For Rada dissolution neokoalitsiant will put Yushchenko behind bars?

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BYuT and Party of Regions suggest to enter criminal liability for illegal dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. The relevant bill was registered yesterday in parliament. The same document deputies intend to toughen responsibility for preventing to carrying out meetings and demonstrations up to a life imprisonment. In the Secretariat of the president this legislative initiative call absurdity.
.meta_.meta_search.meta_ div#meta_news_ div#meta_news_block153 div#meta_news_block153 div#meta_news_block153 p div#meta_news_block153 p div#meta_news_block153 p Yesterday in the morning deputies from Party of Regions and BYuT - Alexander Lavrinovich, Andrey Portnov and Svyatoslav Oliynyk - registered the bill No. 3151 providing carrying out "additional actions for ensuring implementation of the Constitution". On the official site of parliament the document wasn't published, but "Kommersant" was succeeded to study its text.

The bill assumes modification of three articles of the Criminal Code (CC), and all of them concern crisis political situations. The main initiative of the bill - addition to Art. 109 of UK establishing responsibility for "commission of the actions directed on violent change or overthrow of the constitutional system or usurpation of the government". One only addition to this article deputies can provoke the president Victor Yushchenko, and without that aggressively adjusted in relation to the PR and BYuT union, to sharper statements to the largest parliamentary fractions. Authors of the bill suggest to enter criminal liability for the president for illegal dissolution of parliament: "Government usurpation by the early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada by the way contradicting the Constitution, is punished by imprisonment for a period of 7 till 12 years".

- It is nonsense top, the certificate of that politicians lost hold on reality in the legislative initiatives! It is characteristic that this bill, as well as previous, was prepared by joint efforts of Party of Regions and BYuT, - told "Kommersant" the People's Deputy Andriy Parubiy (WELL - NANOSECOND).

- In Art. 5 of the Constitution it is written down: "nobody can usurp the government". Here is how time on that this norm gained the development in the legislation, and is directed this bill, - explained "Kommersant" one of authors of the document, the first vice-the speaker Alexander Lavrinovich (PR).

The deputy head of the Secretariat of president Igor Pukshin, having learned from "Kommersant" about contents of the bill, I burst out laughing.

- From the point of view of common sense it is absurdity! It is similarly possible to provide criminal liability for acceptance by deputies of unconstitutional laws, - he told. According to him, in this legislative initiative there is no "objective party of structure of a crime".

- At the early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada of usurpation of the power isn't present, as the person which has made such decision (the president. - the edition), doesn't assume additional powers, - Igor Pukshin emphasized.

Representatives of BYuT and PR suggest to make also changes to Art. 340 of UK defining responsibility for "illegal preventing of the organization or to carrying out meetings and demonstrations". According to authors of the bill, deprivation of their freedom from three to six years has to be adequate punishment for commission of such actions by law enforcement officers, the military personnel of armed forces, SBU, internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Management of state protection. For the relevant order or the order punishment even more rigid - imprisonment from five to ten years. If as a result of actions of law enforcement officers or military people are lost, the court will be able to appoint guilty a life imprisonment.

One more change offered by deputies, concerns UK Art. 341 ("capture of the state or public buildings or constructions"). The bill enters criminal liability and punishment in the form of imprisonment from two to five years for "creation of artificial barriers to use by statesmen of buildings or the constructions ensuring functioning of public authorities".Authors of the bill carry to state figures all highest officials of the country, in particular the president, the prime minister, the speaker, ministers, People's Deputies, members of the Central Electoral Commission and the head of the State property fund. As one of authors of the document, the People's Deputy Svyatoslav Oliynyk (BYUT) explained, such measure of punishment is established in order that employees of UGO and other militarized divisions "had no desire not to let the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada or the minister of the Cabinet or, for example, the president, in his secretariat".

- All three changes are directed on prevention of usurpation of the power from one of its institutes - the president, - Svyatoslav Oliynyk declared. According to him, thus deputies intend to insure themselves from rash orders of the head of state.

- When the president will understand that his scheme (permissions of political crisis. - the edition) doesn't pass, from it it is possible to expect unpredictable actions, including with use of power structures. Therefore we warn also him personally, and heads of the militarized divisions: sooner or later powers will end, and similar crimes of a limitation period have no. And criminal liability for such actions will be up to a life imprisonment, - mister Oliynyk emphasized.

- As they say, a thief can't hide his guilty feeling. They say that someone wants to take something, and meanwhile prepare for revolution, - declared Kommersant the deputy head of the Secretariat of president Igor Pukshin.

In Party of Regions and BYuT count that the bill this week will be approved by parliamentary committee on questions of legislative ensuring law-enforcement activity, and after - is accepted by deputies. We will note that from 17 members of this committee eight representatives of Party of Regions and three - BYuT. "I don't think that our committee will agree that such bills can be introduced in a hall. Though if to consider that they are brought by representatives of BYuT and Party of Regions, the majority (in committee. - the edition), of course, will be", - the deputy head of committee on questions of legislative providing Vladimir Stretovich (WELL - NANOSECOND) told.


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