Whether it is easy to struggle with "the computer swindler"?

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Computer choice - business serious. For purchase of the "car" corresponding to requirements and material resources of the user, it is necessary to have serious knowledge both in the field of the software, and in "iron" - in its accessories. Unfortunately, unfair sellers often "flog" to credulous buyers at all that is necessary for them. To the accountant - the design computer with the huge monitor and the impressive videocard, to the engineer - "the game computer", and to the businessman - something impressively looking, but lying in a warehouse on uselessness some months. How not to fall a victim "swindlers from iron", to us the director of Mitridat on Moscow firm Vitaly Zubtsov helps to understand.

- Vitaly, so with what all - it is necessary to begin a choice of the personal computer?

- We will begin with where it is worth buying the computer and where isn't present. And at once we will dig a little more deeply. What to choose? Ready computer or assembly to order? It seems that the ready computer is more reliable - it after all ready! Him not just like that brought together... Here not.... As a rule, ready computers which we see in supermarkets, represent the party of these or those cars collected by major computer company within their model range.

- Than actually the ready computer is so bad?

- In particular, imbalance. Very often it is possible to meet the computer which is switching on the following: 4-x nuclear processor, 4 Gb of random access memory and videocard 9600gt. What here not so? In - the first, 4-x the nuclear processor for stable work demands the high-quality motherboard (such payments, as a rule, cost not less than 100 dollars). In - the second, for full return it is necessary also fast random access memory.

Well, and if we want also to play modern games, and the videocard has to be powerful.

- And except?

Poor quality of assembly. As though strange didn't sound, but it so. Quality low, as in such cases try to put the cheapest firms of accessories from available to give visibility of that huge opportunities are behind the low price. Whether truth it? No, and once again not.Low-quality accessories are unreliable by definition. Besides, in this case it is necessary to be ready to certain problems with guarantee maintenance …

- Tell, on what it is necessary to pay attention directly at assembly?

We have 2 options of behavior of the buyer upon computer purchase depending on level of his knowledge:

The first: computer assembly under your needs, i.e. You come to this or that firm and you depict the opportunities necessary to you and requirements, limiting to the sum of possible costs. In this case it is better to walk on several firms and to consider the options offered by them. The second - a choice of accessories.

- And what you can advise in this case? If it is possible, is more detailed.

- Then one after another.

Processor- what processor to choose? Intel or AMD? 2-x nuclear or 4-x?

1. 4-x nuclear processors make sense, only if the computer is necessary to you for the professional activity connected with these or those calculations which take a lot of time.

2. In case of requirement in 4-x the nuclear processor it is necessary to watch only towards Intel - at present processors of this firm in a huge separation on all indicators.

3. 2-x nuclear processors. As it is sad, but the competition and here at present isn't present absolutely any. Superiority flag at Intel, and anything you won't do with it.

Further I will give some more examples of processors which should be taken depending on those means which you have.

50-70 dollars - е1200, е1400 - 2-x nuclear Celeron from Intel don't need the good motherboard, is cold and are sufficient is fast for the money.

150 dollars - е7200 - 2-x the nuclear processor already relating to the senior ruler and having fine indicators of speed and productivity.

230 dollars - е8400 - are very similar to higher model, but a little quicker, and also with the best characteristics.


Here everything is quite simple: if we assemble the cheapest computer, we look for the motherboard with built-in video, network and sound cards.

What producers to choose?

We will outline a circle the white line: Asus. Gigabyte. Abit - can be taken. The others aren't present. (in separate category we will take out XFX EVGA DFI - very good payments, but at us редкодоступны)

Concerning a chipset (logic of the motherboard):for the Intel processor it there has to be a logic from Intel for the AMD processor - the logician from Nvidia (nforce ***)

I will separately note that from the low price category Asus it is more preferable not to take - good motherboards at this company begin with price category from 120-130 dollars, i.e. it is more preferable other above brands.

Random access memory

At present for the vast majority of computers 1 type of memory - DDR2 is used only.

Therefore we will describe features of a choice for this case.

1) Frequency of memory has to be not less than 800 MHz.

2) 2 modules of random access memory of surely identical volume

have to be established

3) Good producers of memory at whom marriage very seldom meets.

Patriot A-data Hunix Goodram (one of the best elections) Kingmax Kingston

Extremely I don't recommend to look at OCZ: the number of marriage, failure, incompatibility is very great.

Also in a black list for myself I carry AM1 Apacer, PQI and Samsung.


We will consider the same aspects of a choice - beginning from a choice in the price range and finishing a choice of the producer and the general recommendations. Nvidiaили ATI?

At ATI pluses at present following: expensive (from 200 to 700 dollars) the ATI card at the equal price advances in a segment on the speed of the rivals from Nvidia a little.

But on Nvidia party drivers that doesn't force you to think of problems of start and operability of games are much more better.

Besides, owing to the last events, all videocards modern from Nvidia can work in a mode of acceleration of physics that becomes more and more actual.

Quality of payments and analog conclusion at Nvidia is besides higher that speaks about physical workmanship and reliability.

Cooling systems

The last series of fast beautiful ATI Radeon 4870 4850 4870х2 are awfully heated and at warming up noticeably and unpleasantly rustle. From - for this impressions of them are partially negative.

From producers for ATI are recommended: - the others I don't recommend to get Gigabyte Powercolor.

If you stopped the decision on system acquisition from Nvidia, I advise not to take Manli and other Chinese нонейм brands.

There is a separate wish to notice that at a choice from several similar payments at the price, it is better to give preference to cats with nerefensny (non-standard for this series of payments) cooling.

Hard disk

It is more preferable to use the SATA interface.

Buffer 4-8-16-32mb volume significantly doesn't influence speed. More the generation of the winchester in which it is released influences.

On producers it is possible to choose from Samsung and Seagate production; hard disks of other producers, in order to avoid a meeting with various shortcomings, aren't recommended for acquisition.

Depending on money we choose the model suitable you on volume of stored information.

Choice of reading and writing drives

Recommendations are short and extremely clear:

the interface - SATA;

producers - Samsung or Asus.

Power unit

At all variety of models in the market, the choice can be limited to only one producer - FSP and derivative of this company, i.e. power units, for example OCZ and Zalman in which there is production of the above firm.

Power is selected on your requirements and financial opportunities.

- Thanks for exhaustive recommendations. Where all - our readers can address to learn about the computer "under itself" even in more detail?

- These recommendations far not the exhaustive. Each separate case demands an individual approach. And it is possible to ask for the help always us to the address Moscow, 22 or by phone 71-17-17.


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