Crimea: theory and practice of debauchery. The law of pedophiles is sorry?

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Recently Ukraine call paradise for pedophiles, and the Crimean peninsula - paradise in paradise. After all in the Crimea even more often pass shootings of a child pornography. Though business doesn't come to an end with it: according to militiamen, cases of infringement of sexual inviolability of children are fixed nearly an every week. Not so long ago the next pedophile was revealed in one of the Crimean settlements.

Theory and practice of debauchery

In the interests of the investigation we won't call a real name and the place of residence of this person - the trial of the pedophile didn't take place yet. We will tell only that to this inhabitant of the Crimea already passed for 60 and in the past he was a teacher. As now it became clear, here some years in the small apartment he "taught" to schoolgirls the theory and practice of debauchery. The truth hardly would come up outside, if not parental concern. Fathers and mothers of several 10 - summer girls suspected wrong when their children began to be late after school. Came late, were filled the pockets with candies and money. Questions of parents first answered nothing, then nevertheless one of girls admitted that together with girlfriends visits the school teacher. And then I told in detail, than they there are engaged. Parents were shocked. And children couldn't understand that such bad to them happened, is so psychologically thin them the pedophile corrupted. There was no violence as spoke then schoolgirls, they simply bathed with the teacher in one bathtub, he asked to touch it and to kiss. For all this of "innocence" the man generously presented children with candies, fruit and money.

Now local militiamen are engaged in the pedophile, the court has to take place soon. Though in the same settlement similar incident already was, but the pedophile avoided punishment. The school teacher - the disabled person corrupted children too. As already I wrote "1K", among the pupils he chose the most nice and invited to itself home to be photographed.

How exactly the teacher photographed the schoolgirls, it became clear only in 20 years.Recognition was made by Galina I. who in 1982 was only 12 years. In 2001 it executed 31 years, and only then the adult woman told the mother that happened to it at school. It appeared, the strict teacher was engaged in depravity of favourite schoolgirls. I photographed them in different poses, forcing to put on thus the sexual clothes bought by it, and then I stored these photos in the pornoalbums. Galya's recognition was followed by recognitions of several more in the past of "favourites" of the pedophile.

At the beginning of 2001 against the teacher criminal case was brought, investigation began. On interrogations the pedophile said that simply appreciates beauty of a female body. As material evidences intimate photos were withdrawn. Militiamen clutched at the head, learning in pictures of neighbour's little girls and daughters of acquaintances, the settlement - that small. And the teacher in the justification cited as an example the abroad where to each disabled person the state allocates on the free prostitute. Upon termination of a consequence the court in which the pedophile … acquitted took place.

The law of pedophiles is sorry?

According to experts, loyalty of the Criminal code and lack of mechanisms of fight against pedophilia strongly promote its distribution. Behind examples far it isn't necessary to go: in 2007 in Kerch detained five pedophiles aged from 50 till 70 years. To have a good time with little girls, uncles carried them on foreign cars in solitudes. On their conscience of ten the ruined souls, however the most active of these pedophiles at all didn't recognize socially dangerous. This person received in court of the first instance of 10 years, then in appellate court term reduced till six years. Thus lawyers say that in three years it will release because there are softening circumstances: it old age, at it is a lot of diseases and awards from the Soviet power.

Militiamen agree that the law isn't so severe in relation to pedophiles. According to them, quite often similar crimes come to an end with the article "sexual depravity of children", and the criminal receives to 3-x years of imprisonment. As a result we have terrible statistics: 15% of men and 30% of women, that is approximately the third part of the population of the globe, admit anonymous polls that they in the childhood or teenage age at least once were exposed to sexual violence or dissolute actions from adults. But that it is most terrible, 25% from all victims of pedophiles children under 7 years.

So, in one village near Simferopol the tyrant 7 - to the summer daughter became the native father.
The demon confused Sidorchuk (the surname is changed) in day it 26 - the anniversaries. He drank much and when the wife went to see off guests, raped the little daughter in the perverted form. I stopped only when the girl began to cry, bleeding profusely. After that it threatened the daughter that she "will receive" if to somebody tells about the incident. Sidorchuk forced to sex the native daughter for a year. As - that having once again decided to rape the child, Sidorchuk expelled 5 - the summer son on the street, however the boy saw in a window that the father with the little sister does, and told about all to the grandmother. That declared at once in militia. Evgeny Sidorchuk tried to run, however he didn't manage it. Sidorchuk was condemned under articles 152-й and 153-й and sent to places of confinement.

And in 2005 in Bogdanovk's village of the Simferopol area five teenagers, 14, 15 and 16 years, raped 4 - the summer child. In one of days, skipping lessons, they loafed on the village. Then saw the four-year-old kid playing near the house. Teenagers well knew the boy as lived in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless it didn't stop them. School students jostled the child in a cellar and in turn raped. Then they ordered to the kid to be silent, however the boy told everything to parents, and those wrote the application in militia.

In 2003 attempt of rape of the six-year-old girl ended with murder. In the unfinished house of the village of Medvedevk of the Dzhankoysky area locals found a body of the child with the stuck mouth and traces of violent death. Literally in three hours it was detained 20 - the summer jobless local. It prepared for a crime in advance - looked after the empty building, brought there a sticky tape. When the girl left to the yard, it enticed her into the room and, having stuck a mouth, tried to rape. This attempt ended with the tragedy - the child died of shortage of air. After that the murderer hid a body to return at night and to get rid of it. But I wasn't in time. The criminal was condemned and sentenced to imprisonment.

Virtual uncles

If "real" pedophiles to expose all - it is possible, here with virtual not everything is so simple. Except usual pedophilia, at us in the country the Internet - pedophilia prospers and grows.

"Hello, my name is Dima, I am 13 years old, and I too love ships.You want, I will show you the collection? " - the child pornography often begins with such harmless offer "look at ships". Boys or little girls allow to deceive themselves and respond on the invitation at first to meet, and then and to go home. And there everything is simple: the soft drug in tea, a request to undress, "because hot" … Continuation can be seen on the cartridge with child porn, to buy which easily on any site which is carrying out sale to similar production.

If children - orphans and homeless, victims the Internet - pedophilia - ordinary children from safe families become victims of street pedophilia. As a rule, children in such families use all benefits of the last computer achievements without supervision of parents: visit sites with questionable content, communicate in adult chats, quite often falling into hands of criminals. The statistics shows that every fifth child aged from 10 till 17 years, using the Internet, receives offers of sexual character from adult users.

According to some information, the child pornography takes the third place in the world on profit after drug traffic and the weapon. Annually in this business are attracted to two million children. Income from children's pornobusiness exceeds the income of the Colombian drug mafia. According to the Interpol, masters of child porn from 2 months to 12 years annually gain for shootings of children to 1 billion dollars...
For quite some time now more than 75% of all child pornography extend on the Internet where nearly 40 thousand pornosites are. Monitoring Ukrainian the Internet - sites showed that on them about 20% of forbidden pornoproduction, including the nursery contain.

As one more cover for development of the children's pornoindustry nurseries "model agencies" serve. There is a lot of examples of that. So, in 2004 in Ukraine the criminal group which under the guise of model agency did a porno -
was neutralizedpictures and movies with participation of girls aged from 8 till 16 years also I placed them on foreign pornosites. In the middle of 2005 activity of similar criminal group was stopped. In an hour of shootings to girls paid from 50 to 200 hryvnias. On operational information, the net monthly income of firm made about 100 thousand dollars. And a year ago under the pretext of improvement of young models the staff of one Kiev children's model studio took away one and a half thousand Kiev boys and girls to the Crimea and within two weeks removed child porn for the German perverts.

It is very difficult to fight against distribution of a child pornography on the Internet. However some countries nevertheless try to do it. For example, in Belarus for downloading of child porn will put now in prison. Instead of so long ago the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation suggested to pass to practice of castration of pedophiles. The similar measure is successfully applied in Israel and the USA, and will be soon entered in Italy and England.

And what Ukraine? It and remains paradise for pedophiles?



People with the perverted mentality encroach on school students

I remember, at the end of 80-x - the beginning 90-x parents were afraid that we, school students, walked the streets. Pavlograd lived in fear. Then adults saw off and met us from school. Teachers constantly reminded that girls didn't go alone but only groups. This fear was generated by regularly repeating cases of rape and murder of schoolgirls. Despite huge efforts of militia, the maniac then it wasn't possible to detain.

Once, on the way from school we with girlfriends - fifth-graders sat down on one of benches on Ozernaya Street. Unexpectedly the man drove up to us by bicycle. It stopped close, at distance no more than a meter, without saying words, undid a fly of trousers and began to show genitals. We first some seconds were taken aback, and then with shouts rushed наутек. To parents we, naturally, told nothing - in the Soviet years it wasn't accepted to discuss similar subjects as was considered that it is a shame.

Among themselves we, innocent little girls, often with a fright remembered this case. The matter is that the man by bicycle with a rasstegnuty fly during this period time saw not only we, but also our many girlfriends. Usually it plied on Lake and showed "economy" to the girls going alone. But to none of us even to mind didn't come to tell about it to adults.

The pervert bossed on Volchya Embankment

In 1997 one of my friends, 16 - summer Natalya, unexpectedly faced the pervert on Volchya River Embankment. The unfamiliar man unexpectedly pushed it aside so that it fell from a dam directly to premises of unfinished garage. Having jumped from above, it bared genitals and began to stroke-oar them. Then I moaned, I jumped on feet and I escaped. All this occurred in only a few seconds. The girl even didn't manage to come round. In tears it got out on a dam and ran home. That day Natasha had a strong hysterics.However the adult that occurred, she didn't tell. Naturally, in militia too nobody declared it.

In the summer of 2006 my daughters faced the exhibitionist practically on the same place. At about noon, going on the embankment from the foot bridge in the direction of Pritochilovki, they saw the coming nearer man who has bared genitals.

Girls rushed наутек to the opposite side and at once called me by phone. They didn't make out signs of the pervert as strongly were frightened. In militia to me then explained that usually such people don't make violent acts, and are only limited to demonstration of genitals. Probably, so it also is but who can give guarantees, what the person with the perverted mentality will be not come to mind by something awful?

The maniac went in hiding

It is sure that similar stories inhabitants of Pavlograd and other cities of the Western Donbass can tell a set. Often we don't attach them special significance. The militia sounds alarm only when there is an irreparable - violence over the little man.

Remember at least the scandal generated by actions of the Donetsk maniac. The criminal entices children, medicine for consciousness loss sticks them. After that forces and releases. The militia was rushed off the feet, but the suspect doesn't manage to be found. After the burst scandal here within two months of new cases of violence over children it isn't registered.

The maniac temporarily went in hiding. Probably, he in general moved to other area, and waits for an opportunity for realization of the dirty desires. And after all to its trace could come even last summer. Then parents of the first victims addressed in militia, however their statements at all didn't register not to spoil indicators of militia work.

The militia detained the pedophile

One more awful case occurred recently in Pavlograd. The man who is earlier repeatedly judged, made dissolute actions concerning the nine-year-old boy. Fortunately, field investigators quickly detained him. It appeared, in the house of this pervert there were many children's toys. Why they to the adult man? Whether there was this child his first victim? After all if the violence is made concerning homeless children, from dysfunctional families, natives of a boarding school - hardly information on it will get to law enforcement agencies. Often even to complain to such children there is nobody. And the frightened child similar to foreign person won't tell.

As you can see, the problem of violence over children is very actual. Danger traps boys and little girls not only in Austria and Russia, and nearby, in the hometown. After all people with the perverted mentality suffice everywhere. Therefore we, parents, have to be especially vigilant and make everything to prevent misfortune.

You shouldn't close eyes even on it would seem harmless actions of perverts, including exhibitionists. Report about all similar cases in militia. And be not too lazy to write the written application as to the oral message hardly will pay due attention. Also you can ring edition of "PV" (6-25-61) and report to us about similar incidents. Having published information, we will draw to a problem public attention, the authorities and militiamen.

Councils to parents:

Constantly control behavior of the children. Talk to them about their problems. Not to allow troubles, tell them that is necessary:

- always to speak to adults where they go;

- to arrive in time home or to warn about, where and with whom are late;

- not to sit down in transport (cars, scooters, bicycles, etc.) to strangers under any pretext, even to show the way;

- not to accept any gifts from strangers;

- if someone tries to take away violently, loudly to shout and at opportunity to run away;

- always to tell parents even about what it is a shame to admit;

Pay attention to with whom your child communicates. In most cases the violence over children is made by people whom they knew earlier. If, God forbid, you had bases to suspect that concerning the child dissolute actions are made, at once report about it in militia.


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