The Kiev doner kebab - 10 hryvnias and you are the infectious patient

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Only in the capital about 6000 booths work with a doner kebab and jotas - mastiffs. Exact quantity don't call even in a vetmilition. To what exactly treat hungry citizens, it is for certain not known, but demand for fried meat smelling as spices is steadily high. Thus many dealers фаст - foot know about sanitary standards only by hearsay.


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In the first week of fall Management of veterinary militia carried out inspections of doubtful outlets with fried chicken meat and hot dogs. The result terrifies.

In seven days managed to check only forty one objects. The majority of them work without any permissions. Rare dealers could show documents on raw materials, sellers work without sanitary books and in terrible conditions. Some booths - violators simply took down, activity of the others suspended.

- Active work on identification of violators in the sphere of trade is conducted by meat products the last four years, - the acting head of department of veterinary militia of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Nikolay Skok speaks. - If on meat there are no documents, it is withdrawn. Sometimes the owner promises to show papers next day, then raw materials close in the refrigerator, seal up and leave to it on responsible storage. But not always it is possible to wait while it will show all permissions and quality certificates.

Nature abhors a vacuum

War of militiamen with sellers of rotten meat - occupation necessary, but, unfortunately, ineffective. Though, unlike other supervisory authorities, guards have the right not to warn the enterprise in advance about preparing raid, especially if information on illegal actions in an outlet is received.

The matter is that at veterinary militia in all that concerns punishment guilty, hands are tied. Means of influence available to them don't cause a big loss to violators.Withdrawal of party of substandard goods at the businessman, of course, will afflict him, but especially won't frighten.

Even dismantle of trade tent turns for the dealer only into empty efforts - nobody will prevent it to put near the destroyed stall just the same "twin" with fried dead chickens. The striking example of that closing of one stall - a nursery of enteric infections - involves opening new in the neighbourhood, - the case which has occurred near Shulyavskaya metro station.

In April of the current year the vetmilition appeared suddenly in mentioned ларечек with check. On the first floor people in white aprons, smiling, fed the people, and on the second the next portion of meat waited for the turn. It pickled directly in rusty wash basins, dirty rags around rolled, nearby there was a cat's bowl. Over all this swarm insects curled. Certainly, an institution closed. And soon across the road there was a new.

The other day the stall near "Shulyavskaya" again was visited by veterinary militia. Certainly, I found the mass of violations - on meat in number of 58 kg there were no veterinary references, testimonies of quality and permissions of a sanepidemstantion. Meat withdrew, the statement drew up, ordered to stop production realization without appropriate documents. And the booth and nowadays there - costs, trades.

Eat on health!

Question of responsibility and businessmen - illegal immigrants, and officials, it is groundless giving out permissions to trade, very painful. Even if, having eaten a ruddy chicken a grill, the client gets to hospital with sharp food poisoning, the owner of a booth is threatened by ridiculous punishment.

- When to us information arrives that where - that trade in substandard production, check is appointed, - Nikolay Skok claims. - If revealed violations - the owner is attracted to an adminotvetstvennost, the penalty pays.

Recently 16 people including children, having treated with a doner kebab near Lesnaya metro station, got to hospital with the diagnosis "sharp enteric infection". But the businessman won't answer before victims. He will pay a penalty, probably, will lose this point, but any compensation to the poisoned people won't pay and the more so won't incur criminal liability - there is no crime structure. In militia there are no data even, how many people, откушав some meat, pleased on a hospital bed. To prove that the doner kebab became the reason of disorder of intestines, it is impossible.


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