In Odessa closed business of the "posh" which has broken into Williams of 11 cars

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The worst fears of inhabitants of Odessa on the fact that the proceedings initiated upon awful accident on Williams Street when the young man on a black jeep ruined life of one person and I bent 11 cars, will lower on brakes, seemingly, come true. On September 8 the militia closed criminal case, having referred... on absence of structure of a crime. About it yesterday we were reported by Odeschina's prosecutor Vasily Prisyazhnyuk. According to him, the consequence on which 15 expertizes were carried out, came to quite strange conclusion." We categorically don't agree with such decision. To bring this matter to court for me - a point of honor. After in Odessa, referring to results of the last Kharkov examination buried business, I talked to the Minister of Internal Affairs and insisted on carrying out one more complex examination which becomes already the sixteenth", - the prosecutor told us. Prisyazhnyuk also reported that the other day the chief of regional militia Bogdan Kernitsky is going to give volumes of criminal case personally to Yury Lutsenko's hands.

In a press - service of regional prosecutor's office confirmed words of the chief. Nikolay Mulyar specified that "by results of the Kharkov examination investigative management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs closed on September 8 criminal case upon road accident on Williams under article 6, part 2 Criminally - the procedural code of Ukraine - "from - for absence of structure of a crime". But the prosecutor's office summoned business on additional "consideration of circumstances", - Nikolay Mulyar told.

THE MILITIA DOESN'T PUT ENDS.On the other hand the Odessa militia reluctantly makes comments on "business of the posh". According to the chief of regional TsOSA Olga Bgachenko, it has no right to make comments on prosecutor's office statements. "It is supervisory authority. I will note only that as I know, business upon road accident on Williams Street, the Minister of Internal Affairs took under personal control. Therefore the militia yet didn't put the end in this case", - madam Bogachenko cut off.

We will remind that on the night of 11 for January 12 of this year on Williams Street, near night club "Plasma", 19 - the summer student of Legal Academy Felix Petrosyan, moving at a huge speed, I didn't manage to drive and in a ditch the SUV I broke more than ten cars. As a result of accident I was lost 26 - the summer driver "Lanosa".

State of emergency got at once a huge resonance from - for the identity of responsible for incident who appeared the native son of the vice-chairman of regional council. After state of emergency the young man came to be in neurologic office of regional hospital. His relatives repeatedly declared that the son is in a depression and is sorry about the incident. In a week after road accident, the father of the posh Felix Petrosyan - the senior declared that all owners of the cars damaged by his son already "have to it no claims". And in a month it became clear that criminal case was retrained by a consequence from criminal case concerning Felix Petrosyan on criminal case "upon" road accident.


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