Who are you, Mr. "With"?

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Source: Rupor.info

In that citizens won't elect Ivan Kulichenko again on a post of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, every day trusts more and more politicians and mixed figures of local scale. The public opinion inclines to a conclusion - who will be the new mayor we don't know, but is exact - not Ivan Ivanovich. Reached before that the people unknown to the general public believed in the victory over Kulichenko even. For example, what citizens know about full to the namesake of the present mayor Ivan Ivanovich Stupak? Yes practically anything. If this person also know, as one of numerous vice-chairmen of the regional council cutting in the regional centers red ribbons, speaking from a tribune the written speeches, and taking part in infinite meetings and meetings. In such role it is better not to approach to voters … And g - N Stupak dreaming, according to people close to it, about a chair of the mayor, decided to correct such situation. For the sake of what I created public organization with the pathos name "Law and Honour".

Political strategists from Ivan Ivanovich Vtory's team probably considered that the organization with such name will organically approach to an image of "security officer" Stupak. The image of "a strong hand" is that image with which Ivan Ivanovich will go to voters. To those voters which a little that know about real service of - on Stupak in power structures. And this service was, to put it mildly, ambiguous.

Ewan Stupak - the native of SBU, structure closed therefore information on his past hasn't enough. There are only hearings in which it is possible to believe or not. So, say that the attitude of "security officers" towards him was, to put it mildly, cool, and when Ivan Ivanovich left this service, his many colleagues went into the real holiday - say, got rid.

Sighed with relief and many builders - Stupak "supervised" the land questions in SBU.In its stay by the deputy chief of the Dnepropetrovsk USBU "security officers" become the main players in the earth market. "the power monopoly" is promoted by Stupak's rapprochement with the regional prosecutor Vladimir Shuboy … After emergence of such sheaf not one "delicious" plot in Dnepropetrovsk didn't remain unaddressed this couple …

In parallel Ivan Ivanovich supervised fight against smuggling (as obliges he was engaged in corruption suppression) in local SBU. As a result depending on it there were all large distribution networks which are engaged in realization of household appliances, and importing it on the territory of Ukraine various ways, sometimes - very doubtful. At one time the distribution network of "El Dorado" which many connect with the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, tried to show independence. "Eldoradovtsa" probably considered that additional communications when passing customs aren't necessary to them. In Dnepropetrovsk at them large problems resulted - unknown set fire at once to two shops …

However completely Ivan Ivanovich's talent revealed during opposition of the largest Dnepropetrovsk businessmen Valery Shamotiya (Logos corporation) and Vadim Yermolaev (Alef corporation). In this war of g - N Stupak was on Yermolaev's side. The chief local the Organized Crime Control Department Eduard Shevchenko supported Shamotiya. After short fight "security officers" met, and concluded the settlement agreement, having divided the Dnepropetrovsk businessmen among themselves. To misters Shamoty and Yermolaev of anything else didn't remain how to follow the example of "roofs", and to stop war. Today they are partners, and together finance the Samopomoshch organization …

From SBU Ivan Ivanovich passed into militia - to a position of the chief of regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There it met without hot embraces - as it is known, militiamen and "security officers" long since can't suffer each other especially as the opposition fact about the Organized Crime Control Department for spheres of influence took place to be. Besides Stupak's nonprofessionalism was simply scandalous that skilled detectives at once noted - at it the militia "missed" serial murderers - three bespredelshchik from provided families some months to the right and on the left killed old men, children, women, and Ivan Ivanovich and his subordinates in any way didn't want to admit the fact that in the territory of area maniacs boss. On whose conscience today blood of innocent victims of murderers? Let and indirectly, on and on the one who directed regional militia.And when today Stupak reports about himself as about the leader of Honour and Law human rights organization, there is a question: "Where there were a Honour and the Law when the militia stayed idle? ". Whether the colonel Stupak will be responsible for it?

But at this time law enforcement agencies start closing the konvertatsionny centers actively. Evil tongues say that at these operations the actual sums of the withdrawn means much more exceeded the figures which are entering in minutes. Where this money went? In the budget? On development of someone's business? And can on election campaign?.

During the office activity of g - N Stupak becomes very rich person. With his name connect a number of successful commercial projects. It, first of all, some Kaktus restaurants and a multipurpose institution at the corner of Karl Marx Avenue and Barrikadnaya Street (there the new expensive casino opened recently). By the way, despite historical and architectural value the new owner to unrecognizability spoiled this ancient house … Question: really Ivan Ivanovich "untwisted" all these expensive commercial projects for the modest salary? …

It is possible to present only that will be with Dnepropetrovsk if it "the strong hand" as Ewan Stupak starts directing such. The same house at the corner of Barrikadny - Karl Marx was so reconstructed that "got out" on the sidewalk, and now there is no place to park the car. This experience, probably, Ivan Ivanovich thinks to move to all city. And all its force on themselves will be felt, most likely, only by businessmen. The criminals feeling freely in the city on Dnepr when Ewan Stupak headed local militia, special discomfort, apparently, won't feel.


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