Thieves' summit: thieves in law of the former USSR on a meeting decided as to live further

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On May 2 in Krasnodar Krai "summit" took place. Thieves in law of the former USSR were its participants. The organizer of a meeting - Aslan Usoyan, better known to field investigators as the grandfather Hassan.


Field investigators of Department on fight against organized crime and terrorism didn't confirm officially this information, but also didn't begin to disprove: "We have no right to give any comments, but you can safely write that this meeting took place under our control".

If attentively to look narrowly at structure of activity of institute of thieves in law, it reminds a power vertical at CPSU. And "сходняк" thieves - something like meeting of the politburo of Communist Party. But without publications of rezolyutivny part in the central press. Instead on zones disperse so-called малявы.

From the sources close to law enforcement agencies, "the Krasnodar agenda" became known. Change of the head of "Olympstroy" Semen Weinstock with now former head of the city of Sochi deserved the builder of Russia Victor Kolodyazhny was one of key questions. Discussed profitability of investments and preferences in this regard.

The question of the earth was the subparagraph. About that earth which together with cottages, cafe and hotels, it seems, is property of the orgprestupny party, and now can pass into other property.

Thin matters

"Unplanned costs of repayment of the Sochi earth make 82 billion rubles. On construction 200 thousand workers are required already today. They aren't present and there are no place to place. Even Abkhazia won't help. All its population won't suffice", - was reported in "AN". Here these 82 billion also became the main interest "сходняка". How safely it is possible "to saw off" from this sum if to consider, what the government holds investments into the Olympic construction on control?

Question of the earth

Kolya Gusseyn - watching for Sochi, having left the conclusion after charge of murder of any criminal authority, almost I went blind. It built to itself(himself) the house in the resort center. Near the house of the judge. I don't know - they fried shish kebabs together or not, not in it business. Simply Kolya Gusseyn suddenly died.Therefore the issue about looking on the delicious coast too was resolved at the Krasnodar meeting.

And even last fall representatives of the Sochi militia explained to the correspondent of "AN" that new looking after Kolya isn't expected. Because here - the state interest. Pier, thieves here won't be put. Still as will be put! Their interest not only in money, but also in the earth intended under the Olympic construction.

From "question" history. After a default of 1998 and next "not seasons" when Russians went to have a rest instead of Sochi to Turkey and Egypt, the idea came to mind of one of authorities. If to us vacationers with money don't go, let then money go …. Also construction of small cottages on lands from the airport of Adler, slightly higher and slightly lower began. Then the price to these four wheels was declared in 60-80 thousand dollars that is equivalent to a panel board lodge in distant Moscow area. Now these lands appeared under the threat "the Olympic skating rink".

It is necessary as - that to solve a question. It too put on the agenda "сходняка".

Ded Hassan

Aslan Usoyan. He is Hassan Rashidovich Usoyan, the Kurd, was born on February 20, 1937 in Tbilisi. Even the staff of Department on fight against the organized crime and terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation found it difficult to specify his real name: "Call him the grandfather Hassan"! At the moment it is considered one of the most influential criminal leaders. It recently even on TV showed - I gave interview to NTV television channel.

- This is the wisest person, such isn't present more, - the lieutenant colonel of the Russian militia Boris Pashayev told me about the grandfather Hassan about ten years ago. He then headed division on fight against ethnic orgprestupny groups.

And then it was put on the wanted list. About the arrest Boris Pashayev learned one days prior to detention. Therefore quickly I faded from Russia. With myself I took a rich data archive on ethnic and Russian thieves.

Pashayev is put on the wanted list only in Russia. Though, by data "AN", it slaves away in law enforcement agencies of Georgia and willingly shares compromising papers about thieves in law.

Paradoxical situation. After Pashayev hit in races, it became clear that he - almost the nephew to the grandfather Hassan. Literally few weeks ago the lieutenant colonel of the Russian militia, and nowadays the law enforcement officer of Georgia Boris Pashayev in confidential conversation with one of representatives of mass media shared information on the future in Krasnodar Krai "сходняке". And even I designated exact date.

Besides, I told that will be in the agenda under the miscellaneous point: the solution of problems, connected with Benzopyrone arrests (Sankt - Petersburg) and Semyon Mogilevich (Moscow, further - everywhere, details see in "AN" No. 5 of 2008).

When cops even if former, foreknow not only about date of a thieves' meeting, but also about a conversation subject, it forces to doubt stability of so-called concepts.

Supervision over tendencies

But the main thing in other. Aslan Usoyan ten as separates years from terrible shape of one of elders of thieves' elite. He doesn't refuse the rank, but doesn't like to be proud of it. That the militia ceased to get it in Moscow, a few years ago he got over to Rostov-on-Don and there calmed down.

It had reasons to fade into the background since 1998. When the default fell upon Russia, suddenly it became clear that the holder of the thieves' cash desk largest in the country before economic accident enclosed the most part of money in state credit obligations. But they depreciated at once. Literally in a month after a default the thieves' meeting in the nice city of Odessa where the first question I was was appointed: the grandfather Hassan, why in state credit obligations?

People only managed to sit down at tables as the Ukrainian members of spetsnaz in masks rushed, put all on a floor. One released, others took away. Not in it an essence. And that conversation on a subject didn't take place. However in few months one of the criminal authorities, responsible for Odessa "сходняк", was killed by unknown in roadside cafe near Moscow. After this tragedy questions to the grandfather Hassan why - that disappeared. And, by data "AN", don't rise still.

And here suddenly the grandfather Hassan makes an appointment to the colleagues. It is a serious situation. Fighters with the organized crime which few years ago similar meetings ripped in the bud, this time, appear, didn't move at all.

- Why? - the correspondent took an interest.

- We, of course, knew about this action. But such meetings take place, as a rule, in someone's type of birthday or commemoration for one of the former thieves. Then we even on an entrance to the meeting place detained generals of underworld. But each time for such detentions there was the reason - for example, to prevent preparing murder. In this case us tendencies most of all interest: who as well as with whom will communicate within the convention adopted on "сходняке". Sorry, but other comments we can't give.


The most mass "сходняк" was called in 1991 before putsch. More than 400 thieves in law participated in a meeting. And the most impudent - after putsch in Krasnopresnensky "transfer". Thieves in law and criminal authorities by agreement with administration of establishment of profit with alcoholic beverages and pies to sweeten life to authoritative sidelets.


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