Bigwigs of underground business: Cherkassk "the konvertatsionny center" served 4 regions of Ukraine

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The underground konvertatsionny center operating under the guise of legal open company was exposed the opera of tax police of GPI of by Cherkass. About 30 enterprises from the Kiev, Cherkassk, Nikolaev and Hmelnitsky areas used services of financial underground workers. Only by estimation during the period from 2007 to 2008 through the bank account of "office" of the girl managed "проконвертировать" nearly 20 million UAH

As the service of the Public tax administration of the Cherkassk area reported pres-, organized criminal business 48 - summer черкасщанин. He officially also directed society activity. That is, I employed employees and I ran all business the economic enterprises. Some employed clerks appended signatures on accounting documents, submitted the reporting to appropriate authorities, received in bank cash, etc., etc. One more ally on underground business helped the girl to that made primary accounting and tax documents. During a search in its apartment militiamen withdrew the press, forms of the transit enterprises, and the computer equipment by means of which the necessary for business primary accounting and tax documents for production acquisition prepared.

Thus "konvertator" made beztovarny operations on realization of grain, construction materials and sugar. The enterprises received on the bank account withdrew money cash. Naturally, the tax on transactions anybody to pay and didn't think. As a result the state received less taxes on total amount more than one million hryvnias.

Besides, "underground workers" created one more enterprises, having registered it on figureheads. New "office", according to an idea, had to make a transfer of non-cash money in cash. However to carry out conceived it wasn't possible, and "konvertator" couldn't draw any kopek from account. The tax police managed to block the settlement account of the enterprise, having blocked 90,2 thousand UAH

Upon forgery and not payment of taxes in especially large sizes, concerning the organizer underground business - the center, the prosecutor's office of the Cherkassk area brought criminal case.

When began to smell fried, one of delok tried to disappear, but soon, it was detained at the railway station of the regional center. Also the organizer of underground business got to embraces of militiamen also.


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