The huge private prison operates on the territory of Ukraine?

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The huge private prison operates on the territory of Ukraine?

When I told the close friend about a subject of planned article, he frowned and gave advice: "Be accurater". And every other day I sent SMS: "Roofing felt, actually, you are necessary to us live and healthy! ". "What it it so got agitated? - I thought. - Really subject so terrible? "

In a hole and on a chain

Information on this institution and on this organization is hidden behind a veil of hearings, half-words and semi-hints. And hints too any indistinct, disturbing. "I still want to live …", "That you know, these are florets, but I can't tell you all …", "You would know that there with girls do …" But to tell in more detail - flatly. And in eyes at visited there - not fear even, horror real. Horror and hatred.

Life Word church, city of Genichesk. At church many years there is a rehabilitation center for people with dependences. Here responses of the people who have got acquainted with the rehabilitations methods:

"My little girl took away to Genichesk. Parents paid it grandmas, but it, having stayed there two days, wanted to return back. I told that wants to leave. Those to it in reply - leave. Counted 150 hryvnias on the drive. And from the little girl the mobile phone took away. She told that returned phone. They to it - well, time so, go - you here. Brought to the room, to a wall fastened and beat sticks. Then gave part of money that parents paid, and released …"

It is the story of the addict. Addicts are inclined to lies therefore to words of their belief isn't present. In certain cases. However when people some unfamiliar with each other speak approximately same, it directs at reflections.

"In Feodosiysky branch of the center to the girl in a cellar beat off kidney sticks. Then the militia found this camera of tortures, and the center closed. In local newspapers there was information, but then all rumpled …"

"Throw into a hole on two liters of water per day, can chain. If with something it is dissatisfied - sticks beat, break you. At o'clock in the morning can wake and to send to unloading of cars. Children work at building. Money? You that? Anybody pays nothing to anybody. If you escape and you will catch - will beat within an inch of the life …"

Really anybody and never was interested in center activity? Were interested, and more than once. And from television came, and from newspapers. Yes here I pound - zero.

The message from a forum of the city of Genichesk:

"Attendant" of the center:

"Nobody closed the center and never will close, journalists simply fulfilled the salaries and were removed. Though for them such nonsense will have big consequences... "

Gloomy message, isn't that so? With double sense …

"It not people, them it is necessary to kill! "

From Life Word church people find the rehabilitation center in Genichesk. According to announcements, by councils of acquaintances. A little that can be compared to that horror which is tested by the family of drug addicts. They agree to leave all savings, to put the apartment, to get into debts, if only to get rid of a nightmare of stay in one apartment with the addict.

In Life Word church newspapers announcements of a set of rehabilitants regularly take place, and in these announcements cost - 700 hryvnias a month is specified. The minimum term of stay in the center - year. However the price such - for local. For inhabitants of Kiev a dachshund another - 500 dollars in a month of "Christian work therapy".

To O.'s inhabitant of Kiev the center was advised by acquaintances. Her son had problems with game on machine guns, and when all means were tried, someone from colleagues gave advice - "try to address to Genichesk". The lake I addressed. By it called the sum. When the native person slides in an abyss, money fades into the background. The guy took away directly from the apartment.

"Attendants" of the center leave for next "client" in any point of Ukraine.

In Kiev on Smolenskaya Street there is a hospital. In corridors of this hospital always many people of a characteristic look. These are injection addicts. Here "treat" the bupremorfiny.

About a month ago I became the witness of how from walls of this institution of the person took away to solar Genichesk. Three "attendants" were rather similar on the lomoukhikh of "mobsters" from cheerful 1990-x or to medical brothers from psychiatric clinic. Having seen these "envoys of peace", the addict began to shake all over. Mother of the poor fellow (parents usually bring into hospital of addicts) hung the head and covered the person with hands. It she told to "attendants" of the center exact time and location of the offspring.

- Went, - the pood palm laid down on a shaky shoulder of the addict.

- N. not item. оед. at, - at the guy tooth on tooth for fear didn't get.

- What? ! You will go! - the huge figure hung over ready to faint for fear future "rehabilitant".

With me there was a parishioner of capital charismatic church. He addressed to "mobsters":

- He doesn't want to go - it is visible after all.

At us looked blank up and down:

- And I also don't ask it.

Second "nurse" noticed:

- Nariki - not people. They should be killed. These goats …

He said these words, without hesitating of mother of "client". The woman stooped even more strongly and, without tearing off a look from a floor, began a low voice to convince the son (or-? ) that there will help it that it is necessary to go …

Good intentions …

The town on the bank of the Sea of Azov in 20 thousand inhabitants. Once there was a small church with small arrival. The pastor of church wanted to create the rehabilitation center. It is quite probable that this person most that was guided by reasons on is the good. To the pastor to the aid in creation of the center attendants left Kiev. Work began to boil. The first addict came to rehabilitation, the second came. Brought the third and dragged the fourth. Money began to flow to the church management. At first - a streamlet, then - a mountain stream. The river monetary, зажурчала began to flow. Zagromykhal stream monetary.

And a roof at the pastor broke. For the sake of achievement of the purpose (money) heads of the organization started using all available means. As - that - sticks, holes, chains. Attendants from Kiev recognize today - yes, the monster was created. But who could think, what quite adequate person (the pastor of "The life word") will turn such good undertaking upside down?

Once you only agreed with local commercial structures, and before the pastor the untilled field for activity opened. There are near at hand slaves who can be driven at night though on unloading of cars with a brick though on boarding house construction near the sea. The labor - free, but work after all firms - customers is paid! This simply gold mine.

But there is one problem. Militiamen and local authorities had to become interested sooner or later in organization activity. And they became interested. But here that is interesting - today fluent "rehabilitants" are caught … by militiamen. And - return in the center where warm welcome in the form of sticks, holes and chains is provided to them.

"From there if you run away, it is better not to come across. Will catch - will return. Who catches? The militia itself also catches. There everything is grabbed …"

Messages from a forum of the city of Genichesk:

Stremousov Kirill:

"In the center gather from all Ukraine, about any inspection or the account in hospital of the speech doesn't go. In hospital address, only when припекло.Thus in hospital of patients don't release, only together with accompanying, dog steps on all offices. Sometimes happens that the nurse or the doctor accompanying turn out, and then patients ask to call relatives that them took away from "church""...

The answer from "attendant" of the center:

"We have such rules that if don't want to be in the center, approach and tell that I want home, to you will give your things and bring down up hill and down dale …"

Branch closing in Feodosiya became the only dark stain put by law enforcement agencies on snow-white reputation of church. There in a cellar of "the Christian center" … the torment camera found.

"The life word" buys up real estate. There is at them "lodge" on the street of Gorky, there is a multicase boarding house (!) at entrance on the Arabatsky arrow, on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street the huge 4-floor office flaunts. The church has "the" kindergarten, production of eurowindows, furniture, bathroom equipment is arranged.

The pastor of church built to himself the big two-storeyed house and bought … Ferrari. To what скоромничать? At such turns it is quite possible to change for a wheel of the sports car of astronomical cost. Yes here only purchase backfired - having dispersed to incredible speed, the head of "The life word" had an accident. Also I died on the spot …

Now Denis Kulish, the young man who, on numerous responses, "wants to change everything" is appointed the new pastor. But, on the same numerous responses, "if it will twitch, will suddenly die". Too everything took roots, and too big money turns there. All are happy, all eat the pieces of pie. So why something to change?

We don't ask them permission

Some statements of his heads are published on the official website of the rehabilitation center. These statements are available to anyone:

Administrator of Life Word church

EDUARD Golovko

Closely we cooperate with law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's office and through our mutual understanding we reach certain results … Being at us on the rehabilitation, the person dependent on drug is safe for society. Thus, the crime becomes under control. We assume responsibility for its lifelong rehabilitation, putting in it priorities of Christian morals. We not панькаемся with it, and learn to help and care. More than 300 people received freedom from drug and any more don't wish to come back to the criminal past.They become volunteers of our organization to help and to another with this problem. And we have all powers and sufficient authoritative influence in the solution of problems of dependence which became today global for mankind …

Attendant of the center of rehabilitation

ANTON Cheremisin

It needs to be separated from society, and sometimes without asking him on that permission. I repeat that the addict under "high" isn't capable to make the correct decision therefore often us for the help ask sozavisimy the addict, that is his native. Previously having communicated with dependent or its native (from their opinion and the decision we have an overall picture in the help to their family), we acquaint them with our technique of work, terms of rehabilitation and rules of the rehabilitation center. We stipulate some nuances concerning the one to whom the help is directly necessary, we process documents of reception and only then we begin work with the addict whom we accepted on rehabilitation …

We summarize - half kept dark organization kidnapping people and using a slave labor operates on the territory of our state. In the domestic legislation there is no mention that drug addicts aren't citizens of Ukraine. But citizens "separate from society, without asking them on that permission". Thus, actions of "attendants" of the center accurately fall under article 146 UK of Ukraine "Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping". Point third of this article says: "3. The acts provided by parts of the first or second present article, made by the organized group or the entailed heavy consequences, are punished by imprisonment for a period of five till ten years".

But activity of the organization proceeds. If someone states the discontent - receives a hole, a chain, execution. By what right people kidnap, torture, force to work for free? By right "close interaction with law enforcement agencies"? Or in Genichesk the Criminal Code doesn't work? Perhaps, there any special, "the genichesky code"? The code mixed on "омерте" - the silence law, and on the principle of mutual responsibility?

In view of the fact that the Life Word church opens all new and new branches in areas of our country, the Security service of Ukraine should approach with all care to a question of consideration of activity of this organization …

Anatoly Shary


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