Suicide or murder? The investigation is carried by relatives!

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The third year the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area tries to find out circumstances of death of the son. 28- the summer businessman Ruslan Grishin found dead in own garage.

On the nineteenth of August, two thousand sixth the inhabitant of Voznesensk Valery Grishin visited on a visit the son. Twenty-eight-year-old Ruslan lived near the parental house and every day gave a lift to the father for work.

Valery tells - in that morning always the punctual son didn't come for it, and its mobile stubborn was silent. When the concerned man got to him home - there was nobody, only near garage there was a car.

Valery Grishin, inhabitant Voznesensk: "I go to garage, I open the lock. And at once for me blow - always Ruslan closed garage on 3 clicks, and here on 1. I open a door - light burns, in the right corner I see a horrific image: on a floor Ruslan lies. From the head blood, brain substance, a gun nearby lies".

On shouts of the heart-broken father the daughter-in-law came running, caused militia. According to Valery, then militiamen only examined a tragedy place, interrogated the wife of the dead and several friends and in some days rendered a verdict - suicide. The father categorically doesn't agree with such version.

Valery Grishin, inhabitant Voznesensk: "According to their version, under the ceiling there is a beam. Over it a trace from a bullet, she went to a ceiling. But if he how they claim, sat down on a stool, took a gun and shot where the bullet will depart? In a wall. How it could depart there? ".

Valery Grishin is sure - his Ruslan killed. Speaks, at the small enterprise of the son worked only two workers. It didn't twist any financial adventures and criminal schemes. Nevertheless, I had in property solid real estate - buildings of a local boiler room and a sauna, and also compressor and transformer stations. According to the father, motive of a crime someone's desire could begin to take control of this property.

Valery Grishin: "The car isn't examined, any person isn't interrogated who was near. All these checks are reduced to that call me, I write. Then call Natasha. It reduces the explanations to that Ruslan arrived to the 6th mornings the slightly drunk. I told, don't touch me, I to you changed, I am unworthy you.It went to bed, and it gathered for work and left".

The third year Valery can't already achieve initiation of legal proceedings. One instance refuses, another cancels this decision. In prosecutor's office official comments refused. To militias - went to a meeting.

Alexander Sholomon, acting head of investigative department Voznesensky GUO of militia: "All circumstances which were investigated confirm that there was a suicide. No other persons there participated therefore also the prosecutor's office and subsequently militia made the decision on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings. Personally I made this decision".

Vladimir Bilyk, lawyer: "I as at the lawyer have rather serious questions concerning what true causes of death of this person were. On a negative material which was written out to Voznesensk, there are no materials of examinations histologic, technological and one of the most important arguments - lack of ballistic examination".

Valery Grishin speaks - two years ago on a grave of the son swore to find his murderer. About suicide the father never will believe in the version therefore already again goes to look for the truth to the capital.

Valery Grishin: "Shish kebabs did, so he speaks: look, what wonderful life! Someone is hung up, shot. What for? Fools presents. That it sometime fell into despair - never! It always left extreme situations quietly, is balanced. It has parents which always will support him, will understand. It is ours there was a support. Having lost it, we lost everything".

Neither the wife of the victim, nor his closest friends disagreed to communicate with journalists.


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