The Sevastopol state television accuse of censorship

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The public committee the Ukrainian Sevastopol accuses the management of the Sevastopol regional state broadcasting company of censorship and promotion use. Not admission in the air of the author of the book telling in particular about activity of separatist and pro-Russian movements in the Crimea in 1996-2002

was the cause for charges

About it it is spoken in the statement of public committeeThe Ukrainian Sevastopol.

He accuses TV company of violation of article 15 of the Constitution of Ukraine in which it is specified that censorship is forbidden also articles 171 of the Criminal code of Ukraine which accurately specifies punishment for preventing of lawful professional activity of journalists.

In the statementThe Ukrainian Sevastopolclaims that "the political analyst of the newspaper Fleet of Ukraine, the expertRadio FreedomandBee - Bee - XiIgor Losev two days ago presenting the bookSevastopol - the Crimea - Ukraine: chronicle of information fight, in spite of the fact that he was invited by the journalist of TV company, didn't let on the air".

Therefore, it is spoken in the statement,Public committee the Ukrainian Sevastopol"qualifies a scandalous case for the state broadcasting company as "censorship from SRGTRK management".

Besides, in committee emphasize that "concealment as the propaganda weapon still remains in an arsenal of administrators of an information field, in particular, in Sevastopol".

The Ukrainian SevastopolI called National council concerning television and radio to draw organizational and personnel conclusions.

Igor Losev's bookSevastopol - the Crimea - Ukraine: chronicle of information fightit is devoted to history of ideological opposition in Sevastopol from 1996 to 2002 when there was a rigid fight for territorial integrity of Ukraine. The book opens also antistate activity of separatist and pro-Russian movements and leaders in Sevastopol and to the Crimea.


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