The privatized court

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While politicians in Kiev break a spear round judicial reform, trying to crush courts under itself, on places "reform" goes at full speed. And, reaches marasmus - the state courts turn into family business. And purpose of any enterprise that? Correctly, - profit. Here also "earn" …

The decision of Seaside district court of Mariupol of 30.11.2007 on a civil case No. 2-1818/2007 (the judge Sarayev of I.A.) requirements of the claimant were met. That is, on the statement of the citizen Mazurik V. M. to the Mariupol city council(!)the court answered positively. Also I passed the decision on recognition valid the house arrangement on house No. 20a purchase and sale on Copernicus Lane in Mariupol between Mazurik V. M. and Marrow G.M.

The seaside district court as recognized the property right to the specified house for the citizen Mazurik V. M. Sud didn't confuse that fact that the actual owner of the house No. 20a on Copernicus Lane in general - that is G.M.'s Vegetable marrows, and the statement of claim why - that moves to the Mariupol city council which has the same relation to this house as we to judicial reform.

At the level of common sense it is called "to include the fool". And judges, it would seem adults, pretend that understand nothing and "include" this fool to the full extent. It is simpler to put on an act, than to patch the tragedy. If you think that in a court session of Seaside district court on consideration of the statement of claim of Mazurik V. M. was caused G.M.'s Vegetable marrows and the court listened to its explanations, your naivety knows no limit. The venerable court of the citizen Kabachkov didn't ask about anything, than again подтверждил truth - people share on on whom it is possible to rely and on on whom it is possible to put. To crown it all, crying shames don't love noise. Therefore, to mutual pleasure of the parties, i.e. judges of Sarajevo of I.A. and Mazurik V. M., everything was solved amicably, without excess vanity and unnecessary details.

Kabachkov's destiny?. It is represented that it to it was prepared the gloomy. Most likely with a premature lethal outcome.On what such assumption is based - the reader will understand having learned about the thinnest legal subtlety of this business - about that as in general such indicative abscess of justice on - Mariupol was opened and found.

All the matter is that in May of this year the investigative department of Seaside regional department of militia brought three criminal cases on the facts of a premeditated murder from mercenary motives of citizens of Nikitin M. A. V.N. and Abdalov N. N. Is severe. Next day these criminal cases were united in one. During carrying out investigative actions it was established that the group of persons, on preliminary arrangement, for several years committed murders of citizens for the purpose of a taking them property. Thus our hero in this group, allegedly, carried out a role of the organizer and the performer concerning alienation and privatization of property of victims. Including real estate.

Now charges on established facts are brought to it, and it stays under guards in a pre-trial detention center No. 7 of Mariupol.

During the investigation of group "activity" also it was established that recently suspected Mazurik V. M. by means of the decision of Seaside district court became the owner of the house No. 20a on Copernicus Lane in Mariupol. In justification of the requirements, Mazurik submitted to court the contract of purchase and sale for this house, the receipt on behalf of Kabachkov about receiving money by it for the sale of the house certified by citizens by Ozherelyevy O. V. and Bloodless V.S., and as the reference BTI (bureau of technical inventory) of Mariupol.

The field investigators who have glanced in this address, found in Kabachkov G. M. who was peacefully engaged in economic affairs yard. It also explained сыскарям that it got this house by inheritance from the late mother, he lives in it since 1991, pays bills for zhilishchno - utilities, and had never heard of any transaction on house sale. He didn't sign any contracts of purchase and sale and didn't make out, money for the sold house from anybody didn't receive and receipts didn't give. And who such Mazurik V. M. at all doesn't know as in eyes I didn't see him.

Interrogated as the witness on criminal case the Bloodless V.S. which allegedly has testified in the receipt of Kabachkov the fact of transfer of money from Mazurik, explained to the investigator that hears about it for the first time and it the signature didn't certify any receipts. Similar evidences were given by Ozherelyev O. V.

The circle became isolated and presented us with a fait accompli: law letters in Primorsk district court develop in bad words.In defiance of the civil procedural legislation, the court didn't investigate all proofs on a civil case; as the codefendant didn't subpoena Kabachkov G. M. and didn't interrogate neither it, nor Bloodless, Ozherelyeva. The established fact of absence of the arrangement between Marrow G.M. and Mazurik V. M. about house No. 20a purchase and sale on Copernicus Lane as the obvious fact of failure to pay the state duty wasn't established at submission of the statement of claim wasn't court. And as the proof the Seaside district court filed the reference of BTI issued with the worst violations of the current legislation. It was at all the reference, and so, it is possible to tell a candy wrapper. But the Seaside district court of Mariupol in evidential base accepts also "candy wrappers".

Moreover, Mazurik V. M., during the investigation of the above-named criminal case, declared that - - to - го in Seaside district court he didn't declare the claim, proofs to court didn't show, in court sessions (as it is reflected in the protocol of a court session of the judge of Sarajevo) part at all didn't take. And only from the faithful little man I received from court documents on the property right to the house No. 20a on Copernicus Lane. Also I became the full house owner. Soon, probably, something would solve and with Marrow …

About what tell all these facts of administration of justice in Primorsk district court of Mariupol? Certainly and unambiguously they testify to purity of hands of judicial officials. The evil spirit in clean hands - is invincible! Especially where behind scales of justice the figure of the seller with an honourable badge on a cloak "A trowel of the business" flashes.

Hero of our hard times

So, on closer examination, is Seaside district court where the poor in spirit is fed from rich with experience. Entertaining establishment, whether you know... The property right to rooms in the building of the court located on Stroiteley Ave., 52-and, belongs to the Public judicial administration of Ukraine in Donetsk region and... to private enterprise JSC Megatrans on the basis of the decision of the same Seaside district court of Mariupol of 14.06.2004

It in spite of the fact that the Mariupol city council transferred the unfinished building only and only under court placement. And, nevertheless, on 3-I eat a floor of Seaside district court of Mariupol premises of JSC Megatrans are located. Respectively, in them use the electric power, services of a water utility, a heating system, the sewerage...Also in court lawyers of Donetsk regional Bar (in 4-x offices on 1 - m a floor) comfortably settled down, and two private lawyers (two more offices), one of which are necessary the lawful spouse to the chairman of Seaside district court Luzan V. V.

But that is interesting, - according to the submitted documents from "Mariupolteploset", from municipal water sewer economy, from "Donetskoblenergo" - the only subscriber of the specified enterprises for the specified address (to Stroiteley Ave., 52-and) is Management of the Public judicial administration of Ukraine in Donetsk region represented by Seaside district court of Mariupol. In other words, all expenses for consumption zhilishchno - utilities in the building of court are paid by exclusively judicial administration, i.e. we, as taxpayers. Lawyers and businessmen don't participate in these payments. Here it is interesting, how many it is necessary to pay so lightly to get off?

But on it privatization of public institution - Seaside district court didn't end. Even more marvelous facts began to emerge. So in April of the current year, in one of reportings of local TV channel frames of any construction literally at a front stairs of court flashed. As - that suddenly and accidentally under walls of district court the whole ditch of decent depth was formed. Began to find out who it was so developed in construction works on real estate object construction. By specialists of the Mariupol interdistrict department of management in control of use and protection of lands in Donetsk region it was established that the land allotment is used by the business owner Balashova O. V. for reconstruction of trade pavilion in capital shop on the acquaintance to us to the address - Stroiteley Ave., 52-and. I.e. to the address of an arrangement of Seaside district court of Mariupol. There is even a decision of the Mariupol city council and the lease contract of the land plot of 0, 0105 hectares in size is signed. At the actual measurement of the area it was established that the land allotment from the one 100-th hectare turned in a magic way in the one tenth hectare. But same trifles. Hundred part there, hundred part here...

Agree, some things are so obvious that there is no sense to call them the names. But nevertheless one question haunts - whether the businessman Balashova O. V. build the shop end-to-end to the building of Seaside district court if her father - Vladimir Vasilyevich Luzan didn't serve in this court as the chairman?

Poll of the workers bossing with Lomami and shovels under walls vessels, showed that all of them work in "Stroyindastri's" state of emergency and carry out orders of his director Yu.S. Rusin. The last, in turn, gave already written explanations that its enterprise performs construction works without the approved project, without provided by the legislation of Ukraine of permissions and coordination for the beginning of construction works, without the signed turnkey contract.

Why? - The director Rusin explained that all works are performed on the oral arrangement with the chairman of Seaside district court of Mariupol Luzan V. V. with whom it is long ago in the friendly relations. On the same friendship Luzan V. V. allocated in the building of court, public institution, we will notice, the certain room where hard workers - builders changed clothes, stored the tool and from where took water for needs of building. About where celebrated big need on small need and who paid all this and from whose pocket we will delicately keep silent.

In the face of almost semi-million city without being thawed, with a call and contempt for public opinion, the chain of illegal actions round the Justice building, let and regional scale is built.

At first it share on equal footing with Megatrans private enterprise in which, well, purely incidentally, to this event the son-in-law Luzana V. V. - somebody Balashov Yury Vyacheslavovich worked yuristkonsulty. Then Balashova O. V., the daughter of the chairman of Seaside district court Luzan V. V., rents at the Mariupol city council near this court a slice of a zemlitsa for a period of 3 years. On tenantry self-willedally puts a trade booth the right of a private property on which is legalized... the decision of Seaside district court of 04.07.2005 (judge Panteleev D. G.). Having legalized construction of a booth, Balashova O. V., due to the need of reconstruction of it in shop, appeals in the City Council of Mariupol reconstruction to allow and to add zemlitsa. Why isn't present? As not порадеть to the good person! These are veterans of war go to the City Council with requests for the earth as restless. From Balashova everything is solved easily and quickly. Especially it has all under the Law, all on court... On behalf of Ukraine! ! !

Conclusions about illegality of the decisions made by Seaside district court of Mariupol, the Appellate court of Donetsk region, these decisions confirmed the cancelled.As for actions of the chairman of Seaside district court Luzan V. V., the Head Department of the public judicial administration of Ukraine is informed of them in Donetsk region for carrying out office investigation. However, information on results of such investigation while why - that to Mariupol didn't arrive. And from Donetsk regional prosecutor's office a complete silence … Maybe it is necessary to ask soldiers of "a monarchic eye": Whether "And you made everything that could; whether got tired from fight; whether the indifference crept in in you? " …

All want good - don't give it!

09.06.2008 years by law enforcement agencies of Primorsky district of Mariupol it was established that about 16 hours the official of Seaside department of the public executive service of the Mariupol justice department - the deputy chief of Wheaten N.V. in its office office No. 403, before holding the auction on realization of part of the apartment which is under arrest, received the sum of 6 000 US dollars (29 094 UAH at the rate of NBU). The person who at holding the auction had to become a winner gave it money and acquire the right for 1/2 apartments. After obtaining the specified sum, approximately in half an hour, Wheaten N.V. transferred all money to the chief Balashov Yu.V. (yes, yes - to that, which son-in-law of the chairman of Seaside district court Luzan V. V.) in the Opel — Vektra car with number AN 3525 AH. Money remained in the car and next day. About 13 hours 10.06.2008 all sum was found and withdrawn from this car which Balashov Yu.V. operated. On the same day on charge of the chief of executive service Balashov Yu.V. Wheaten N.V.'s his deputy and state performer of Nikolaev of Ampere-second. criminal case No. 20-21382 on signs of the crime provided ч.2 by Art. 368 of UK of Ukraine was brought.

It was during the investigation established that to a position of the chief of executive service Balashov Yu.V. it was appointed not only without having three-year length of service in public service, but also without having the higher education. Chief state performer of Seaside OGIS Nikolaev A.S. I worked in a position also without having the higher education.

On July 7, 2008 judge of Seaside district court Chebanov A.O. the resolution on Balashov Yu.V. capture was taken out. under guards. July 15, 2008. The appellate court of Donetsk region left this decision without changes. Balashev Yu.V.- the big person, the chief of the public executive service through which hands all passed tovarno - the material values confiscated by border and customs service throughout all frontier from Novoazovsk to Mariupol. Realization of all these values was arranged with decisions of only Seaside district court of Mariupol. More "sweet" place, under the certificate of knowing people, it is difficult not that to find in Donbass - even to present: to the son-in-law in hands all floats, the father-in-law directs and settles streams, the daughter - the business owner and has the right, and the wife the lawyer...

And so, ranking officer Balashov Yu.V. I didn't find anything the best how to hide from a consequence in the apartment of the father-in-law Luzana V. V. Zhena of the chairman of Seaside district court Luzan E.N. 18.07.2008 I declared years to the investigator of prosecutor's office of Primorsky district that her son-in-law Balashov Yu.V. is together with it in the apartment and anywhere won't leave. Respectively, and to employees of militia it didn't open a door. What here the wonderful? The people esteemed as gods, really lose over time human lines and sense of reality. And, nevertheless, calculation on inviolability of a figure of the judge, the chairman, the inhabitant of heaven and his dwelling didn't come true. Militiamen got all necessary permissions, by means of "Bulgarian" doors in Luzan V. V. apartment and his son-in-law Balashov Yu.V. are cut off. it is detained like under handles are white. And the city thought - doctrines go!.


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