Over Lutsenko the sword of Damocles

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Sympathies for Tymoshenko turned back for the Interior Minister a black tag from SBU. Lutsenko's destiny depends on, whether voices for his resignation will suffice at Yushchenko. To a regiment of the charges sounding to Yury Lutsenko in recent years, arrived. This time to the Interior Minister and the leader of "National Self-defense" incriminate disclosure of the state secret concerning activity of Management of the state protection. Lutsenko's colleagues consider it as punishment Bank for a special position of group of "sambo wrestlers" in the Verkhovna Rada. Experts meet that for a chair of the Minister of Internal Affairs the new bargaining is declared.

About new proceedings against Lutsenko, initiated on September 4 upon, it is known a little: it is excited according to p.1 Art. 328 of the Criminal code - disclosure of the state secret by the official in the absence of change and espionage signs. The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment from two to five years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions till three years or without that.

Initial requirements of the head of department of state protection (UGO) Valery Geletey consisted in depriving of the minister of the admission to secret, but later the head of UGO changed the mind, having declared that claims can be "retrained". "If in the course of investigation it becomes clear that it entailed heavy consequences, business can retrain on h. 2 same articles, and its sanction are even more strict - till eight years of imprisonment", - predicted Geletya.

As the acting chairman of SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko reported, now the service makes investigation and began interrogations of officials. We will remind, the initiator of business Lutsenko was opposed on July 31 by the chief of UGO as Geletya. He appealed in SBU to find out, whether the Interior Minister broke the Law, having told on July 30, 2008 to the journalists, what objects are controlled by the state protection.

While the only trump of SBU in "Lutsenko's business - Geletey" is an expert opinion on state secret disclosure by the official. Existence of such document in SBU was confirmed by Nalivaychenko. According to the head of UGO, the verdict of the expert is unambiguous - disclosure of the state secret took place. The head of security promised soon to report about results of investigation, without having specified, when.

Ubiquitous hand of Balogi

Lutsenko's colleagues on Self-defense go on in unison is the political order which feet grow from Bank. About it a press - the service of sambo wrestlers made the separate statement, having discredited the "semi-legal" management of SBU that it turned into servants of personal whims of the head of the Secretariat President Victor Balogi. "Only Baloga, still consider by Nalivaychenko and Geletya secret intentions of the joint venture to take all authorities of the country under power control - it is known to another for a long time", - were indignant in NANOSECOND.

"Sambo wrestlers" also drew strategic parallels between Lutsenko and the Prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko concerning whom the SBU also carries out an inspection. "In our country it is already possible to consider as honor if the SBU brings against you criminal case. It is a sign of recognition of his high merits in front of Ukraine and democracy. If the "pocket" SBU of Balogi sews to Yury Lutsenko criminal case - means, it does everything correctly", - bit in NANOSECOND, having warned Nalivaychenko about criminal liability for illegal actions.

Lutsenko in the address called charges the next soap bubble. The minister assured that any detail about protection of objects in special, i.e. a wartime didn't call. On the contrary, he "analyzed a situation which developed in present (nonexceptional, I hope) time when UGO without coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes under protection this or that object, including objects which are protected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I reflected on it", - Yury Vitalyevich disproved charges. Thus he advised colleagues from SBU "not to dishonor service before inevitable disorder of these far-fetched petty intrigues".

"For SBU the conflict to Lutsenko will be come to a bad end"

Case of disclosure of state secret is doomed to collapse, the adviser to the Interior Minister, the People's Deputy from WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Gennady Moskal is sure. "It will be come for SBU to a bad end, but not for Lutsenko", - predicted in the comment the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper the parliamentarian. According to him, initiation of proceedings against Lutsenko - absolute nonsense and simply horror story, moreover - illegal: The SBU broke Criminally - the procedural code where it is told that against the Minister the State Office of Public Prosecutor can initiate proceedings only.

No disclosure existed and can't be, the Russian assured. "State experts in state secret are not only in SBU", - he noted. The parliamentarian admitted that initiated independent examination, having made parallel request to other state experts.According to the deputy, the Service should undertake more fixedly a number of open resonant affairs, instead of to be engaged in custom-made affairs. "The intelligence service irrespective of received instructions has to stand accurately, instead of cave in before Bank so that already only one back is visible", - the Russian was indignant.

Lutsenko doesn't intend to be got involved in dispute with SBU the party. According to the Russian, the counterclaim for slander won't be. "Why to have legal proceedings, with whom? With people who are in a condition of absolute loss of reason", - the deputy was indignant. Other argument against participation in reciprocal judicial proceedings - popular wisdom. "Never argue with fools, after all people around can not notice between you differences", - the Russian retold a saying.

Criminal case is a demand for resignation

Initiation of proceedings against Lutsenko is a question of political expediency, instead of any real bases, certified the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper ex-the parliamentarian, the director of the Center of social analytics "The left look" Evgeny Filindash. The expert didn't exclude that the bases for Yury Vitalyevich's involvement to responsibility can be, but in the circumstances it has no value. "Criminal cases are brought only when it is necessary in the political plan", - Filindash explained.

The political component of new business of Lutsenko is that he plays together with David Zhvaniya and group "National Self-defense" in Tymoshenko's team and at the following presidential election will support it, the expert believes. "This criminal case is already an element of presidential campaign, and this punishment to it - that he plays in this team", - Filindash assumed.

Case of disclosure of state secret can be a call before new attempts to discharge Lutsenko of a ministerial position, Filindash continued. From his words, the question of resignation can quite arise. "It will depend at all on that, copes or not with Lutsenko's duties, and from, whether will suffice at Tymoshenko's opponents of voices to remove Lutsenko", - predicted ex-the deputy.

Don't exclude possibility of resignation of the Interior Minister and on Bank. Considering cooling of contacts of the President Victor Yushchenko and the minister Lutsenko, this idea gets a special piquancy.As predicted in the comment the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper the adviser to the head of the joint venture, the director of Institute of global strategy Vadim Karasyov, case of disclosure hardly will end in a criminal order as "it will be very difficult to wait for the judgment". But the expert didn't exclude application of disciplinary actions concerning Lutsenko, and also situation use as argument for resignation and "restriction of its rough political activity".


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