general the quiet, quiet, decent person. "By the way, where he, it isn't present for a long time the house! " - подоб - ny questions fell down, in abundance. The local militia inspector and employees of criminal investigation department became interested in "sale" of the apartment.

In Svyatoshinsky district management of militia demanded from sellers of proofs of that Valentina Odurchenko's husband Naumov, live. The militia searched for it since October.

- Let him sell us housing! The apartment belongs to Naumov, instead of Odurchenko though it and has a power of attorney! Now some linden divorced and anybody can't measure except the owner! - actors declared.

- Show us Naumov then conversation will be about purchase and sale. I don't want that then me on vessels dragged, - the broker insisted.

While there were trials, Valentina went to Sberbank to receive pension of the husband. However, and here hasn't luck. "The power of attorney is no good - it single. Here it is written that Naumov charges to the wife to receive his pension, instead of to receive constantly. You already received once pension of the husband in the sum of 450 hryvnias under this power of attorney. You don't come any more to us, let the husband himself receive the pension. Leave, differently we will cause protection! " - the cashier declared. Unlike other organizations instructions here were observed, and Odurchenko was necessary to recede. In completion of all troubles, detainees have a grief - sellers of the ill-fated apartment, withdrew documents and demanded to deliver in Anatoly Naumov's district management whole and safe.

As the shkodlivy dogs beaten by owners, went home Roma on the "Zhiguli". What houses - that will be? What will the father tell? Failure of operation moreover what! Naumov will need to be carried. "If disagrees to sell housing, we will be; to defend the rights in court! " Upon this also settled.

We will leave for the period of our schemers. Let their family dismantlings remain secret, and we will return to Naumov. After conversation in militia it replaced locks of an entrance door and left the apartment under supervision of neighbors. Fear before a possible trip "on a visit" to it is new - to baked "rodstvennichka" I forced it to change constantly the of a residence.

I hardly managed to find for the victim. Grown thin and tired from a nervous overstrain he sat before me with the hung head, as прови - нившийся the school student. The former driver able ориен - тироваться not only in a difficult road situation, but also in life, didn't become. Naumov Anatoly the appearance and behavior expresses internal state of the injured soul and not soon as speak in the people, it оклемается.

And forces still oh as will be necessary for it as meanwhile Kuyum with the crew I filed a lawsuit against Naumov who doesn't allow it, to the conscientious purchaser (what it is under the law), to use housing, as a last resort to sell this disputable apartment "All life I collected kopek to kopek to buy the apartment in Kiev. Whole seven thousand hryvnias gave for any gostinka and I can't sell that? " - she complained.

Be not surprised, there are cases of sale of housing and for the smaller sum. In due time inhabitants of Lugansk, the father and the son Babenko (both pensioners), "sold" the one-room apartment for 1000 coupons that for that time corresponded to the price of ten loaves of bread.

The contract signed under the threat of a knife in the car of criminals, and the notary expected aside while "ceremony" will end, and it will be possible to seal legality of the transaction. Don't think anything bad of the state notary. Her warned that the owner of the apartment the disabled person and to it it is heavy - to move a feather therefore he asked to render service and to allow to sign the contract, without leaving the car. The notary went outside and made sure that the pensioner in the car. Right there the criminal sat down by it with the contract that Babenko put in it "karlyuchka" instead of the signature.

Younger Babenko disagreed, and to him sideways the knife right there rested. It was necessary to sign. "And now выгляни in a window also smile to the notary an old horse-radish", - I told, smiling, the bandit. With great difficulty, after intervention of the highest authorities, the apartment managed to be returned.

M.'s inhabitant of Kiev borrowed 140 dollars on business development. In a month to it "turned on the counter" (In its receipt to an amount of debt it was monthly added on one zero).M. was necessary to leave the two-room apartment on the Obolon array. The remained sum of "debt" graciously wrote off: "Well, we will remit to it a debt where ours didn't vanish", - the leader of a gang told and crossed out one zero. Even among criminals there are "kind" people.

The victim categorically refused to write the application in militia. That to it was to do. The receipt he with own hand wrote, plus the indication of six "witnesses". The law not on its party. And where you will find an order of collection of a debt, a limit of percent and a sum limit if the parties are citizens in the law?

In parallel with prosecution on court, relatives of the wife started catching Naumov physically to look in his "unscrupulous" eyes and to tell. "You that it, the road how to deceive honest girls, so please? I charged to the wife to sell the apartment, and now in bushes - doesn't leave! " - and to wave before his nose a forefinger. "The law on our party, and you will go with us to court, you understood! Fop! "

And to have legal proceedings to it now - not пересудиться as to prove such things really taking place as to sale of the apartment to prove illegal deprivation of its freedom and coercion it is extremely problematic - witnesses as you understand, in the afternoon with fire you won't find. But it is full of witnesses who will confirm that anybody under a barrel of the machine gun didn't keep it in a registry office and the signature on all documents as don't twist - it, original. And all from - for any hundred grams of vodka, be they are wrong, drunk, as they say "not in that place and not at that time"...


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