Tragedy "Nakhimova": the sentence of the Politburo remains in force

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Terrible 1986 will become history, first of all, as year of Chernobyl. In a shadow of a global disaster "trifle" other events seem. Today any more everyone will remember that only four months later after explosion on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station the passenger steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" sank, having carried away lives of 423 people. Condemned, as usual, "switchmen".

Not so long ago on air of the state TV channel of "Russia" showed the next movie about death in 1986 of the passenger steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" (the author - Irina Chernova). History, apparently, the old. All points in it were placed long ago if not by court (what there court under Heydar Aliyev's control? ) precisely professional community and public opinion. And movies of this sort was not to consider.

Then, apparently, what for? At attentive viewing of the movie the answer is guessed easily - essentially to change accents in that history. But - one after another.

In a shadow of Chernobyl

Terrible 1986 will become history, first of all, as year of Chernobyl. In a shadow of that global disaster "trifle" other events seem. Today any more everyone will remember that only four months later after explosion on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station the passenger steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" sank, having carried away lives of 423 people.

On my memory received circulation at least five versions of death of the steamship. Most "clear" - on a carousal. It without ceremony sounded even from the highest tribunes. Were also exotic: from - for influences of unknown space forces; from - for certain mysterious, nobody the identified third vessel which mark in locators confused calculations of boatmasters.

There was a version in Yulian Semenov's style. Pier, party mafia deliberately I arranged collision of "Admiral Nakhimov" with the bulk carrier to get rid all - navsy of the only passenger - the general of KGB which has been too informed on secret life of a party top.

However, the most terrible version was cooked up partiyno - the political country leaders of those times and cast in lines of a sentence of the Supreme Court of the USSR.It also is the biggest and cynical lie. Because the court not only didn't open causes of the tragedy. In the worst traditions советско - beriansky "justice" he sent for a lattice of the innocent. Captains Vadim Markov ("Admiral Nakhimov") and Victor Tkachenko ("Pyotr Vasyov") and until now are registered as "the state criminals" (article 85 of UK RSFSR of that time) though those aren't. True criminals aren't called to this day.


Being going to write article, I reconsidered old records, cuttings from newspapers, anew endured own impressions of fifteen-year prescription... And again a lump to a throat.

On the instructions of editorial office of the magazine I took off for Novorossiysk next day after the message on "Nakhimov's" death was heard. At the Anapa airport, waiting for the bus to Novorossiysk I wandered from one group of passengers to another. The large man of years of fifty who else in the plane drew attention any internal concentration and detachment approached to me.
- You not on "Nakhimov"? - he asked.
- There, - I confirmed, yet absolutely understanding that forced it to start talking to the stranger.
- And who at you there?

Only now I "joined". Certainly, it was possible also most to guess that after the governmental message of one hundred people since all ends of the country will rush to search for relatives who in the last summer night 1986 left in fatal flight. And here one of them, tormented by uncertainty, struck up with me conversation, having taken me, probably, for the colleague by misfortune.

In the bus our places appeared nearby. It became clear that my fellow traveler from Ukraine, from Chernovtsy. On "Nakhimov" there was his son with the wife and the five-year-old child. Their destiny, in general any details about accident, about number of victims at that time weren't known to anybody and therefore the hope glimmered. On arrival to Novorossiysk I left it in "Brigantine", hotel of seamen, and itself hastened on the traveling affairs.

We again met in three hours in a party city town committee where the city staff took place. I hardly recognized the recent fellow traveler - so changes the person a grief. For it everything came to an end in a flash: in photos of victims he identified all the native.

I won't begin to describe burdensome scenes in Palace of culture of seamen where relatives of victims daily gathered and where the chairman of the governmental commission Heydar Aliyev and members of his team gave the current information. I will note the main thing:from the first days it was created, in mass consciousness the image of captains - murderers carefully was fed and became stronger.

Vessels sink not from collisions

It is known that collision of vessels was provoked by actions of a coastal post of regulation of movement. His dispatcher gave command to "Pyotr Vasyov" to give way to "Nakhimov" that was the most rough violation of the International Rules of the Prevention of Collision of Vessels (IRPCV).

It is clear that maritime routes - not the city highway, and the traffic regulation on them - difficult and sophisticated science. But one rule is firm both on land, and on the sea: give way to the one who on the right. The "admiral Nakhimov" who was already overstepping the bounds of port and being in the high sea, had "Pyotr Vasyov" exactly on the right. The dispatcher of a post of regulation, having given command to the bulk carrier to pass "passenger", simply I turned MPPSS inside out, having changed "right" on "left" (I testify: in private conversation the investigator said to me that there were data that the dispatcher was simply drunk that at the most dramatic moment he left a post "on need", but investigators "were late" to make the corresponding examinations and analyses, and later time was wasted and the purpose such wasn't - to look for responsible: "switchmen" were already appointed).

The subsequent gross blunders of boatmasters of both vessels led to collision. The Pyotr Vasyov bulk carrier almost at right angle hit "Nakhimov" in the right board, is exact to the region of the waterproof partition dividing machine and the diesel - generating offices (importance of this detail becomes clear further). Here the indisputable fault of both captains which didn't deny neither they, nor experts comes to an end.

However, collision - though unpleasant, but rather everyday phenomenon in navigation. As it will boringly sound for the "overland" reader, vessels sink not from collisions, and that lose buoyancy as a result of water inflow in the case. It is clear that this loss of buoyancy comes after collision, grounding, explosions and so forth. But "after" doesn't mean - "owing to".

From history of sea accidents

The well-known "Titanic" unstitched by an iceberg almost at all length of the case before sinking, floated nearly three hours.

In 1956 near New - York in fog two passenger liners - "Andrea Doria's" Italian and Swedish "Stockholm" in full operation faced. "Swede" at right angle (as in our history) crashed into a board of "Italian".After a crushing blow, directly anybody as a result which about 50 people (on "Nakhimov" were lost at collision wasn't lost), that held on afloat about 11 hours during which all passengers were removed from a vessel.

Long there was afloat and our magnificent (not a couple to "Nakhimov") a Mikhail Lermontov liner, with foreign tourists onboard flown on a reef with coast of New Zealand and torn the bottom on length of four (!) compartments. Before the vessel sank, from it evacuated all passengers.

Not less magnificent "Maxim Gorky" during polar cruise ran on an ice-rink near Spitsbergen. It too flooded had at once four compartments. Nevertheless the vessel managed to be rescued, all passengers - foreigners were safely evacuated. It is possible to give many similar examples, known to any cadet of a morekhodka.

It everything here to what. After death of "Titanic" in 1912 development of world navigation steadily went on the way of increase of requirements to a design of vessels and their saving means. All these requirements are consolidated in the international conventions under which stand the signature and the Soviet Union. Already in post-war time the Convention on protection of human life on the sea - in 1948, 1960 and 1974 was reconsidered and became tougher three times. Any passenger ship agrees the last from them has to remain afloat even if it flooded two any compartments.

After collision with "Vasev" "Nakhimov" sank in 7-8 minutes. It would be more correct to tell - I didn't "sink", and literally I failed under water as though it at all had no bottom. This incomprehensible rapidity of flooding, instead of mistake of captains when maneuvering, also served as a true cause of death of people.

I understand that the "overland" reader can be shocked. As so: hundreds people were lost, and captains in their death aren't guilty? For simplicity I offer analogy. The passenger bus and the truck come out to the city adjustable intersection. In the bus among other things baggage - a suitcase with explosive (to present such today it is possible). From - for laxity or not sobriety of the GAI officer who has mixed buttons of the traffic light (in our case the dispatcher who has changed "right" on "left"), sluggishness of both drivers cars face. It would seem - эка невидаль, usual road accident!

But - blow, explosion, the bus to pieces, tens victims and wounded. Who is guilty in accident? The answer is seemingly obvious:the terrorist who has enclosed explosive, the GAI officer, the security service which is responsible for control of baggage, militia, etc. However all of them happily avoid not only punishments, but even unpleasant inquiries. And both survived drivers judge for a premeditated murder.


From the first day of work of the aliyevsky commission to day of adjudgement by a main goal of "justice" was to inspire in the general public that the mass death of people is a consequence of collision of two vessels. From what naturally would follow that criminals - captains. For this purpose it was necessary to hammer into mass consciousness that collision, ship-wreck, accident, the tragedy, etc. an essence same. And to fix this juggling a court sentence.

This most important task was solved so successfully, as today, more than two decades later, some mass media wish to chew this aliyevsky cud once again.

From a sentence of judicial board on criminal cases of the Supreme Court of the USSR: "on August 31, 1986 near Tsemesskaya Bay there was a collision of the Pyotr Vasev motor ship with the passenger steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" which sank.
From ship-wreck there came heavy consequences, a large number of passengers and crew members of the steamship was lost. Direct responsible for ship-wreck are captains of the Pyotr Vasyov motor ship and the steamship "Admiral Nakhimov".

Try, the reader, proceeding from this phrase to define prichinno - investigative communication between key terms: "collision", "ship-wreck" and "heavy consequences". Respectively - in what wines of captains?

We will try to find the help, recognizing that "ship-wreck" - not so publicistic image, and the strict legal term: "Ship-wreck - flooding of a vessel and impossibility and inexpediency of its lifting, the final constructive fracture of a vessel excluding opportunity or expediency of its restoration".

First conclusion: collision and ship-wreck - essentially various concepts. Between them obviously there has to be any link which the court changed any ordinary - household "which sank". Why sank?

We will provide one more quote from the sentence, separated from the first five pages: "The violations of the rules of navigation allowed by captains are in a direct causal relationship with the come heavy consequences - collision. As a result of ship-wreck the steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" sank.At ship-wreck 423 persons" were lost.

Here those on: contradicting to itself, the court calls heavy consequences any more death of people, and the fact of collision. As for the ship-wreck reasons (we - that with the reader already know that means this term), the complete nonsense turns out: as a result the steamship sank, it sank.

Second conclusion: the court deliberately didn't want to give the answer to a key question - so why all - "Admiral Nakhimov" sank? It and is clear: then on a dock there would be absolutely other people.

The planned accident

We will return now to Tsemesskaya Bay. The steamship "Admiral Nakhimov" was constructed in 1925 in Germany and originally "Berlin" was called. During war I was undermined on mines twice, I sank twice. After war it was transferred to the Soviet Union on account of reparations. To the middle of summer of 1986 to "Nakhimov" was already for sixty and it had no competitors in world fleet on age. Technical condition of "an old galosh" didn't correspond to any international convention. It could remain afloat only with one flooded compartment. And now we will remember that "Pyotr Vasev's" blow had in a fatal way just in the partition dividing two compartments therefore both of them instantly were flooded. Only it would be enough that "Nakhimov" went to a bottom.

Therefore the old steamship ironed the Black Sea between Odessa and Batumi, without thinking to stick a nose for Bosphorus where he would be arrested in the first foreign port. Other snow-white liners went to foreign cruises, transported rich overseas public. But long ago it is known: life of our compatriot corresponds to life of the foreign tourist, as ruble with dollar.

More shortly, to summer of 1986 all was squeezed out of the old steamship. So EVERYTHING that - I ask attention because it and is a key element of the drama! ! ! - On July 8, 1986 (that is almost in two months prior to accident) the act was born: the steamship isn't suitable for further use. In other words, it any more steamship and at all watercraft. It is scrap metal. Not only to transport people, it is simple to let out it in the sea was a crime. But on this floating coffin the chief of the Black Sea shipping company (the owner of the steamship) S. Lukyanchenko who has signed that act, puts 1243 persons and sends to the sea, "satisfying needs of the state in the passazhiroperevozkakh".

The minister of navy Timofey Guzhenko before the most removal from a position will diligently duplicate lie: "Durability of the case and other characteristics of a vessel corresponded to qualifying standards that existing documents of the Register USSR confirm. So the age of the ship hasn't a direct bearing on accident". It as though the dead man continued to count live on that only the basis that the passport at it in a full order.

In the fall of 1990 in one of jails near Lviv I visited the former captain "Nakhimov" Vadim Markov. Its story left that metal designs of a vessel rotted through long ago, the case loke, in a covering it was necessary to change over three thousand rivets. From - for idle ventilation it was necessary to leave open windows. Especially important detail of its story: "Me reproached that after collision I didn't give from the bridge command on automatic closing of doors in waterproof partitions. Yes what there to hell automatic equipment! Each door it was necessary доворачивать manually, almost with lomiky".

However, there are bases to believe, what even their timely closing wouldn't give anything: the pressure of water was such force that simply broke long ago the decayed intergate-type partitions.

However, technical condition of the steamship - not all that defined "heavy consequences". Add here basic impossibility to use lifeboats. On descent of one in ideal conditions it was required before half an hour, at a list in only 1-2 degrees descent became impossible. That, however, didn't prevent to accuse the captain that that didn't declare boat alarm.

And last detail. Accident happened near the port of Novorossiysk. But the picture of the tragedy was completed by full helplessness of coastal rescuers.

It also were the main factors which have defined mass death of people, it and was that "explosive". But 16 volumes of business with materials about technical condition of a vessel, its saving means, readiness of coastal rescuers the investigator wrote off in "separate production" yes so they there and sank...

"Switchmen" are appointed by the politburo

By tradition existing in those days any departmental pyramid one of members of the politburo of the Central Committee of CPSU - "curator" crowned. Heydar Aliyev was chief "seaman" during that time. Next day after accident it already was in Novorossiysk as the chairman of the governmental commission.

I testify:for the fourth day after accident Aliyev publicly declared both criminals and a sentence: both captains are guilty, "Pyotr Vasyov's" captain Victor Tkachenko is more guilty. And on the same day I added: "Crime this largest. Punishment will be the most severe (!) what the Soviet justice" only allows. Whether it is necessary to explain to the reader that it and was the sentence. That which "final and to the appeal isn't subject".

As Aliyev knowing the business fairly noted, "the Soviet justice allows" a lot of things. Dimensionless "accordion" of article 85 could stretch from three to fifteen years (the surovy - only execution). Since the time of Ezhov it was included in the section "High treasons" of UK RSFSR and intended only for punishment of "wreckers" and "enemies of the people" on transport. In the eighties it as though found the second breath and by right received the name "captain's" because with its help zealous "justice" diligently mowed clean gold fund of fleet - captains.

So was and in the history with "Nakhimov". After an aliyevsky sentence the consequence swept on a nayezzhenny track. What incontestable proofs "the chief seaman" the countries of everything had is that for the fourth day after the tragedy when people didn't depart yet from shock when on port access roads still there were the refrigerators filled by unknown bodies of victims?

It on hands had a conclusion of a commission of experts which in incomprehensibly short time was prepared by the high-ranking officials of that Minmorflot, many of which and it was necessary to take places on a dock.

Needless to say that, according to their conclusions, "technical condition and seaworthy qualities of vessels" were remarkable, and "the persons guilty of ship-wreck", are, by itself, both captains. I will note feature of this document which now the prepared reader without effort will understand: clarification of the reasons of collision of vessels was a stated purpose of experts, however as a result they found responsible for ship-wreck. Of July 8 experts didn't mention the act words.

The job solo part was performed by the minister Guzhenko, it is better than others understanding that the first candidate for a dock - it. Its version was is as follows: a pier, blow force with which "Pyotr Vasev" rammed (it was especially emphasized) "Nakhimova", was such is that he would be not not stood by any fighting battle ship. The g - Guzhenko's N until now flourishes therefore itself has the right to choose who is he:the cynical liar or the illiterate bureaucrat who through an oversight has occupied a ministerial chair. Whether to it not to know that vessels and aren't under construction with calculation without serious consequences to maintain rams of counter vessels or blows about underwater reeves. Otherwise, really, dreadnoughts would have thickness of their boards as. Not thickness and fortress of boards provide survivability and floodability of vessels and the ships, and division of their cases into waterproof compartments. But it to the word...

As it appeared, and Aliyev wasn't alien own researches in administration of justice. Vadim Markov, the captain "Nakhimov", arrested in the morning on September 1, and on the same day at it remarkable conversation with Aliyev (I bring on diktofonny record of the story of Markov, made to colonies) took place.
Aliyev (while it is quiet). How you consider in what you are guilty?
Markov. As the captain as the person I made everything from me depending.
Aliyev. And you know how arrive with heads, at which on production though one human victim?
Markov (is silent).
Aliyev. And so consider. If on production takes place a fatal case, such head we immediately we clean. And now answer - you are guilty?
Markov. No, it isn't guilty.
Aliyev (burning). You start me exciting. (I dumped a jacket, I got any tablets, I washed down with water). If you didn't leave the bridge, there would be a collision or not?
Markov. I can't unambiguously answer this question. I, of course, would make everything from me depending, but I have no confidence, something would be done by the captain of a counter vessel.
Aliyev (a fist on a table). And again you don't understand me. I clearly ask you - you are guilty or not?
Markov (after a heavy pause, with a sigh). Yes, I am guilty that left the bridge.
Aliyev (with satisfaction). Here it also is necessary to me. Everything, you are free.

With "Pyotr Vasyov's" captain Victor Tkachenko it was at all simple. It is moral and physically broken person continually falling into a condition of jet psychosis, was ready to assume all. How many time within the next years should be read in the press, in official formal replies of high-ranking officials here this link: so they found themselves guilty. And recognition in practice of the Soviet justice as it is well known since the time of Andrey Vyshinsky, always was the queen of proofs.

In two months after accident, on October 30, 1986 there is a resolution of the politburo of the Central Committee of CPSU where, apparently, big specialists concerning navigation gathered: "As showed investigation, this accident was a consequence of a criminal negligence of captains of ships, the most rough violation of the rules of safety of navigation".

Once again for those who didn't understand: two months later after death of the steamship still the end it isn't visible to investigation, five more months (!) to a judgment, but the aliyevsky sentence is said now from the top of a pyramid (whether by it? ). All! Point! After that, as they say, only to dry crackers.

"Vazhnyak" Uvarov

The senior special investigator at Prosecutor's office of RSFSR Boris Uvarov appeared the main character of the telecast with which this article began, as usual. It is simply surprising: how many I saw telecasts however many read publications on this subject, as the invariable commentator the same prosecutor Uvarov acts. Neither lawyers, nor experts, the resolution of the all-Union conference which has expressed the authoritative opinion …. In more than twenty years Uvarov didn't change almost and as twenty years ago again says lies, says lies.

We will note three important arguments which it procrastinates here twenty years. In - the first, on the last transfer it brought already well-known piece of metal to "kruppovsky steel" from a covering of "Admiral Nakhimov". He drags him long ago with itself(himself) as an award. And by that as though illustrates the thesis of the former minister of Morflot: the pier, strong was the steamship, still would swim for a while if it wasn't rammed by "Vasyov".

Other his argument: to the captain of "Admiral Nakhimov" Vadim Markov was to press enough only one red button in the mate cabin to rescue the steamship and people. It is the button of automatic closing of doors of waterproof partitions. Well, with it it is simplest. Remember, the reader, the story of the captain Markov about "Nakhimov's" technical condition, that not that "button" - the crowbar it was impossible to close doors, we will remember, at last, that the vessel was already recognized as scrap metal. We will remember, at last, that Uvarov all these technical proofs of 16 volumes, accurately hid in separate production yes so, probably, and forgot about them. And now he talks profusely about "the red button"...

And the third (it already about itself favourite):pier, the management pushed Uvarov to bring both captains under execution for a premeditated murder, but it resolutely rejected these insinuations.

The special investigator at prosecutor's office of RSFSR Boris Uvarov except "Nakhimov's" business investigated the Chernobyl accident, was engaged Chechen цеховиками, investigated Listyev's murder. Under the certificate of the colleagues, practically I couldn't finish any business. In 1996 I caused a stir that publicly declared the criminal of the deputy of that time public prosecutor Ilyushenko.

In relation to "Nakhimov's" business it is necessary to declare definiteness with all that in navigation safety issues Boris Ivanovich, N my look, the full layman. Well, that is absolutely full. Question - as it could investigate sea accident? For example, it is known that in England there is a so-called Admiralty court in which the best sea experts - captains, mechanics, pilots - draw the conclusion about guilt. It is possible to present, as though they were surprised if to them the expert on Chechen цеховикам was declared and began to interpret the International rules of the prevention of collisions of vessels. It simply would throw out.

How at Boris Uvarov had the heart to investigate case in which it, sorry, fish soup dug? And it here, actually, isn't original because the consequence is based on expert opinions. To the word about experts. Who are they such? Two were from Minmorflot and obediently executed commands of the main responsible for the tragedy. Four were from Voyenno - navy and understood nothing safety of navigation. There was, however, one independent expert, but about it a bit later.

But all - are necessary after all though any elements of marine sciences. Certainly, are necessary. And Boris Ivanovich as the diligent first grader, mastered them, only be not surprised, under the leadership of the author of these lines. The prosecutor's office of RSFSR and the Morskoy Flot magazine in which I kept the section "Navigation", were on Petrovka, through the house from each other. Besides, that I had ten years' experience of the navigator of long voyage, I managed to fulfill the inspector - the captain of the Main sea inspection of Minmorflot. Fundamental documents on safety of navigation, such as the service Charter on vessels of the USSR, Manual on mate service and many others, were edited by me.

And so also it turned out that at first I came to Uvarov with purely journalistic interest, then it to me with "student's", started taking from me literature, reference books, etc. At once I will tell that it didn't master even a preparatory class. Instructions from above and toadies - experts quite sufficed to it.

And now apropos Uvarov's "humanity". Here certificate of the best sea expert of the country Alexander Baskin:

"Personally Uvarov said to me that the consequence intends to bring the captain Tkachenko under execution.
- Yes as to you it will work well? - I was surprised. - After all a deadline under article - 15 years.
- The general prosecutor was included into the Supreme Council with idea of application of the death penalty in such exceptional cases.
- But after all the law has no retroactive force.
- So in due time Rokotov's business ended, - Uvarov reminded... Besides, we have all bases to accuse one of captains of a premeditated murder".

About this "premeditated murder" Uvarov spoke more than once also to the author of these lines. Also I showed photos of bodies with chopped wounds that on nerves beat.

The captain of "Pyotr Vasev" who allegedly cut with screws of the bulk carrier of people floating on a surface meant. For the knowing - totally ludicrous.

The investigator Uvarov conducted other game with "Nakhimov's" captain. Here that Vadim Markov told me:

"Almost till last day I had consequences the remarkable relations with Boris Ivanovich Uvarov. It inspired all the time in me that I am not guilty in anything that in court I in general will be, almost the witness. When in court the chairman Filatov said a sentence - "and to Markov of heels - over - цать years! " - exactly here so, on syllables, with any ominous accent, - I felt that the floor leaves from - under feet. Still slightly - slightly and I wouldn't sustain... "

And many years later Uvarov continued to deny categorically that the destiny of captains Markov and Tkachenko was actually solved extrajudicially by the highest party country leaders: "Under any influence I wasn't. My conscience is true! " In other words, we are offered to assume that in 1986 in the country there was such investigator Uvarov and such judge who could sign the indictment and a sentence CONTRARY TO already taken place resolution of the politburo.

It is possible to object to it, having only quoted Uvarov's interview in the magazine with the eloquent name "Socialist Legality".Interview is most of all interesting to that was published not only to court (it not a wonder), but how Uvarov put the signature under own indictment.

And so, in conversation with the journalist he obviously recognized both captains as criminals (where it - an innocence presumption! ? ) and at the same time I confirmed, under whose unrelenting control I carried on an investigation: "It is known that the politburo considered the message of the governmental commission (read - Aliyeva) on consideration of the reasons... " well, etc.

The public opinion was so created. There was the last act of the drama - court.

The most humane in the world

The court took place in Odessa in March of the following 1987. The ban was imposed on any information from Palace of culture of railroad workers where passed court sessions. In the atmosphere of well warmed up hysteria and defendants, and their defenders were actually disfranchised. "Murderers! " - hung over a court hall. To the lawyer Kisenizhsky simply didn't allow to say words. It could read the speech for the defense only five years later at All-Union conference in I will protect captains Markov and Tkachenko.

I have authoritative certificates that almost an every day one - two times the chairman Alexander Filatov contacted the relevant Moscow instances, reported, received instructions. The purpose of "justice" was one: at any cost to take away from responsibility of true responsible for the tragedy, that is Minmorflot, the State Planning Committee, shipping company and other government institutions and their heads.

In concluding remarks the senior assistant to the general prosecutor of the USSR L. Baranov requested for Tkachenko 15 years, for Markov - 13 (you remember the aliyevsky order - who "vinovaty"? ). Nevertheless, to both cut to the full extent - for 15 years!

The people expert in questions of navigation, from the very beginning rejected conclusions of the investigation and a terrible miscarriage of justice. Movement for reconsideration of the case gained rather mass character. Public institute of navigation (the best experts, than there, in the country weren't), special meetings on safety of navigation, association and clubs of captains on Baltic and the Black Sea adopted resolutions on a sentence nepravosudnost. However appeals to all imaginable instances - from the patriarch to the president Gorbachev - didn't yield any results. During one of meetings in prosecutor's office of the USSR the ardor of enthusiasts was damped by the high-ranking official:"The system is guilty, and system don't judge".

In January, 1991 in Moscow the all-Union conference devoted to death of "Nakhimov" and destiny of captains Markov and Tkachenko took place. Gathered about one hundred the most authoritative experts: seamen, shipbuilders, scientists, lawyers. Representatives of Minmorflot, prosecutor's office, the Supreme Court were cowardly eliminated from participation. In the resolution of conference it was noted that the sentence is pronounced under direct pressure partiyno - state machinery and doesn't reflect the true reasons of ship-wreck and death of people. Conference petitioned before the Supreme Council of the USSR, the General prosecutor, the Chairman of the Supreme Court for renewal of criminal case on a number of again opened circumstances.

Everything was for nothing. The situation changed only after Union disorder. Justice on - former was impenetrable. But there was a hope for Mercy. And here it is necessary to pay tribute to the chairman of the commission on pardon questions at the president of Russia Anatoly Pristavkin. Exactly thanks to its persistence and personal decency it was succeeded to overcome all bureaucratic barriers (and them was oh as much! ) and summer of 1992 to achieve pardon for both captains. (Strictly speaking, the decree about pardon got out of a colony only the captain Tkachenko. The captain Markov to whom there was already seventh ten, was pardoned two weeks by the president of Ukraine earlier. )


It isn't enough - to a grinding of passion settled. If who spoke about "murderers", unless the true criminals who have left punishments. Them party reprimands appeared "the highest measure".

In some months after accident they were removed both from the minister Guzhenko and from his officials. Not so long ago the ex-the minister it published the book of memoirs where heat remembers about notorious "a shchekinsky method", about an atomic-powered vessel "Arctic" campaign to the North Pole (for which Guzhenko received a star of the Hero of work), but where lines about "Nakhimov's" death. Well, that is literally the word as though it occurred at any other minister or it at all wasn't.

The former chief of the Black Sea shipping company excluded from party Lukyanchenko addressed from guilty CPSU to the 28th congress. And that organization which pronounced a Jesuit sentence to "switchmen" appointed by it, generous restored in the ranks of one of the main responsible for the tragedy. Captains needed to blow by then "on a zone" for 12 terrible years from measured to fifteen.

Guided in the sense of justice on "ceiling", the judge Filatov soon after the Odessa process went for increase. Became the vice-chairman of the Supreme Court of the USSR and even the chairman of the commission on professional ethics (? ! ). The investigator Boris Uvarov continued to work safely in prosecutor's office. Soon after scandal from Ilyushenko and a settlement of the last on prison plank beds, Boris Ivanovich received a general rank, joined in policy on the party of ryzhkovsky "Democracy".

Vadim Markov returned to the Black Sea shipping company, worked as the captain - the mentor on passenger fleet. Such turn confused many, including, I won't hide, and the author of these lines (whatever one may do, and Markov's signature too stood under that ill-fated act of "Nakhimov's" write-off, it - that is better than others I knew, what danger is constituted by technical condition of the steamship). On hearings, not so long ago I died in Austria.

Where more tragic there was Victor Tkachenko's destiny. Some time he помаялся the assistant to the captain on different vessels, but couldn't live in Odessa any more. Later a few years ago together with a family he emigrated to Israel. I got a small little shop on sale of automobile spare parts. Annually by New year it sent me a greeting card. However by New 2004 the card didn't come. I not really was surprised, especially - wasn't disturbed...

And now we will return to article beginning, to the new television movie with which the Russia channel pleased the audience. For what it? - I asked a question and itself answered: "Considerably to displace accents". And it quite so. Authors again reanimated a subject of captains - murderers, and a movie ending - directly as the wooden stake hammered by any modern Vyshinsky into a grave of the traitor - the werewolf. With undisguised pleasure (if not with gloating) it was reported that in 2003 гр - the N of Israel was lost during a storm and his body was cast ashore. Pier, a cur's death for a cur.

Alas, I found messages on accident on the Internet much earlier our "patriots". Victor Ivanovich Tkachenko was the seaman to the core, selflessly loved the sea. In 2003 on own yacht it left Boston, trying to cross Atlantic and to reach Europe. The storm overtook it at the island of Newfoundland. On September 8 the yacht was lost with all crew.

As - that long ago Tkachenko gave me using a convenient opportunity to memory a santalaceous figurine of the Chinese god of laughter. Which year he looks at me from a bookcase.But his look something doesn't seem to me cheerful.


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