Byutovtsa beat the journalist

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On Tuesday, September 16 approximately around 19.30 during an action of the devoted memory of the journalist Georgy Gongadze attack on the editor the Internet - the editions of Vadim Gladchuk was made. About it the Tribune writes.

Also the edition reports the following: "Attack was made by two young people on June 26 participating in disorder of construction to a platform on Naberezhno - Kreshchatitskoy, 9. All began with public insults to the journalist Gladchuk which Igor Gurchik started crying out. "You are the selling journalist" and you issue the false newspaper "Pogromu.Net", - Gurchik at that moment shouted when Gladchuk put a candle to Gongadze's big portrait.

As notes, Gurchik on one of a press - conferences of V. Gladchuk and victims of gangster attack of builders from Yu Ai Pi Ltd firm publicly under a dictophone confessed earlier that took part in fence destruction around to a building site on the Hem. Now Podolsk RU of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Kiev investigates criminal case No. 57-1770 upon the hooliganism, 296 h provided by the Art. 2 UK Ukraine.

According to, after drawing verbal abuses Gurchik and his obviously tipsy companions from BYuT approached to Gladchuk and started pushing, striking blows with hands to a back and feet on knees, thus loudly publicly using an offensive language. All this was removed by journalists on numerous video cameras and cameras.

Gladchuk tried to avoid beating and started departing aside, but Gurchik and his companion continued to push the journalist already on candles by which the word "Giya" was laid out. Anything else didn't remain to the editor how to ask for the help the militia captain Volyk who was nearby.

During conversation with militiamen it became clear that Gurchik and his companions robbed girls from the youth organization "Youth — Hope of Ukraine". Calling them an obscene curse, (prostitutes, -, they selected at them some honeycombs of leaflets with information on an action of the devoted memory of the journalist Georgy Gongadze.

Sprotiv Vadim Gladchuk addressed with the statement for a crime in Shevchenkovsky RU of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in a place Kiev and received the direction on is judicial - medical examination.

We will remind that earlier to the journalist Gladchuk during meeting near the Ministry of Internal Affairs against racket and riots of capital builders on July 29 in 2008 by phone threatened with murder - "the Sicilian flippers".

Edition of asks colleagues - journalists who witnessed attack on the editor the Internet - Gladchuk's edition on September 16, to provide photographs and incident video files on an e-mail address".


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