Secret of death of Rasputin

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Source: "Encyclopedia of remarkable people and ideas"

What was a true cause of death of Rasputin?
The secret of death of the person, long time being in close relations with an imperial couple, still remains to one of the most mystical riddles of national history. According to the official version, he was killed on the night of December 17 (on old style) 1916 with group of patriots: prince Felix Yusupov, grand duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov and deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Purishkevich. Except them the lieutenant Alexander Sukhotin and the doctor Stanislav Lazovert participated in plot. To Rasputin offered the poisoned wine and food. When poison didn't work, at it several times shot. Then the body of "aged man" which isn't giving signs of life, threw in ice cold depths of Neva.
Later in the people the legend was born that "prophet" was thrown into water still live. He allegedly tried to get out some minutes of an ice font, but drowned. The myth looked extraordinary attractively and so strongly took roots in minds of people, what even many objective researchers of national history took it for the truth.
By the way, the question therefore "the God's person" was lost, those years was not so idle. Right after Rasputin's murder the tsar Nikolay II and his spouse declared murdered the martyr who has accepted sufferings in rescue of Russia. There was a question of its reckoning to a face of the sacred. But by situation existing in orthodox church the drowned man under no circumstances couldn't be canonized. What was a true cause of death of Rasputin? New documentary certificates allow to answer this question quite precisely.

As the legendwas created

In our opinion, first of all, the hearings which literally have flooded Petrograd in January, 1917 were its source. About it in the memoirs the former French envoy in Russia M. Paleolog wrote. "Grigory Rasputin's murder - the only subject of conversation in infinite tails of women, during a rain and a wind of expecting at doors butcher and grocery stores of distribution of meat, tea, sugar and so forth
They the friend the friend tell that Rasputin was thrown into Neva live, and approve it a proverb: "A cur's death for a cur".
Other national version:Rasputin still breathed when him threw under ice into Neva... It is very important because it, thus, never will be sacred... "
Possibly, conductors of hearings were those who wanted to show that Rasputin was not the person, and the devil, which physical destruction - the benefit for Russia. It poisoned, but it survived. At it shot, and "aged man" didn't die. And only water burning with cold managed to put the last end.
Curiously, but also rather competent persons were sure that Rasputin drowned. So, the maid of honor A. Vyrubova in the diary writes: "Despite numerous bullet wounds and a huge laceration in the left side, made a knife or a spur, Grigory Efimovich was still live when it threw into an ice-hole as lungs were full water! "
The Irkutsk general - the governor S. Beletsky also noted that "prophet" got to water the live. "(The last Minister of Internal Affairs of imperial Russia - a comment of the author) I told Protopriests to me that Rasputin's body was thrown into an ice-hole still live. It showed opening... "
Vyrubova and Beletsky's certificates впо - a consequence will get to many editions about Rasputin and will be quoted by researchers as established facts.
To check the validity them presently it was impossible: the original of the protocol of official opening of a body of Rasputin, Voyenno stored in archive - medical academy in 30-x years of the XX century, completely disappeared.
But, as it became clear, the report on it was published! I printed it at once the ambassador Fevral - sky revolution the daily political public and literary newspaper "Russkaya Volya". The author of a material - professor of chair of forensic medicine Voyenno - medical academy Dmitry Petrovich Kosorotov who was one of the best experts in forensic medicine of that time. No doubt, results of the opening of a body of Rasputin carried out by it were extremely objective.

Opening of a body of Rasputin

Kosorotov presented a written statement of the opening made by it to Russian Will newspaper editorial office. Because so old information is available only to units, we provide the publication almost completely.
"on December 19 I was warned and invited by the letter of the investigator to opening of a body of Rasputin, appointed to morning on December 21 in a chapel of the Chesmensky almshouse.
20-го in the morning I made necessary orders to the attendant concerning tools, preparations and so forth.In the same day, on old custom, we, Voyenno's classmates - medical academy, celebrated 37-ю anniversary of the termination of a course. For a dinner at modest restaurant us gathered a little. There were about 7 o'clock in the evening when me asked to phone. With me spoke from anatomic institute and informed that there arrived the companion of the prosecutor, and also the investigator which urgently call me on opening. I explained that I have dinner and I can't be; if someone needs to see me, I ask to welcome to myself in restaurant. Soon there the companion of the prosecutor and the investigator in the car were. My attendant appeared right there, near the driver, and we went to opening.
According to the emergency order, opening was made during the same night and about four hours proceeded.
When opening very numerous damages from which many were caused already posthumously are found. All right side of the head was shattered and flattened owing to a corpse bruise when falling from the bridge. The death followed from plentiful bleeding owing to a bullet wound in a stomach. The shot was made, in my opinion, almost in an emphasis, from left to right, through a stomach and a liver with smashing of this of the last in the right half. Bleeding was very plentiful. On a corpse there was also bullet wound in a back, in a backbone, with smashing of the right kidney, and still a wound in an emphasis, in a forehead (possibly, already dying or died). Chest bodies were whole and were investigated superficially; but no traces of death from drowning existed. Lungs weren't blown up, and in airways wasn't neither waters, nor foamy liquid. Rasputin was thrown into water already dead. I will mention, by the way, that research of a corpse was made at very inconvenient situation, at oil lamps, and for survey of cavities of a breast and a stomach it was necessary to bring a lamp in the cavity".
In conversation with our employee mister Kosorotov shared also the personal impressions which have been taken out from survey of a corpse.
- Often it was necessary to me, - he speaks, - to make various difficult and unpleasant openings. I am a person with strong nerves and had that is called plenty. But seldom I had to worry such unpleasant minutes, as this terrible night. The corpse made on me unpleasant impression. This goat look, this enormous head wound were heavy even for my tested eye. The special impression was made on me by this haste by production of opening.There one young woman who insisted on that everything was whenever possible rather finished came. About same I was asked also by the investigative authorities, but I found necessary to make the work methodically and honestly. In my opinion, Gr. Rasputin was killed with a shot from a revolver. One bullet was is taken, other shots are made at a short distance and bullets passed clear so it is impossible to draw the conclusions about that, how many people shot.
We drank tea after opening a little to have a rest from this painful sight, and I clearly remember puzzled glances which were darted at each other by representatives of the investigative power. Гр. Rasputin was sturdily-build: he was only 45 years old, and I remember as we in conversation between itself, sharing impressions, said that he would live as much again. It is undoubted that Rasputin was killed in a state of intoxication: from a corpse bore cognac. His brains were a normal amount and didn't bear traces of any pathological changes.
I considered a duty not to make public all these data to court; but at the moment preliminary investigation on the case of Rasputin's murder - New is stopped by the new minister A. F. Kerensky and therefore I can speak it".

Moment of truth

Thus, Kosorotov claims that three bullet wounds were put to Grigory Rasputin: in kidneys, a liver and a brain. Besides, all right side of the head was shattered and flattened.
However, as we remember, Vyrubova in the diary writes about a huge laceration in the left side and lungs full by water. There is a question: can be, data it is judicial - medical examination are wrong or forged?
To establish truth, the author, having got special permission at the chief keeper of the Petersburg Museum of political history of Svetlana Andreevna Hodakovskaya, attentively I investigated an album with инв. No. 11354 which is in archive of this establishment. In it photos from investigative case of Rasputin's murder are placed. In 12 pictures the place of death of "aged man", and on other eight - his naked corpse taken from water is imprinted. This album was sent to the museum by mail by a certain V. I. Afonin still in 50-x years of the last century. However then it interested nobody. Only nearly forty years later historians presented it to visitors of the museum as sensation.
It appeared that the wounds put with firearms to Rasputin, completely coincide with the description provided by professor Kosorotov.Shots in a stomach and a forehead were made in an emphasis. In photos traces of a pistol soot are clearly visible. The shot in a back is made from considerable distance (traces of a soot are absent). On a back in the right kidney there is still the small chipped wound put with any sharp subject.
From here conclusion: written statement about opening of a corpse of Rasputin, provided to the Russkaya Volya newspaper, original.
And how Vyrubova's certificate? It is obvious that the maid of honor of Her Majesty used any doubtful facts or simply widespread hearings. Itself she didn't see Rasputin's naked corpse. Beletsky also knew that Rasputin was thrown into an ice-hole live, by hearsay.
Kosorotov writes that when opening a body of "aged man" "... no traces of death from drowning existed". And it authentically testified that "the Saint person" even before immersion to Neva was dead. Thus, the main obstacle for canonization ceased to exist. And, appear, already will prevent Rasputin to become nothing officially recognized orthodox church sacred, but - it didn't happen. To its sanctity I followed ways February - Skye revolution.
By the way, data it is judicial - medical examination as it became clear, aren't joined and to Purishkevich's indications. It isn't excluded that the official version of murder Rasputina stated by its performers, - a forgery!
If eyewitnesses of events knew that Rasputin got a bullet in a forehead, the ridiculous version about drowning hardly would be born, the reader can think. After all it is clear to everyone that such wound is incompatible with life. However with conclusions you shouldn't hurry. To medical practice similar examples are known. The phenomenal case happened in 1968 in San - Frantsisko. 57- the summer employee on the way to himself in hotel was attacked by gangsters. Criminals made in it some you - стрелов and disappeared.
When the victim recovered, he called up a taxi which delivered it in hotel. The hotel administration immediately sent the man to surgical office of hospital.
At x-ray inspection doctors established that the wounded in the head has five (!) pistol bullets: one - in the right hemisphere of a brain, another - at the skull basis, the third - in the top jaw, the fourth - in soft fabrics of a mouth, the fifth got stuck near a carotid.
In the history of an illness it was written down that all five bullets were in zones where the vital centers are located. Condition of the patient the satisfactory.


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