Lutsenko took on personal control of business "the Odessa posh" and death of the girl - motorcyclists

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declares that business of the son of the deputy of the Odessa regional council Felix Petrosyan - responsible for road accident as a result of whom the person was lost and 11 cars were damaged, isn't closed.

The minister confirmed that Petrosyan's business really is on his personal control.

"Two key expertizes in Odessa and Kharkov were carried out. The Odessa examination ascertained mutual guilt", - Lutsenko told.

"Kharkov oddly doesn't see fault in Petrosyan's actions. On the basis of it the investigator of militia really made the offer to make the decision on absence of structure of a crime", - he added.

"In the morning I dealt with this situation and held negotiations with the head of a militia central board and prosecutor's office", - Lutsenko noted.

"All of us came to the general conclusion that such proposal of the investigator absolutely inadequately. It is discharged of performance of duties. Functional audit check for giving an assessment of its actions" is already appointed, - he added.

According to Lutsenko, "business is entrusted to the chief of investigative department of road accident who made the offer in prosecutor's office". "The prosecutor's office agreed on carrying out final commission appraisal by us in the city of Kiev", - the minister added.

"Therefore I disprove information that the Odessa business is closed", - Lutsenko emphasized.

Besides, Lutsenko reported that on his personal control there is also a road accident which happened in Simferopol where was lost 25 - the summer girl - the biker.

"The militia brought criminal case not upon, and against the person", - the minister emphasized.

"Right after road accident at responsible for the tragedy, 24 - the summer driver of Bentley Vitaly Fayngold the blood analysis on alcohol contents was taken in blood, and also charges" are brought, - Lutsenko told.

"In the protocol it is also specified that after collision of the car with the motorcycle the body of the girl was dragged on asphalt about 150-more ти meters that points to attempt of the owner of Bentley to disappear from a road accident place", - the minister added.


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