Slaves of a temptation

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Three years led magnificent life six inhabitants of the small Donbass city, spending for own needs the large sums from city treasury. Two and a half years lasted a consequence and judicial proceedings on plunder of the state property in especially large sizes.

26- summer Larisa Opalko moved to Gorlovka from Russia where graduated from the institute, married and gave birth to the daughter. With the spouse it wasn't died, divorce didn't give relief, and she accepted the proposal of mother to move to it and to begin new life in Ukraine. The destiny smiled the girl from first minutes - it took the accountant in поссовет, offered responsible work.

Larisa conducted accounting of the food arriving in hospital and a day nursery and paid by the budget поссовета. Money paid to it small and it was noticeable, especially against those large sums which daily passed before eyes. "I live a vpriglyadka, - she complained mothers, - I smear bread with oil and mentally I cut a sausage which in kilograms goes in reports".

Meanwhile life didn't promise any considerable changes concerning welfare, and Larisa even more often began to reflect what silly to sit on a bag with money and not to use it. As - that, having come into shop which sold goods to a day nursery and hospital, she found familiar shop assistants in cheerful podpitiya - someone from girls had a birthday. Little by little, and it, for the present only joking, I told that knows a certain way as it is possible to grow rich. Intrigued Olga Sarko and Tanya Pirogova suggested to discuss idea on the sober head. So trial kernel which has got to a fertile field, gave the first green sprout.

Soon Larisa again glanced to shop assistants and painted with it the joint action plan. She suggested not to release to hospital and a day nursery sausage, candies and canned food, and to realize all this to buyers that then to give 80 percent of the gained money to it. Thus she promised that she will easily hide shortage of products on accounting. Shop assistants accepted idea with delight.

Certainly, for implementation of so difficult task adherents in the person of other responsible persons, for example, the supply manager of a day nursery - a garden and a diyetsester of hospital were required. But also here the offer "make money" didn't meet condemnation, and opposite, found a whole-hearted support.

23- summer Tamara Zaytseva, whose duties included receiving, storage and delivery from a warehouse on catering department of food, Opalko assured that everything will arrange with "way". I didn't object to criminal business and Ry Sobolevskaya, working as the storekeeper in city hospital and one bringing up the seven-year-old son. So in the Nikitovsky district of Gorlovka the steady criminal group which didn't plunder was formed, didn't kill, but dexterously gathered children and patients.

In the first months of a podelnitsa three thousand worked with caution to what the sums stolen by them - two thousand hryvnias testify. But impunity generated scope - already in half a year they amicably gathered treasury on 5, 10, and even on 15 thousand hryvnias.

New life when in a pocket it is pleasant похрустывали packs of the dollars which have fallen from the moon, changed Larisa to unrecognizability. She got prettier, put on in all fashionable, and, as well as it is necessary to the woman of the world, found exciting languor of dear and successful lady. There were also gentlemen for which generosity Larisa wrote off curious the increased welfare.

The first thunder burst when in поссовет audit in the person of the controler - the auditor of Gorlovsky CREWE welcomed. It wasn't necessary to have seven spans in a forehead to notice that between quantity of the products written out in shops and day nursery actually credited on consignment notes - a garden and hospital, there are considerable divergences.

But Larisa, being the woman charming and sociable, quickly I found with checking a common language. Plentiful entertainments, presents and, at last, bribe in only 100 dollars ("buy внученьке something") warded off disaster the party. The auditor left, and ladies' hop - the company continued the criminal activity. But didn't pass also month as ревизорша it was again drawn in поссовете and I reported that its acts didn't cause trust in the chief and that demanded to carry out a financial inspection more deeply.

- How many it is necessary? - the understanding Larisa asked.

- 1200, - the controler answered.

On the same day on a chain of peculators the alarm was declared, and next day to the auditor brought the appointed sum directly home.

Meanwhile the short rations on which resourceful swindlers put patients, couldn't leave indifferent hospital medical staff. Doctors carried out own inspection, and established discrepancy of records about delivery of food and the menu in the certification magazine. The complaint was sent to city department of Gorlovka.

Careful audits allowed to establish who and by means of what mechanism fattened at the expense of children and patients. Pocherkovedchesky examinations established who exactly filled in false consignment notes, and gorlovsky beauties appeared before the regional court. Larisa Opalko was found guilty on a number of articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine and sentenced to ten years of imprisonment with property confiscation, and also with deprivation of the right to hold the positions connected taking into account monetary and tovarno - material values at the enterprises of all forms of ownership for a period of five years.

Other participants of criminal syndicate received for four, three and two years of imprisonment. Concerning the auditors covering plunders for a bribe, charge is brought in separate office-work.


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