As a result of special operation Nikolaev Ubopovtsev and their Chernigov colleagues was released the hostage whom nearly two days tortured the armed malefactors

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As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", yesterday, on September 14, in the Chernigov area as a result of joint operation of employees the Organized Crime Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area and the staff of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bakhmatsky area in Chernigov areas is released the security guard of one of Voznesensky's schools of the region of the Nikolaev area, the man of 1954 year of birth.

On September 13 four unknown in masks in the city of Voznesensk kidnapped the victim, put him in the car and took out to the village Baturin of the Chernigov area where kept connected in a cellar of one of houses of nearly two days. Criminals demanded return of a nonexistent debt.

As a result of carried out quickly - search actions, on suspicion in commission of this crime four persons are detained. One of them, the inhabitant of the Chernigov area of 1953 year of birth, earlier judged for hooliganism, two 18 - summer Roma, and also Voznesensky's inhabitant of the area who was the organizer of this crime.

As it was succeeded to learn, to Voznesensky's inhabitant of the area the victim, allegedly, I owed a large sum of money. Business all that the organizer of stealing some time ago declared to fellows villager that won in a lottery "джек - sweat" and I went I bragged on the village of "an advantageous piece of paper". When the lottery ticket at it was gone, he accused of loss of the neighbor who in a consequence and stole together with accomplices.

The hunting carbine was withdrawn from detainees "Saiga", the unregistered gas revolver, the pneumatic machine gun of joint stock company-47, a gas spray, a rubber bludgeon and handcuffs. On signs of h. 3 Art. 146 of UK of Ukraine (Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping - is punished by imprisonment for up to 10 years) regional department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area are brought by Voznesensky criminal case.


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