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Not so long ago from a position of the deputy head of the Secretariat of the President Alexander Chaly - "agent" of Industrial Union of Donbass corporation (ISD) in Victor Yushchenko's political camp was dismissed. Its dismissal coincided not only with extreme extent of strain of relations between the President and the prime minister, but also with signing by ISD corporation of the contract on shipyard privatization in Gdynia which can lead to the next problems with European Commission.

The ISD-Polska company entering into Industrial Union of Donbass corporation which acts as the buyer of a shipyard in Gdynia, acquired earlier shares of the Gdansk shipyard. "The rusting monument to a socialism" as the European press calls the Gdansk shipyard, was on sale for debts, and ISD for quite some time now had a habit "to buy up cheap European scrap metal". For 83% of actions of the Polish shipbuilding plant 30 million euros were given, and 90 million more euros have to be paid in the form of investments during 2008.

However such enterprises demand not so much money, how many aerobatics in a menedzhirovaniye. While improvement of the Gdansk shipyard goes inertly. And seeing it, the European Commission obliged the Polish government to submit within the shortest terms the program of measures for a conclusion from crisis of shipyards in Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin. Otherwise Poland should return European Union doktation for the sum of 1,5 billion euros which were allocated in recent years for support of ship-building branch. The Polish party in turn requested 750 million zloties (about $307 million) from "daughter" of "The industrial union of Donbass" ISD-Polska. The company agreed to return only $24,5 million

The main thesis which advances ISD, the Gdansk shipyard we didn't buy, and increased the share in it therefore any obligations didn't assume. Already almost doesn't raise doubts that ahead history repetition with Huta Stali CzCstochowa. We will remind that, having privatized in 2004 the Polish metallurgical complex of Huta Stali CzCstochowa, ISD refused to return 2 billion.zloties of grants. The scandal which has developed into long judicial proceedings as a result of which ISD paid 29 million zloties inflamed. In this case Vitaly Gayduk's structure plans to fight for even more modest figure.

It isn't pleasant to the Polish party, and isn't excluded that when Victor Yushchenko together with the Polish president Lech Kaczyñski flied to support Mikheil Saakashvili, between them the conversation devoted to projects of the Ukrainian corporations in Poland was struck up. It is possible to assume hypothetically that the sense of conversation was reduced to the following: certainly, an exposition "Ukraine to the world" from a personal collection of the head of board of directors of ISD Sergey Taruta which we opened in Warsaw, this significant event but why every time when we sell something to this corporation, our country appears in a debt to the European Union?

I think, to Victor Andreevich to whom in the conditions of political crisis support of leaders of the European Union countries is necessary, didn't remain anything else how to let know: this business not from its team, is team of the prime minister.

Personnel castling with Chaly was made very opportunely: the problem of the Gdansk shipyard, as well as other assets of ISD abroad, can become again actual soon when the European Commission will receive on the statement the agreement on shipyard in Gdynia. Opponents of cooperation with ISD will long not look for arguments of the correctness.

The European Commission carried out in due time a detailed inspection of observance by Hungary of norms of EU regarding providing the state help to metallurgical complex to Dunaferr which bought by a song by ISD corporation and has received the name ISD Dunaferr. In parallel with it there was sensational article in the Nemzet Madyar newspaper which made public the scheme allowing owners of Dunaferr and Huta Stali CzCstochowa to stay afloat. It appeared that both enterprises receive the electric power from the companies - intermediaries who buy the Ukrainian electric power at the low prices and System Consulting (Hungary) and Zomar (Poland) resell. The co-owner of Zomar Stanislav Adamyak - the honourable consul of Ukraine in Poland. A System Consulting belongs to László Kapoyi to the richest deputy of the Hungarian parliament. As the newspaper, "writes the agreement on deliveries of the cheap Ukrainian electric power, to earn allowing Kapoyi to $300 million. in a year, it was concluded by the state enterprise "Ukrinterenergo" in 2003 when the power block of the government Vitaly Gayduk directed.In exchange ISD corporation has opportunity to receive the cheap Ukrainian electric power for the iron and steel works in Dunayvaroshe".

"The power scheme" adjoins to the tax. In August of this year business newspapers reported that GNAU opened criminal cases on a row financially - industrial groups which minimize taxes. In particular, according to GNAU, "The industrial union of Donbass" was noticed in connection with fictitious firm "Vesna" which helped to evade four domestic FPG from payment of the VAT for 400 million UAH

The high-ranking source in GNAU told that the technology looked as follows: the company at the underestimated cost sold production (аглоруду, preparations for plastic bottles, it is combustible - lubricants) through 25 transit and fictitious firms. It allowed the enterprises to reduce tax obligations and to bring profit to the fictitious companies, and to final buyers to increase the tax credit and to demand illegal return of the VAT. As tax specialists reported, producers of production, by the way, were Dneprovsky metallurgical complex of. Dzerzhinsky and Alchevsky metallurgical complex (entering ISD corporation).

All this says that the separate Ukrainian companies (for example, ISD) have serious problems with management of the property both in Ukraine, and beyond its limits. They use such long ago outdate receptions, as accumulation of problem property, leaving from payment of taxes, application of schemes in which the part of expenses (for example, on power supply) for them bears the state. Finally such strategy threatens them with the serious troubles one of which there can be a distancing of politicians from them. And without support on the company power with a problemkny menedzhirovaniye, as a rule, don't survive.


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