ISD suited ecological genocide in Alchevsk

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Inhabitants of Alchevsk demand to make at the state level the decision on restriction of placement of ecologically harmful productions in the city. About it it is spoken in the appeal of group of inhabitants of Alchevsk to the authorities. We provide the text of the document which publishes the Foreshortening Plus edition.

Misters governors!

Inhabitants of distressful Alchevsk that in the Luhansk region address to you. Distressful not from - for a technogenic catastrophe on heat supply networks in 2006. It was already forgotten and many inhabitants doubt that then did not without participation of individuals who are loved so by the president.

Us disturbs not only today's, but also the future of the city, our children and grandsons.

Ecological situation in the city the catastrophic. That occurs today, than we breathe, old residents can't remember." Effective owners" rejected us in far post-war years. Here really ecological genocide which you, mister president, so love, misters from ISD led by Taruta A.S. arranged to us. You were going to clone тарут, then will be exact genocide of the Ukrainian nation. His inhabitants perceive your frequentations of Alchevsk as inspection "good", assistance to an arbitrariness of commercial structure in relation to residents. Excess of MPC [maximum permissible concentration] is available on many ingredients, to emissions in the atmosphere noise from "new technology" productions of metal were added. In a year in Alchevsk emissions make more than 1 tons on the inhabitant and 2 thousand tons on square kilometer. We think, neither you personally, nor members of your families don't become residents - a ghost, the city where oncological diseases and tuberculosis exceed regional average indicators twice. However, as physicians declare, all these "delights" still ahead.

In sanitarno - a protective zone there were 4 schools and one medical institution. To misters from ISD there was not enough one plant, so they decided to organize certain "an industrial zone", or "plant two" with production became in 8-10 million tons of steel to that will be made at "plant one". Total in Alchevsk it is offered to make more than 15 million.tons became that makes not less than 40% made nowadays in Ukraine.

Social guarantees before workers aren't carried out. The salary of workers one of the lowest in branch, is seven times lower, than at plants in Poland and Hungary which Alchevsk provides with metal.

We demand to stop an arbitrariness. To put an end to ecological genocide. To make the decision at the state level on restriction of placement and increase in outputs of ecologically "dirty" productions. To reconsider norms of maximum concentration limit, being guided by the European norms. Not to allow placement of new production of metal. To reconsider a state policy in development of separate industries, focusing them on domestic market and end high-tech products. To stop the corruption actions which are expressing in creation of certain conditions to separate commercial structures. To charge to competent authorities to give an assessment to illegal actions of city council and its officials on updating of the general plan of the city in interests of commercial structure. To provide to the cities of ecological disaster the special status and the budgetary preferences, including 100% of charges for harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Heads of the enterprises - pollutants, their owners, purposely and consciously polluting the atmosphere to recognize as criminals before mankind.

We, inhabitants of Alchevsk, reserve the right to carry out any lawful actions on protection of the future if you don't have enough political will to bring an order.

Under the address -

more than 600 signatures of inhabitants of Alchevsk

We will remind, today within working visit to the Luhansk region the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko plans to visit JSC Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant (AMK).

AMK - the monopolist in Ukraine on production of a thick corrosion-proof leaf, staly a special purpose, and also steel fraction. Capacities of combine allow to melt annually about 50 thousand tons of a thick corrosion-proof leaf 5-20 mm thick, 20 thousand tons of steel two-layer sheet (the only producer in Ukraine), 30-35 thousand tons of steel fraction (only in the CIS). The enterprise also makes low-magnetic and titanic became, foundry and conversion iron, plate and high-quality hire of ferrous metals.

The strategic investor of AMK is the Industrial Union of Donbass corporation (ISD, Donetsk).On 49,99% in an authorized capital of ISD corporation the Azovinteks companies (Mariupol) and "Vis-a-vis" (Donetsk) own, 0,02% belong the Onyx — Don companies (Donetsk).

"Азовинтэкс" Sergey Taruta, "Vis-a-vis" - Vitaly Gayduk controls.


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