In Ukraine the power option prepares! Балога "will move away" Yushchenko and Tymoshenko?

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All speak about two options of an exit of the Ukrainian politicum from crisis today. Allegedly, their two - or formation of the new coalition, or parliament dissolution. A little emotions of rather power option ceased - the highest the husband disown from it. But today it appeared, what not everything is so simple as can seem at first sight. The startler was made by the former major of the State protection of Ukraine (at Leonid Kuchma's prezidenstvo) Nikolay Melnichenko who, as a rule, sits under the shade until while in the country there doesn't come the next crisis. In particular, it sounded two versions of the power scenario in Ukraine which can be applied to permission of political crisis and power preservation. Thus, Nikolay Melnichenko on today's emphasized a press - conferences, for implementation of the power scenario at all "it isn't obligatory to bring tanks to streets, it isn't obligatory to shoot on the Verkhovna Rada".

"One of possible power options is inspirirovany attempts at Victor Andreevich Yushchenko or at Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko. Such plan in "hotheads" is now developed", - Nikolay Melnichenko emphasized. On specifying question whom it means, ex-Gosrokhrana's major told: "I consider as one of them the head of presidential administration Victor Balogu". At this Melnichenko noted that has many facts (by the way, the history with notorious for "Melnichenko's films" is still covered with a gloom - an edition) at the order, "which specify that Victor Baloga systematically violated the Criminal code".

Moreover, Nikolay Melnichenko emphasized that information which he received weekallows to claim about possibility of the power scenario in Ukraine to itbackin Washington. "I met a number of people, and they say that such scenario is possible", - told ex-the major.

In this regard Nikolay Melnichenko calls the relevant divisions and services to take measures for strengthening of protection of Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko. He considers that the ban to Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko "has to become one of such steps to sit on forward seats of the car", transfers the UNIAN.

To the second version of the power scenario, Nikolay Melnichenko, separatecontinuedpoliticians and political forcescan resort,using a subject "the external enemy in the person of Russia". Speaking about performance of "power option", ex-the major noted that he "depends on actions of two divisions: Managements of the state protection which is headed by Valery Geletey, and special forces "Alpha".

However, here Nikolay Melnichenko admitted that has at the order corresponding "no document with the press", but "it is operational information which I possess, and it has the right for existence". "And therefore the management of UGO and "Alpha" have to make everything that it (power option - an edition) didn't occur", - Nikolay Melnichenko called. "I warn politicians against such step as it will lead to disorder of Ukraine", - Gosokhrana's former major of Ukraine emphasized.

It should be noted that literally on Wednesday on a press - conferences in the Cabinet the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko excluded possibility of application in our country of power option for permission of political crisis. The head of the government, in particular, noted: "I will remind that except power option Victor Yushchenko has a mass of tools in hands. The first - to reckon with parliamentarism and to impose the veto on those laws which don't suit the President. The second - to appeal to the Constitutional court. Therefore it is absolutely not necessary to use power option".

Thus Yulia Timoshenko called representatives of mass media and politicians to stop and forget conversations on power option. "Leave Ukraine in the world and rest, and all issues resolve the constitutional way. Forget idea of power option. Our security officers, repeatedly last tests, think of the country more, than some adventurous politicians", - Yulia Timoshenko addressed to politicians.


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