Vadim Merikov: "Olympians – pride of Nikolayevshchina"!

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The Olympic fights died down, time of summing up, the analysis of results of performances of team of Ukraine came.

Our interlocutor - the deputy of the Nikolaev city council, the chairman of the board of JSC Sigma-sport Vadim Ivanovich Merikov. The firm headed by it for more than eight years gives support to the Nikolaev sports. V. I. Merikov was at the Olympic Games in Beijing - to encourage the athletes representing the national team of Ukraine, and the Nikolaev participants - in particular.

- I was on Olympic games by the invitation of federation of boxing of Ukraine, witnessed decisive starts. With pride I remember a duel of the Nikolaev athlete Taras Danko which result there was a bronze medal first in the history of Nikolayevshchina in free-style wrestling. Taras was invited in fight club "Nikolaev" (president Gennady Rukavitsa) two years ago.

Future champions need to be raised, brought up. In sports without support of a number of people and the organizations it is impossible to reach a good result. Such support allows to provide athletes to all necessary, to create comfortable conditions in a life and conditions of effective training process. It is collective work which yields fruits.

The pupil of the honored trainer of Ukraine Yulaya Tupeev and with direct, personal, active participation in training process of the father Taras Danko, will reach high sports result.

- Vadim Ivanovich, for certain you went to China personally to inspire the Nikolaev boxers Derevyanchenko and Klyuchko on the Olympic feat …

- Unfortunately, our dream for the first time to win on the Olympic boxing ring of a medal for Nikolayevshchina weren't achieved. Children were prepared perfectly, the management and federation of boxing made everything, from them depending, for achievement of a goal.

But you know how representatives of a judiciary board fulfilled in Beijing: Alexander Klyuchko suffered from unfair decisions. Sergey Derevyanchenko in a difficult, difficult fight proved to be adequately, but conceded to the rival - the Cuban.

Pleases that Vasily Lomachenko who has won "gold" was recognized as the best boxer of the Olympic Games.This first recognition of the Ukrainian by the best athlete of the Olympic Games and the second gold medal on boxing in the history of independent Ukraine (first "gold" in 1996 Klitschko won). The results of work of athletes and trainers of club of boxing "Nikolaev" were summed up.

Taking into account mistakes and remarks new tactics and the concept of development of boxing in our region is developed. The plan of a preparatory cycle to the new Olympic Games which will take place in London in 2012 is approved. In November of this year we hope for successful speeches of the Nikolaev boxers in England where the European championship will take place.

- And how our representatives of other sports "played" at the Olympic Games?

- The pupil of trainers of brothers Nikolaev Maxim Prokopenko together with Sergey Bezugly in rowing on a kayak and a canoe managed to reach the final and to take the eighth place. Ivan Ishchenko, our 120-kilogram athlete, alas, conceded in free-style wrestling competitions on tournament start.

Result of fencers of Olga Harlan and Elena Homrova - out of any comments, the little girl good fellows!

The bronze medal of the Olympic Games on a diving was won by Ilya Kvasha.

I want to note that at rather rigid, not always the objective relation of a judiciary board our national team presented Ukraine adequately!

- What supervision, opinions or the emotions which arisen or have developed at you during stay in epicenter of the Olympic forum, were the most important, the most memorable?

- The first and most important impression - when at the time of an ascension on a pedestal of winners of Ukrainians in a height soars up a flag of Ukraine, our anthem sounds. This feeling of infinite pride of the country and people.

Today, unfortunately, sports and achievements in it are based on patriotism and enthusiasm of athletes, trainers, on comprehensively supporting them the organizations and citizens, instead of on the state support as a whole as it has to be. Especially discourages when the subject of sports meets becomes object of demonstration of political ambitions, means of political public relations.

Behind examples far it isn't necessary to go: contrary to promising statements and assurances of the state support, the head of the Nikolaev regional office of NOC of Ukraine mister Vladimir Viktorovich Lusta didn't arrive to Beijing.Against presence at the Olympic Games of representatives of almost all regions of Ukraine - heads of regional offices of NOC of Ukraine, heads of national federations and the leading sports organizations is created sharp contrast for representatives of Nikolayevshchina.

After all for the first time our area prepared such impressive group of participants of the Olympic Games - 22 athletes!

On this indicator Nikolaev outstripped many cities of Ukraine with the million population. Afflicts also that fact that the Ukrainian athletes didn't have enough elementary support of fans, in difference, for example, from the same national team of Russia.

- Olympians, by the way, already were tired of reporters - calls behind calls, interview for interview a little. The impression was and still made that our athletes waited not only it … In your opinion, meetings of Olympians at local level answer necessary standards, or have to be organized at higher level?

- Our children protected honor of Ukraine, glorified the country, the edge, the city. All citizens have to know them, of them have to be proud!

And room meetings, congratulations on duty on a camera even if it is offices a measure or heads of the regional state administration, - only the next photoshoot of officials, for glorification of their persons, and in any way athletes.

Would be expedient to the Nikolaev office of NOC of Ukraine, the city and regional authorities to take the initiative of large-scale celebration of Olympians, the organizations of their meetings in labor collectives, educational institutions, installations бигбордов the image of our Olympic champions and prize-winners.

It is very important when you see that about athletes and their achievements write and speak. The healthy vanity always was the engine of human progress. Now information space is populated with various advertizing, but, unfortunately, isn't promotion of sports, a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore promoting of achievements of our Olympians - one of the factors giving an impetus of youth, opportunity to younger generation to come to sports. And it allows to distract youth from the street, to tear off from drugs, to lower level of teenage crime, to grow up healthy, full-fledged generation.

- Sports are an and daily, titanic work. And work, as we know, has to be adequately rewarded?

- Yes, soon Olympians will get the state awards.But, in my opinion, both our regional patrons and businessmen shouldn't stand aside from noble mission - to express material gratitude to nice fellow countrymen.
For an example - JSC Sigma-sport and the patron Oleg Nikolaevich Bogomaz already handed over to Taras Danko an award of 200 thousand hryvnias.

- And how in this plan the city and regional authorities proved today?

- It is better to ask this question to representatives interesting you directly. But if it is honest, I can state the following: earlier, within several years, the regional office of NOC of Ukraine was headed by heads of the Nikolaev regional state administration - Garkusha and Sadykov. Anything, except political and administrative public relations, our Olympians from it didn't see.

Now on the same way there is Lusta. I consider that at bigger attention to athletes and their problems Nikolayevshchina will have not 22 participants of the Olympic Games (on ten sports) as now, and it is even more. And nikolayevets will bring in a moneybox of the national team of Ukraine not four medals, and eight, for example.

The example of the mayor Vladimir Chaika who made the promise to allocate apartments to our Olympians - finalists is in this regard indicative. I don't doubt that already very soon champions of Beijing - Harlan, Homrovaya, bronze prize-winners - Kvasha and Danko - will receive warrants and keys from new apartments. As it, for example, occurred a few years ago when the apartment from the mayor was received by the Nikolaev boxer, the silver prize-winner of the World Cup Oleg Mashkin. Then, by the way, our governor Garkusha was limited to that handed over Mashkina an envelope with 300 hryvnias. Whether any additional comments are necessary?

I want to pay also attention to an urgent need of increase in financing sports детско - junior schools of regional and city submission. That traditions were carried on - it is necessary to fill halls, selection work is necessary.

Without system work in physical culture and development of mass sports it is rather difficult to compete, win on competitions. It is necessary to show also care and attention to those Olympians who yet didn't manage to ascend to a pedestal. They are our hopes, our personnel smithy of future victories. To them without additional support very difficult qualitatively to pass the new preolympic period.

And as a whole, I want to congratulate all participants of the Olympic Games - athletes and trainers, to express profound gratitude for their long-term work and purposeful preparation for the main starts of the fourth anniversary. Noble mission with which they successfully cope is assigned to athletes!

- Thanks for straight and substantial talk.


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